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February 11, 2013

What’s a Jew to Think When a Pope Resigns ???

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

PopeBenedyktXVINot being very big on television viewing, my husband and I have National Public Radio tuned into our homes and cars most of the time. Our daily wake-up time is 4:30 a.m. – first thing I heard on BBC overnight NPR broadcast  [11 February 2013] was that the Pope had resigned. My – was I still too tired to comprehend the fine British voice that was relaying details about this historic occurrence or was I, like most, REALLY caught off guard? Let me just state that I know to tread lightly on topics concerning the Vatican and all of Christianity – we Jews are well schooled in being rather reticent on making public statements and pronouncements referencing our Christian brethren.  Sadly, I am afraid we are not given the same dignity and respect … far too often those not Jewish are anxious to express their rather ignorant personal opinions about my faith and Israel. So be it – I believe that all faiths are purview for a world conversation – after all each of us in the human family is affected by the others actions and believes. Still, what is it to me if a Pope resigns?  No matter  my outsider status, surely my readers know I will be more than willing to pontificate (no pun intended) on this weighty matter.

The REAL historic facts are that the Christian faith was birthed from Judaic roots … begun as a, shall we say, alternative Jewish viewpoint and not open to Gentiles in its original configuration. One can ask – is it singularly the who is the REAL Messiah issue or much more? That rather insidious discussion is for another time – here I will share my own and if I can be so bold, what most Jews feel in respect to the Pope.  Personally, I remain indebted to Pope John XXII – he convoked Vatican II and therefore liberated us by finally stating the REAL truth that we Jews did NOT “kill Christ” – that was the Romans guilt alone. I am proud to say that my Jewish Father was a member of an advisory group for the World Affairs Council that helped inform Pope John on such interfaith issues from the United States perspective. All Jews feel that the prior Pope Pius XII and WWII Vatican did not do enough to save us during the holocaust … that egregious hurt is softened on account of the many “righteous gentiles” who risk their own life to save us from Nazi horrors. Modernity presented all the world with much beloved Pope John Paul II – not always in agreement but none-the-less sure this kind man wished for only the best for his flock and the rest of humanity. His replacement [the current Pope Benedict XVI] being a German and admitted “Nazi Youth” was at first quite daunting for us in the Jewish community – consequently, proven a decent man and outreaching to all faiths, the current Pope allowed dialogue and continuing joint efforts between all religions. Now a resignation – certainly the ongoing pedophilia scandals cause for consternation but does anyone seriously believe that prompted such a untimely decision.? I think not  – I for one often champion all the amazing REAL charitable work that the Catholic Church has done … truly Herculean efforts on behalf of many and I am saddened that many chose to ignore the positive in light of scandal.

Today’s announcement while surprising is not without precedence – four previous Popes voluntarily resigned in the last thousand years and those were often scandalous in nature or resulting from violent and deciduous events. My confusion is as to why some – not many of my Catholic family and friends – feel so offended by the normality of tone when discussion occurs in relationship to the so called “Holy Sea“. The reality is we humans, while children of G-d, are flawed … we falter and we err but we are still glorious creatures. To that point, as my devout and REAL Catholic dear husband suggested when hearing the Pope’s resignation news, the idea that four previous popes resigned is given to remembrance of the Philadelphia story of The Four Chaplains who perished to save others in 1943 on the ill fated Dorchester ship during WWII; these G-d inspired heroes are men I was taught about by my multi-faith, diverse ethnicity parents early in my life and I have referenced them many times to others since. My husband’s reasoning and with which I concur is that the faith of four individuals can be a binding adherence amongst diversified factors – the four resigned Popes were part and parcel of their historical REAL human times, as were the four chaplains in their decision. Overall, I can hence answer my titles question – what is a Jew to think when a Pope resigns – it is that as all people of REALLY good character and love of our fellows, I think only that he and his flock should be blessed by the grace of the L-rd now and forever  –  Amen!!!

