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January 28, 2013

Faux Charitable Acts

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Upon three things the world stands: upon Torah, upon Prayer and upon acts of kindness.”

— Ethics of Our Fathers, Chapter 1: V. 2

Our Sons' Tzedakah BoxThat which instructs my acts of charity – giving to others – is informed by my Jewish faith, as others are by their Christian, Islam, Buddhism, Humanism, etc. faiths and philosophies. The Talmud is very specific in delineating that which is REAL and that false concerning good deeds, charity and acts of kindness … anonymous giving ranks first and foremost in G-d’s eyes as one is then REALLY without selfish or self ingratiating motives. Surely none of us – including myself is without avarice and need of affirmation when we extend a helping hand but blatant self promotion is definitely an affront to G-d if that is what one primarily seeks as a sort of repayment for a charitable act. In other blog posts I have written, presented and made mention of my REAL charitable involvements – even sharing my REAL documents, awards and letters of appreciation from such involvement  – thus I could and would never claim to have reached perfect Judaic posture by remaining unknown in those activities. However, my lifelong REAL devotion to REAL family, friends and worldwide causes remain far too many to list or be boastful about … yes, I consider it braggart and yet not necessarily a evil thing to “show off” such matters if the impetus is pure. The wrong doing is denoted (especially) when minimal and sparse efforts are apparently presented to create an illusion of charity, with no REAL unselfish intent. In other words, those thinking that all their REALLY negative and damaging and even criminal actions can or will be assuaged by a single or two good deed [REALLY nothing more than self-aggrandizing act] are quite delusional, for neither the legal system nor G-d forgets or forgives REAL evil.

My involvement in charitable and outreach organizations are and have always been local, national and international … these categorizations are important as this too references what my Jewish faith demands concerning such endeavors. Judaism states that only when an individual REALLY takes cares of “their own” – their REAL family, friends and community – can larger scoped good deeds be deemed worthy of praise. In other words, doing good just to be faking appearances of worldly sophistication is not accepted as worthwhile – especially when one is a poseur and has also done some very disgusting and hateful acts simultaneously. Yes, I feel grateful for those few poor souls the “accidental” self congratulatory do gooder might have helped but there is no REAL glory in such subterfuges. We all – especially me – have seen/known the type who would probably never consider helping an inner city Detroit minority youth because no feel good back slapping would be forthcoming and yet that same faux character will do a group paid for Kenyon or Haiti [with REALLY minimal resulting benefits for those supposedly being helped that I have been able to discover] “mission” trip in order to get a one time photo op for Facebook or lure their delusional minds into believing they are a good person. You must trust me on this – I have the REAL facts on just such a (one in particular) member of my nemesis THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ and I am quite sure each of you knows similar ridiculous types. Listen my dear readers, I and my husband have donated money, and dressed in gown and tux to sit through far too many to remember fund raiser charity balls … faces we were in crowds for photo-ops that helped raise awareness for that cause. But equally my REAL family, friends, husband and I have done multiple behind the scenes REALLY hard work for national and international programs. Also, as important – my husband and I have done nearly Herculean acts of charity and assistance for many of our REAL friends and family – for individuals we cared about and at times persons almost strangers that were in need.  I would be remiss to not mention that many have done similar heroic acts to assist myself and husband. Among my REAL family, friends and colleagues the many, many personal and public aspects of their charitable deeds are truly stunning – so many absolutely amazing efforts and acts of kindness and REAL unselfish tasks at their own expense to help others that I am in constant awe of these people who have blessed and honored my life with their presence. One example is when dear friend and the man that helps keep my beautiful outside, Dr. Richard Glunk, REALLY unselfishly flew to Haiti to help after the recent earthquake … my darling and talented friend, gave up substantial earnings from patients to attend to the victims of that horrible disaster. Nothing intrinsically wrong in any way with either quiet anonymous or publicly championed acts of charity but the REAL truth is if only the posed and affectation effort were part of who we were, then neither our communities nor G-d should look fondly on our efforts … no matter how well intended nor the few who had benefited.

