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June 24, 2013

My Walmart Miracle

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

bluedragonflyBeing a Liberal pro-union capitalist leaves myself, like my parents before me often conflicted. As such, while admiring Walmart’s amazing “rags to riches” colossal success story, I have been equally incredulous concerning their predatory business practices, employee almost usury positions and so many other legally marginal activity. Criticism of Walmart extends to important issues as environment and health … no trivial matters involved I am sure you dear readers will agree. In recent years some have been possibly unfairly critical of daughter Alice Walton’s hometown mega financed Crystal Bridges Museum – Arkansas some art officiants exclaim with disbelieving fervor and prejudice about that location gaining access and ownership to major iconic art work. Well – yes my East Coast elitist sensibilities strain at the edges to be kind about this event and yet I am gladdened and generous in feeling there too shall I and my family happily visit and hopeful those close by geographically will as well. Must not forget that as  a born, bred, raised resident and still [always will] maintaining Philadelphia residence, Ms. Walton’s attempted acquisition of our Thomas Eakins’s masterpiece The Gross Clinic from Thomas Jefferson University left me anxious. Still as finally was the resolution in having the money raised to save our hometown work of art, I as a reasonable person felt similar distaste for those in Philadelphia that had allowed this to occur, as I did for Alice Walton considering her attitude of take what you can for the right price. Anyway, painting safely residing still and permanently in Philadelphia. I am not a Walmart shopper – not REALLY a snobbery issue – all right maybe a wee bit of that – more not trusting their shelve choices and wanting to participate in furthering their overwhelming posture in the business world.

You are surely asking what miracle Tereza could possibly have had experienced at Walmart considering what I just told you. No question in my mind – you will see the glory of this story. On Father’s Day this year, my husband and family and I spent the day with dear friends – more extended family. This couple who are angels – representatives of all G-d’s hopes for in our relationships spent most of that Sunday attending to my and my dear husband’s whims and desires … one after the other Father’s Day celebratory gift was our to behold – many things brought us to tears. Selfless and without guile are our “brother and sister” Joseph and Suzie. Let me add also great fun – many guffaws when we are together. So after a day of gifts and joy, Suzie Q. said “Lets go Tereza – we need to shop for Father’s Day dinner“. Off we went – my gal pal and I to forage and return – both of us REAL doer types and so it was hot, sticky but a determined two woman that pulled up to a Super Walmart store. In we went and methodically purveyed the place – making joined choices and chatting away with the ease that comes as if we had spent a lifetime together. For now I will say, this fine woman has her own challenges in life and yet remains gracious, generous, loving, kind and great interesting company to be with no matter time or place.Wow – Tereza having fun in Walmart? Yes indeed – and then the conversation in produce found us in serious tone and I expressed things my friends already knew and cared about in my life … if you read me regularly or are a personal part of my world, no surprise we got to converse on The Miscreants™. Why on Father’s Day you might be thinking? The answer is recent REAL threats on social media, further slander and defamation, suggestion of sexual aggression/violence toward me by one on his Facebook page and even mocking of my Jewish faith [specifically how we/I write G-d] and more that will be in upcoming lawsuit depositions and possible trials. Not REALLY important for this post – what is paramount is that Suzie taught me much, guided me, assured me of her strength and forever commitment to our friendship – there in Walmart produce section, with tears in both our eyes, I told her she was a hero to me, a salvation not just in helping take such good care of myself and family but taking my hurt and soothing my soul despite her own burdens and struggles. So there we were – Jew and Christian embracing next to the peaches and cherries and knowing that we two were surely two of the REALLY  blessed women in the world.

In my first book – year 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! more will be shared and REAL “Oh yes, now I get it” for you dear followers moments about my “lucky me” life philosophy – why not – with friends like Suzie Q. would I ever dare to think otherwise?

P.S. Suzie dearest adores Blue Dragonflys and so this post’s accompanying photo is a globe covered by them … as they are doing, so I am sure this woman’s presence will be felt around the world – she has and will make a REAL everlasting difference. On a more immediate note I am thinking that we two gals must soon have a jeweled shared representation of this beautiful creature as a sort of sisterhood talisman to wear as reminders that REAL beauty does exist and dwells here in earthly form!

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