P.S.  In my end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! there will be many interesting REAL facts about my very divergent background. One relevant funny story is that as a small child I believed that G-d must have changed the color of the smoke at Vatican city that denoted the choosing of a new Pope  … in other words, I thought that when G-d decided who was to be chosen, he changed the color. Only after questioning my learned Father, did I understand the smoke’s color was changed by men as a signaling that the new Pontiff was decided on. Cute – right? By the way, for what it is worth – I hope and pray that the powers that be select a man of color from a third world nation to be the next Pope – that is my totally unsolicited vote.

January 28, 2013

Faux Charitable Acts

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Upon three things the world stands: upon Torah, upon Prayer and upon acts of kindness.”

— Ethics of Our Fathers, Chapter 1: V. 2

Our Sons' Tzedakah BoxThat which instructs my acts of charity – giving to others – is informed by my Jewish faith, as others are by their Christian, Islam, Buddhism, Humanism, etc. faiths and philosophies. The Talmud is very specific in delineating that which is REAL and that false concerning good deeds, charity and acts of kindness … anonymous giving ranks first and foremost in G-d’s eyes as one is then REALLY without selfish or self ingratiating motives. Surely none of us – including myself is without avarice and need of affirmation when we extend a helping hand but blatant self promotion is definitely an affront to G-d if that is what one primarily seeks as a sort of repayment for a charitable act. In other blog posts I have written, presented and made mention of my REAL charitable involvements – even sharing my REAL documents, awards and letters of appreciation from such involvement  – thus I could and would never claim to have reached perfect Judaic posture by remaining unknown in those activities. However, my lifelong REAL devotion to REAL family, friends and worldwide causes remain far too many to list or be boastful about … yes, I consider it braggart and yet not necessarily a evil thing to “show off” such matters if the impetus is pure. The wrong doing is denoted (especially) when minimal and sparse efforts are apparently presented to create an illusion of charity, with no REAL unselfish intent. In other words, those thinking that all their REALLY negative and damaging and even criminal actions can or will be assuaged by a single or two good deed [REALLY nothing more than self-aggrandizing act] are quite delusional, for neither the legal system nor G-d forgets or forgives REAL evil.

My involvement in charitable and outreach organizations are and have always been local, national and international … these categorizations are important as this too references what my Jewish faith demands concerning such endeavors. Judaism states that only when an individual REALLY takes cares of “their own” – their REAL family, friends and community – can larger scoped good deeds be deemed worthy of praise. In other words, doing good just to be faking appearances of worldly sophistication is not accepted as worthwhile – especially when one is a poseur and has also done some very disgusting and hateful acts simultaneously. Yes, I feel grateful for those few poor souls the “accidental” self congratulatory do gooder might have helped but there is no REAL glory in such subterfuges. We all – especially me – have seen/known the type who would probably never consider helping an inner city Detroit minority youth because no feel good back slapping would be forthcoming and yet that same faux character will do a group paid for Kenyon or Haiti [with REALLY minimal resulting benefits for those supposedly being helped that I have been able to discover] “mission” trip in order to get a one time photo op for Facebook or lure their delusional minds into believing they are a good person. You must trust me on this – I have the REAL facts on just such a (one in particular) member of my nemesis THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ and I am quite sure each of you knows similar ridiculous types. Listen my dear readers, I and my husband have donated money, and dressed in gown and tux to sit through far too many to remember fund raiser charity balls … faces we were in crowds for photo-ops that helped raise awareness for that cause. But equally my REAL family, friends, husband and I have done multiple behind the scenes REALLY hard work for national and international programs. Also, as important – my husband and I have done nearly Herculean acts of charity and assistance for many of our REAL friends and family – for individuals we cared about and at times persons almost strangers that were in need.  I would be remiss to not mention that many have done similar heroic acts to assist myself and husband. Among my REAL family, friends and colleagues the many, many personal and public aspects of their charitable deeds are truly stunning – so many absolutely amazing efforts and acts of kindness and REAL unselfish tasks at their own expense to help others that I am in constant awe of these people who have blessed and honored my life with their presence. One example is when dear friend and the man that helps keep my beautiful outside, Dr. Richard Glunk, REALLY unselfishly flew to Haiti to help after the recent earthquake … my darling and talented friend, gave up substantial earnings from patients to attend to the victims of that horrible disaster. Nothing intrinsically wrong in any way with either quiet anonymous or publicly championed acts of charity but the REAL truth is if only the posed and affectation effort were part of who we were, then neither our communities nor G-d should look fondly on our efforts … no matter how well intended nor the few who had benefited.