As a practicing Jew, I assure you that even the most subtle anti-Semitism does not go unnoticed and I am REALLY blessed with REAL Christians in my life who also recognize such directed insult and intent from the loathsome … most recently from and by those of The Miscreants™ that we are suing and that law enforcement are investigating. These hateful persons have posted on social media sites [as I have detailed in previous blog posts] more than one pointed anti-Semitic remark. In fact, their insinuations and comments were so egregious that my husband insisted Prosecutors and our lawyers seriously consider including “hate crimes” charges and lawsuits against these enemies. This relates to charity in that they – particular one female definitely guilty of anti-Semitism toward myself and my children, manically posts/claims charitable deeds. In my blog post on 11 December 2012, Chanukah – Defeating Enemies through G-d’s Real Miracles! I shared biblical reference to those who thwart or hurt the chosen people, Israel and we Jews shall be punished by G-d. How is it then that this idiot woman thinks a one or two time faux postured charitable act which she narcissistically brags about, along with nearly illiterate bible Christian Facebook notations, will keep her from the wrath of the L-rd??? This “evil doer” Michigan female is not without company in that many do similar … why even the Nazis were said to love their families and give charity to those that would flatter their bogus and evil existences. Outrage was the tonality of the individual who once again saw my nemesis posturing her minimal good deeds on Facebook … considering the REAL truth my dear colleague is aware of concerning this creature and her cohorts, my non-Jewish supporter was furious when she spotted a faux display of “Christian” generosity by this vicious Michigan woman. After all, my Jewish faith – the foundation of all others – is not singular in condemning braggarts of charitable efforts – the New Testament in Matthew 6::3 warns “… do not let thy left hand know what your right hand is doing.”. You see REAL goodness is evident and fallacious effort eventually – most times by the perpetrators own words and misdeeds – exposed for the entire world to see and understand. In her book,  Farewell, Fred Voodoo: A Letter From Haiti,  the [Jewish] writer Amy Wilentz expresses a similar concern to my own in reference to the poseurs of self congratulatory charitable acts by Americans; her book and recent related NPR interview is enlightening as to explaining that despite some minor benefits to those being administrated to, no REAL selfless nor permanent accomplishments are left behind. Odd that my husband and I decided to purchase this book and then heard Ms. Wilentz being interviewed on NPR this week – as is so often the case for us, the stunning coincidence affirmed that we are not singular in being put off and suspicious of faux dictated quid pro quo “Christian” charitable effort as those showed off on our Michigan nemesis Facebook page … quite troublesome that our personal foe is not alone in such questionable activities. The answer is not to prevent honest and REAL efforts to help the world’s many struggling people – the answer instead is that we must not be false in our concerns nor demanding of return acceptance of a faith or philosophy as our paid currency!

P.S. The photo above is of the Tzedakah Box, which my Jewish faith uses to help our children learn the important values which are “The Foundation of the World this was bought for my twin sons, Aleksander Benjamin and Chase Josef Eliasz-Solomon … the ONLY REAL children of my husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon. As always, I ask that you read my soon memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! for all the REAL details on how my dear REALLY good Catholic husband became the Father of Jewish children – courtesy of me, his REALLY devoted and REALLY charitable Jewish wife. Also included in my memoir will be full and REAL details of what my husband and I decided to call our “caring and sharing plan” – that is what we will do for REALLY worthwhile REAL family and friends [never ever will any of The Miscreants™ benefit of course] at each year’s end as our blessing of personal fortune [from multiple endeavors] grows … proofing that old adage true “charity REALLY does begin at home”!

Note: There REALLY are too many to list … my multiple organizations and charitable efforts are at times overwhelming – rendering my email inbox full of daily messages. A particular important international cause that has gotten my considerable attention and determined need to travel the globe the last few years is … we/this group of dedicated individuals REALLY believe that next world [U.S.A. included] human crisis will be clean water. Please join me via Twitter, Facebook, email, etc. in discovering what you can REALLY do to give the entire world’s population sustainable and available water. Among this decades old organization’s leading members are many dignitaries, artists of all disciplines [including actor Matt Damon], scientists, journalists, NGO (non government organizations – a long time favorite of mine in all things humanitarian) types, government officials, dignitaries, philanthropies of all sorts and everyday citizens who REALLY care!!!

19jAN2013 190F.Y.I. The lovely fashion photo I decided to share with you here is a wee bit of a “poke” at a certain [in my and my husband who knows this creature since his 20’s opinion] “manic fake Christian” Michigan miscreant female … you see, my sensibilities were as equally (slightly) offended when I saw this photo in my December 2012 Town & Country Magazine, as when I was shown [apparently still obsessed with me] Michigan chic posturing her “mission” Kenya photo with youths she supposedly cared about; we find her seriously delusional as to her own character because this same individual has been hateful, threatening and extremely anti-Semitic toward myself, my husband and our REAL children – not to mention insulated in her all white suburban middle of middle of middle American Detroit suburb home. No amount of sartorial symbols can obfuscate REAL evil nor lack of true compassion. By the way, this T & C photo’s model is REALLY far more attractive than loser lady from Michigan and still probably less narcissist egocentric … just saying!

