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March 23, 2013

REAL Freedom – Exodus to Glory at Passover and for ALL Time!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)


Cultivate the soul with hope; teach it to await the break of dawn with longing eyes.

Through its ordeals, the soul is softened to absorb the rains. Yet, nevertheless, Spring comes for those that long for it.

And so the sages say, “In the merit of hope, our parents were redeemed from Egypt.”

Longing for Spring
Nissan 10, 5773 · March 21, 2013
Based on letters and talks of the Rebbe, Rabbi M. M. Schneerson


Bob Marley’s Song Exodus says “Open your eyes and look within” – this I tell you is the REAL key to freedom. Last year at Pesach 2012/5772 [An Exodus for All! ,  8 April 2012] I shared here the journey that my husband and I had begun toward our own personally triumphant Exodus. At that time – January 2012 – we had already legally changed our last name, with my husband taking my Jewish last name of Solomon and having our children do the same. We also had already legally disowned and disinherited the often referenced (here) evil doer miscreants and more to define our own destiny and regain our glorious G-d given power. Additionally, in the last few months, we have finalized/ended for ALL time any obligatory connection to particular members of this group  [that is of course, except that which we are seeking FROM  them as damages in upcoming lawsuits]. Expensive, time consuming and at times exhausting but my dear readers REALLY worth it – as we now own our path – we are our only determinant factor in this life and all of you can do the same. REAL freedom comes only through never allowing others faux estimation of who or what you can or should be to dictate your life decisions. Slavery takes many forms – those holding you back, denying you your rights, insisting your voice be silenced and those wanting to marginalize you in accordance with their own erroneous perceived notions. None and I mean zero of these reasons should be allowed to keep you from REAL freedom. As I always say to the children and young people in my life … be honest, be brave and be your own Moses as a route to your rightful destiny. Here I will hint a bit of that which will be fully detailed in my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! – those ways in which I was a courageous freedom seeker – how I found an exodus and hopefully what each of you can glean from my journey to assist you on your own.

There is REAL human bondage … we Jews have many times throughout history been taken from our homes and communities to be unjustly imprisoned, placed in ghettos, concentration camps – tortured and killed. Obviously, no power of thought can free a person from tyrants hell bent on destruction and yet still I am firm in my believe that my people survived because even after such horrors as the Holocaust, we never let that define us in totality. We rallied, we immigrated to many nations, schooled, had families, became industry and national leaders – we birth modern day Israel. Lesson learned is that even the most horrific tragic historical incident did not destroy completely – no, as it was when we left Egypt, we Jews persevered. Sounding braggart and admittedly quite proud of my group – yes indeed but it comes with a knowing that others can do likewise. I boast often and use as tutorial the almost DNA ability that we Jews seem to have in reference to overcoming unimaginable life obstacles only to succeed beyond even our expectations.  Is it organic, learned or both – don’t know but I am grateful and hopeful for all people willing to NEVER give up, no matter the seemingly insurmountable odds one faces. The Biblical Exodus provides a template of nearly magical directive – Harvard MBA style instruction for succeeding – one just has to read it with eyes REALLY wide open. The bottom line is that which has been your imposed by others narrative need not be that which you accept as fate. Wandering in the desert for forty years not necessary either but accepting that the path to your own Holy Land may not be direct nor without delay REALLY is a prerequisite for an ultimate arrival. Yes it is naive – almost ridiculous to entertain the notion that one only need be REALLY positive in the face of  something like physical imprisonment – indeed there is sometimes no way out and yet if any chance remains for overcoming such circumstances only an internalized REAL belief in your own worth and ability will allow you eventual freedom. Takes work my friends – trust me that I know this to be a REAL fact and as I have so often discussed in other blogs, it takes REALLY supportive family and friends – oft times near strangers to overcome your own obstacles. Even that is a self defined scenario for only those REALLY open in heart and mind can receive the angels here on Earth that are able and willing to help you get to your promised land.