As a practicing Jew, I assure you that even the most subtle anti-Semitism does not go unnoticed and I am REALLY blessed with REAL Christians in my life who also recognize such directed insult and intent from the loathsome … most recently from and by those of The Miscreants™ that we are suing and that law enforcement are investigating. These hateful persons have posted on social media sites [as I have detailed in previous blog posts] more than one pointed anti-Semitic remark. In fact, their insinuations and comments were so egregious that my husband insisted Prosecutors and our lawyers seriously consider including “hate crimes” charges and lawsuits against these enemies. This relates to charity in that they – particular one female definitely guilty of anti-Semitism toward myself and my children, manically posts/claims charitable deeds. In my blog post on 11 December 2012, Chanukah – Defeating Enemies through G-d’s Real Miracles! I shared biblical reference to those who thwart or hurt the chosen people, Israel and we Jews shall be punished by G-d. How is it then that this idiot woman thinks a one or two time faux postured charitable act which she narcissistically brags about, along with nearly illiterate bible Christian Facebook notations, will keep her from the wrath of the L-rd??? This “evil doer” Michigan female is not without company in that many do similar … why even the Nazis were said to love their families and give charity to those that would flatter their bogus and evil existences. Outrage was the tonality of the individual who once again saw my nemesis posturing her minimal good deeds on Facebook … considering the REAL truth my dear colleague is aware of concerning this creature and her cohorts, my non-Jewish supporter was furious when she spotted a faux display of “Christian” generosity by this vicious Michigan woman. After all, my Jewish faith – the foundation of all others – is not singular in condemning braggarts of charitable efforts – the New Testament in Matthew 6::3 warns “… do not let thy left hand know what your right hand is doing.”. You see REAL goodness is evident and fallacious effort eventually – most times by the perpetrators own words and misdeeds – exposed for the entire world to see and understand. In her book,  Farewell, Fred Voodoo: A Letter From Haiti,  the [Jewish] writer Amy Wilentz expresses a similar concern to my own in reference to the poseurs of self congratulatory charitable acts by Americans; her book and recent related NPR interview is enlightening as to explaining that despite some minor benefits to those being administrated to, no REAL selfless nor permanent accomplishments are left behind. Odd that my husband and I decided to purchase this book and then heard Ms. Wilentz being interviewed on NPR this week – as is so often the case for us, the stunning coincidence affirmed that we are not singular in being put off and suspicious of faux dictated quid pro quo “Christian” charitable effort as those showed off on our Michigan nemesis Facebook page … quite troublesome that our personal foe is not alone in such questionable activities. The answer is not to prevent honest and REAL efforts to help the world’s many struggling people – the answer instead is that we must not be false in our concerns nor demanding of return acceptance of a faith or philosophy as our paid currency!

P.S. The photo above is of the Tzedakah Box, which my Jewish faith uses to help our children learn the important values which are “The Foundation of the World this was bought for my twin sons, Aleksander Benjamin and Chase Josef Eliasz-Solomon … the ONLY REAL children of my husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon. As always, I ask that you read my soon memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! for all the REAL details on how my dear REALLY good Catholic husband became the Father of Jewish children – courtesy of me, his REALLY devoted and REALLY charitable Jewish wife. Also included in my memoir will be full and REAL details of what my husband and I decided to call our “caring and sharing plan” – that is what we will do for REALLY worthwhile REAL family and friends [never ever will any of The Miscreants™ benefit of course] at each year’s end as our blessing of personal fortune [from multiple endeavors] grows … proofing that old adage true “charity REALLY does begin at home”!