August 10, 2012

You Know Your An Heiress If…

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Definition of an heiress is any female who inherits any sum or any item in an inheritance. End of story – period, but yes the assumed interpretation is of great wealth. For the ignorant [everyone surely knows who I am referring do by now] reading this –  read closely and pay attention and for G-d sake get a dictionary if need be. There are other acceptable heiress titles  … some Christian women described themselves as heiress to the L-rd’s kingdom, as in Romans 8:17  heirs and others are  heiress to a  legacy of some sort of talent or infamy or family activity – like the arts or politics. I am heir to over 5000 years of Judaism – the faith, the laws and Israel as my true ancestral homeland. For  members of a ruling noble class it is called heir/heiress apparent or presumptive. ALL are legal and legitimate. So here we are at one of my favorite topics – things legal … come along because you know that I have much to say on this subject!

When a female like myself inherits through the death of someone – husband, parents or others – any substantial sum or even a small amount of money – they are an heiress. I inherited money from both my deceased parents and again upon being widowed at nearly 21 years of marriage in 2000. De facto – that DEFINITELY qualified me LEGALLY as an heiress. Additionally, I LEGALLY became The Heiress™ AND HeiressMommy™ when myself and my brilliant entrepreneurial minded 2nd husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon trademarked these terms 30 March 2011 . He and I jointly own over 20 trademarks – including The Heiress Goddesses™ as of 13 September 2011 and THE Heiress™ [different from & in addition to previous in that THE is capitalicized here] which was  trademarked for us on 24 July 2012. The last two trademarks that relate to this blog posting are HeiressMommy Fashion™ and HeiressMommy Style™, both these, among others, were trademarked on 29 July 2012. Now here we go – hold on you lie spewing possible soon to be charged with civil criminal offenses and definitely being suing for slander, libel, defamation, harassment & copyright infringement losers: this is  important to note because we have a so called “internet ninja” looking out for copyright and trademark infringements [as well as misrepresentations or lies] in order to know when anyone uses that which WE OWN. All were given proper notice via social media, etc. and so even though out of our largess there were one or two benign non threatening women using similar words that we decided FOR NOW to leave alone, anyone else – especially if using for nefarious or threatening reasons will be SUED FOR EVERYTHING THEY HAVE – no exception if we, our many lawyers, advisers or publicist feel it necessary. Again, here is a tutorial – especially for those idiot miscreants  I reference so often – when you file a trademark/copyright and when, as  we did, announce appropriately  it on social media sites, including facebook and twitter the following words are stated and included: “I/We will henceforth protect this/these trademarks vigorously.” For anyone thinking they can slide by and not be challenged by us – oh are you sorely mistaken. We will DEFINITELY VIGOROUSLY DEFEND OUR RIGHTS!!!

Nothing financial to date has been gained from our trademarks and copyrights, other than wonderful book deal contracts for both myself and my husband [yes, unlike certain individuals who call themselves writers/blog about working on their “book” – we REALLY have contracts for two blog essay end 2012 published books & of course my tome memoir being published end 2013 – written with a co-author & professional writer my publisher has assigned me]. The other possibilities these trademarks/book deals have now afforded us are the movie/TV deals we have recently began formal discussions about. As  we own the trademarks and copyrights, it is our singular legal right to use them in any way we see fit. Wow – I am obviously just a wee bit vitriolic about this topic – as are my lawyers, my dear publicist, my advisers, publisher [although they are loving recent controversy  – good for books sales they tell me], my financial planners, my extended family and many REAL  friends. Oh yes, law enforcement and government agencies and Courts also got very interested in the miscreants internet fraudulent faux writings, facebook postings and such – amazing isn’t it, how the proverbial tables turn in life and yes what they say about payback being a REAL bitch is happily true in this case. Funny thing is I nor my husband on account of a previous lesson learned [detailed in my 2013 book Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!] ever do anything without consulting attorneys, publicist and other professional advisers first – it comes with the territory and we are thrilled to have so much professional support.  I know – again vague innuendos – sorry my darling followers and readers but mine is not a life to be shared freely until litigation complete this Fall, recent possible civil criminal charges against those often referenced evil doers fully investigated (ongoing now) and my 2013 book is published. Sadly, for some reason, my and my husband’s  perseverance and success obviously bothers the lesser class a great deal but husband and I will NEVER be deterred from our inherit rights and so here is a bit of history on the subject of heiress and heir status, as well as how, like we did, to fully legally disown and disinherit all unworthy types. Lets get started…