Salman Rushdie faced both threat of REAL death and the demise of his personally defined self when  in 1989 Ayatollah Khomeini declared that sentence on him. In his book Joseph Anton, a Memoir Rushdie muses in third person what that feels like – exactly how a person experiences such imprisonment of mind, body and soul. As I read this book over and over again I found sentences needing my rapt attention – highlighting with my marker those ideas I felt bonded to as a shared experience. In the prologue we read “How easy it was to erase a man’s past and to construct a new version of him, an overwhelming version, against which it seemed impossible to fight.”  Oh my I thought – that is which my husband and I fight, litigate against and will never tolerate – it is that which we hope and pray to assist others in never allowing to happen to them. No doubt if you follow me regularly and certainly if you know me personally, then you are aware that my husband and I are suing and will anyone who slanders or defames us … insult, argue, mock, hate us but never will we allow false statements to define us. Fortunately, jurisprudence provides REAL remedy and as writer Salman Rusdie did, so we too [as should each of you] disavow the loathsome who attempt our demise on account of their own REAL lesser status and their own REAL crimes. One must be vigilant – no retreat allowable in the face of those who would attempt to dictate and imprison your world. Too often others will force you into a sort of bondage constructed out of wrongly perceived narratives and farce. A REAL and true fact – I have the empirical data in my own life as proof – those REALLY accomplished, intelligent and worthy of your energy will never bond you to lies. The trick is to know who and who not to allow purview over your freedom … there are, as I am abundantly blessed with and Rushdie finds during his struggles, REALLY good, decent and amazingly accomplished individuals who will rally to guide you in your path to a REAL personal Exodus. Just this past month two of the most spectacular, dear and talented men have entered my world – joined my “team” and immediately were called upon to protect and guide me through yet another unjustly defined morass.  I know – vague I am being but rest assured ALL will be REALLY detailed/exposed soon and each of you will have [G-d willing] a WOW moment and through my story, you will reap knowledge usable in your journey to ultimate freedom and self determination.

There is no hyperbole – I have witnessed many times – in stating that just as the L-rd punished the enemies of the Hebrews fleeing Egypt by thwarting their effort, so my and your enemies are punished.  The REAL truth is that those REALLY hateful and in pursuit of my or your rightful place in the world are their own [self inflicted] defeaters. Fear not for those most judging are usually those with least to protect them … only the insignificant types will attempt to defile you and yours and as such their own dishevelment will be made apparent, which of course I am able and willing to assist with by exposing each of them for all the REAL demented and suspect things that they represent. I could write a thesis on this subject – as it is I am contracted to save much for my memoir but suffice it to state now that my own Exodus is every person’s journey and it does not matter whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual. Each of us experience external and internal bondage at some time but like myself, you must be brave, determined and without self pity in the face of obstacles placed as a deterrent by others on your path toward REAL and gloried freedom. I wish all REALLY good people a blessed and happy Passover 5774 and Easter holiday 2013 … may each of us find the REAL fulfillment being sought now and forever more!!!

P.S. Thank you, thank you, thank you – to all my guiding angels … those in my life for many years and those newly added. Each of you are my REAL wealth – I am overwhelmed with gratitude and awe for you my family, friends and colleagues and I am determined [as I hope has been the case all along] to make it REALLY worth your while in return for all you have and are doing for me. I love each of you very much … you know who you are and I shall shout with honor each of your names, when allowed by my “handlers“. In the mean while, may G-d bless and keep safe those that have so blessed me and my REAL family!!!

April 8, 2012

An Exodus for ALL!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Passover and Easter are, of course, historically connected I am constantly reminding the gentiles in my life – what they insist on calling “The Last Supper”, is in fact, a Pesach Seder. Our Passover miracle is a template for all faiths, all nations and all individuals – an example of what can be overcome in the presence of G-d and through perseverance.

In my personal life – there have been a few exodus like experiences. My husband, C.Michael Eliasz-Solomon [who legally took my maiden/last name 10January2012, resulting in him along with myself and our twin sons  now being the hyphenated Eliasz-Solomon Family] and I found our way this last year out of a sort of bondage …freeing ourselves and our children  from the insistence of others that we  become the  victims of evil doers because of some bogus believe they had as to what was correct.  Instead, as a couple who love each other deeply and completely and as parents, we worked diligently to legally protect our family and move on to a glorious and fulfilling future. This Herculean task was not accomplished easily and as the Jews fleeing Egypt, we needed pray and assistance/support from others of good will – we relied on the love of real family, true friends and a brilliant group of colleagues, as well, as dedicated professionals to bring our journey to a glorious and stable conclusion.

Everyone can have their own Passover story – one which ends in the same joyful new personal beginning as mine has – it is as simple as praying for guidance, seeing the truth and following the righteous path toward that place most holy to you. Happy & Blessed Passover 5772 AND Easter 2012!

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