Note: There REALLY are too many to list … my multiple organizations and charitable efforts are at times overwhelming – rendering my email inbox full of daily messages. A particular important international cause that has gotten my considerable attention and determined need to travel the globe the last few years is … we/this group of dedicated individuals REALLY believe that next world [U.S.A. included] human crisis will be clean water. Please join me via Twitter, Facebook, email, etc. in discovering what you can REALLY do to give the entire world’s population sustainable and available water. Among this decades old organization’s leading members are many dignitaries, artists of all disciplines [including actor Matt Damon], scientists, journalists, NGO (non government organizations – a long time favorite of mine in all things humanitarian) types, government officials, dignitaries, philanthropies of all sorts and everyday citizens who REALLY care!!!

19jAN2013 190F.Y.I. The lovely fashion photo I decided to share with you here is a wee bit of a “poke” at a certain [in my and my husband who knows this creature since his 20’s opinion] “manic fake Christian” Michigan miscreant female … you see, my sensibilities were as equally (slightly) offended when I saw this photo in my December 2012 Town & Country Magazine, as when I was shown [apparently still obsessed with me] Michigan chic posturing her “mission” Kenya photo with youths she supposedly cared about; we find her seriously delusional as to her own character because this same individual has been hateful, threatening and extremely anti-Semitic toward myself, my husband and our REAL children – not to mention insulated in her all white suburban middle of middle of middle American Detroit suburb home. No amount of sartorial symbols can obfuscate REAL evil nor lack of true compassion. By the way, this T & C photo’s model is REALLY far more attractive than loser lady from Michigan and still probably less narcissist egocentric … just saying!

August 19, 2012

See You In September – Now Lets … Vogue!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

And now back to our regular programming … that is done – miscreants [who I sincerely doubt read Vogue and if so surely NEVER shop its pages] addressed and warned. Once again,  I can be the sweet, intelligent, beautiful, sexy, stylish, kind, loving, loyal and faithful woman [my husband’s description of me, not mine] that G-d REALLY intended me to be. So as I wait for my 120th Anniversary Vogue September Issue with Lady Gaga gracing its cover, I decided to pontificate on the meaning of the month Septem – which was really the seventh month in the Roman calendar until 46 B.C.E. .

I am sitting here in my study writing and listening to that old song, See You In  September … yes we all look forward to summer but also the promise that comes with September’s chance to start a new school, various fall holidays and the harvest. No surprise that life cycles and nature seem to evolve in and around this time of year. Who doesn’t have a  “in September” memory, hope or plan? What will you be doing when the summer is through and what change will this fall season bring in your life? At the very least, the bathing suits, shorts and sandals will go back in the storage closet, making room for sweaters and such. The smell of the beach and picnic foods are soon to be replaced with apple cider and pumpkin flavors. September is an anticipatory type of month, even if predictable!

As a Jewish person, for myself September begins a move toward ending one year and beginning a new one – Rosh  Hashanah and Yom Kippur informs me in that renewal and a new calendar are at hand come each fall. Soon I and my family will reflect on this passing 5772 and contemplate the new year 5773 we are entering – the task for us Jews each fall is to repent and begin anew. For my family and friends this is an amazing time – so much good has happened and so much evil has been shed this past year from our blessed life. Our hope and pray is that this new year will bring only the best we can create in our home full of joy, days of adventure and great experiences shared with those we love and who have loved and protected us so well. My readers and followers, as well as my personal friends, colleagues, etc. know this fall also includes a few difficult situations but that justice at last seems appropriate as the year in my Jewish calendar morphs into another. As the book of life closes on the most highest of holy days for we Jews each fall, all wrongs must be righted and all obligations completed and so it as it should be for me in that September 2012/5772 will finally begin the REAL road to REAL justice and redemption. Never able to share all here on my blog posts – I apologize once again and again promise ALL will be told in due time and shared with those of you so dear and supportive in my life.

In a more humorous tone, being Jewish so defines me that once hearing my Mother discuss a possible evening gown for New Year’s with a lady friend in early September, I felt compelled to ask why so formal for synagogue services?  With her typical clever eye rolling repartee, Mother responded, “December 31st – the gentile New Year my dear“. So you see it is not odd that I often write the Jewish year on correspondence for a bit of time each fall. Equally interesting in my line of new year tales is when I spent December 31st in Israel in the morning and then at a party that evening in Egypt’s newly acquired via peace treaty Sinai. In my ancestral homeland the day was like any other as the Jewish state while acknowledging the Gregorian calender and of course, the usual festivities occurring, do not really consider January 1st the beginning of [our] Jewish New Year. So it was that I was a wee bit conflicted that day – ending with myself and a group climbing Mount Sinai on 1 January 1980. My point is September is a month filled with so much meaning – so much hope and so much promise in so many ways. – as much or more than the month of January.

Perpetual student is how I am often described … having a REAL [yes, I know another tease to the miscreants] four year college degree and others from REAL schools – returning 2013 for legal studies when our twins settled in our NY home with their stay at home Daddy makes me very attuned to the new school year ritual that begins each September. The anticipation – new school attire, books and such make for a sense of new beginnings and endless possibilities. I love the book store experience – purchasing everything on a syllabus while  a bit taunting, is still very exciting. Crisp fall air and new pages to be turned – all an inspiration to forge ahead.

Fashion, fashion, fashion is not only a matter of style but of definition – to define ones self for the world by choices of clothes and accessories is historical. I wrote a blog on 19 May 2012, Why it is Only Cool to be a Fashionista If You Have REAL Substance & Brains Too!!!, explaining just that issue and the relevance of design to living. Each fall there are  fashion shows /a week for couture and ready to wear that take place in New York, Milan, London and Paris . These Fashion Week shows are actually spring and summer for the next calender year and yet give definition to September. Even children define themselves by what they wear  – in every part of the world families ready the heavier clothing as fall approaches. Of course, I like to do more than get warm by design – great fun awaits me as I decide what pieces to add to my wardrobe each season and none more than September as I plot and strategically decide my look as summer ends. Of course, when able I have and soon will again be doing this the spring before as the fall lines are presented but still there is the little additions that lure one to Neiman Marcus and such. In my life, my dear husband, C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon loves to and almost insist on accompanying me to select my attire – I am his JAP barbie doll and never mind his input because he has a great sense of style and color and definitely knows what he likes to see on me, his lady love. Even this shared seasonal excursion – both fall and others – is an excited rendezvous and so another September notation is entered into the must dos of life.

Watching the documentary The September Issue brings to the fore that fashion is about REAL life – jobs , economics, holidays, function and form. As it opens the marvelous American Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour [who I pray to G-d my publicist convinces to invite me to the Met Costume Gala in 2013 when my 2nd book/memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! is published] makes a very profound statement and one that all my nearly 4,000 readers and followers know I can surely relate to these days. It is something akin to just because REAL fashion frightens people they should not demean those wanting REAL fashion and REAL style in their life [nor may I add visa verse – unless the lesser types insist we of normality respond – wink, wink]. To this point, someone last year posted as a suggestion to me about something or other they were obviously insecure about with a Twitter photo of three unkempt, wash & wear hair, cheap quite ugly shoe wearing and not very attractive women noting the suggestion that these are REAL women – well now, need I say more? To be sure, if so blessed to meet Anna Wintour, I will definitely regal her with this humorous tale [think hubby still has that ridiculous Twitter photo in our legal file]. I must save that diatribe for another time but needless to say there are those who do and can dress well and then there is everyone else. Let me state that this is in no way a noblest  put down on account of anyone’s financial inability, etc. but instead as Anna might express a push back to those so hell bent on ignoring REAL fashions place in this complicated world we live in today.

The history making 916 pages that I will devour once my September 2012 American Vogue arrives will almost assuredly offer example and instruction on life, style, design and fashion, of course. The others I read online and otherwise, the European Vogues like British and Italian will also be forever part of my fall  ritual – especially this specific September 2012 that will make EVERYTHING in my new life so Vogue!!!

P.S. My husband insisted that as it has become apparent that my “fan base” now includes self proclaimed “evil doers”, we should provide [in hubby’s words] photographic evidence of why he LOVES to see my face first thing every morning – oh no, will darling husband now be accused of object [me] narcissistic love???

Thank you my darling brilliant and talented husband for this wonderful Vogue compilation of your favorite photos of me/your artistic talents amaze me – I am flattered and grateful that you think I am so beautiful – I LOVE YOU my husband forever and always!!!

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