The definition of inheritance is varied. There are legal and financial terms to be considered –  that which is most usually referenced by the terminology. Also are religious and sociological aspects, in that different faiths consider one or another link to who shall inherit when and what … wealth,  title,  et al.  .  In our U.S. law one can legally fully disown and disinherit ALL relatives – the only exception is leaving child support for any minor/under 18 years of age “children” [yes darlings those are quotations as not all presumed children/those whose name may have you on birth certificate are really your progeny – another time on that and a bit detailed in my my 2013 book]. Adult children can fully, totally and completely be 100% legally disinherited. Any good attorney – as ours did – will suggest (although we told them first) to actually do a formal noted specific name by name [as we did with my husband’s previous spouse and her 3 children]  or/and relationship categories [as we did with siblings, their spouses, aunts, uncles, nieces & nephews & cousins, etc.] disinheritance in your will … it is not enough to leave someone out – assurance can only be complete by enumerating all you wish to inherit nothing. Even aged parents should be disinherited [we disinherited my husband’s 80+ year old father] on account of a possibility where you and your children perish and subsequently that older parent dies leaving your money to his or her heirs that you were not intending to receive anything. So it is that we detailed who – one another and OUR (together as couple) children ONLY are beneficiaries, followed by a few friends/extended family, our pet Labrador and a foundation we plan to set up in order to honor my parents – the Solomon Family. Not only did we detail who was to inherit but also exactly who was NOT – as such we decided to legally disown and disinherit ALL of my husband’s biological family. As you my supportive and very intuitive readers/followers are aware of – especially those who are also personal dear friends – my dear husband not only legally [January 2012] took my last name to honor my family, have our children be named that but also to further distance himself and protect us from most of his own biological relatives. Ours is certainly a horror story – the loathsome creatures were without redemption but even if not as gruesome as those we disinherited – everyone should consider a “technical” disinheritance of relatives so as to prevent any complications or challenges to wills. A great lesson can learned by reading the book (as I have) Mrs. Astor Regrets. This book and others teach that one must take care to be proactive in protecting your wealth (large or small) from usurpers – do this no matter what others may think when you take your rightful option to permanently eliminate “family” as your heirs.

Famous and infamous – the stories of those who are and others considered to be heiresses are plentiful. True life tales plus books, plays and movies tell the story of trails and tribulations that come along with such a denotation.There are the many heiresses of the Edith Wharton Era. These ladies were revisited this past January 2012 as New York celebrated the 150th birthday of this upper crust ultimate New York insider who chronicled by novel and such the goings on of heiress types. Some of the real women Edith Wharton described were actually heirs to large fortunes, while others perceived as such on account of familial relationships or proximity to the well heeled. Husband and I never need worry that the now legally disowned and disinherited “family” nor there friends that we are forced to deal with will ever be confused for our kind … there is no mistaking the lesser among us who not only have no substantial amounts of money but also no class and certainly no good breeding. No my darlings – while yes I am a snob about brains, class and definitely morals – I am usually not at all that way toward lesser wealth or poorly educated types [in fact some of the miscreant’s children actually have 4 year college degrees – no Harvard, Princeton or Yale involved however]. What I am noting here is that our peripherally formerly related persons and their friends are in no way able to pass for any where near the upper echelons of society. Even their budget travel photos and a faux Kentucky Derby [which I myself attended 2x, wearing couture designed hats] church going hat will not convince anyone class lives at their home. Yes this a hint – a pointed and directed remark but don’t you just love guessing of whom I write and are you not all anxious to read my 2013 book, watch and listen to TV/radio interviews where I tell ALL – name names, etc?

One of my favorite heiress women is the Mother of news man Anderson Cooper – who by the way, was considered someone I would be comfortable having interview me some time ago during a certain “situation” which will, of course – you all know what I am going to write here – be discussed in my 2013 book. Anyway, it is the amazing Gloria Vanderbilt of whom I write so fondly. A child born to a complicated background  – a woman that never let scandal or family predators take her off task toward a life of love, children and interesting careers. I, like her, will not live  a small life on account of lies, jealousy or others idea of what I deserve to be or have. I have it all – the husband, the family, friends, colleagues, interests, career, etc. but most important, as it is with Gloria, I have determination and a love of life. I pray that I too, like this refined cultured lady,  will live a long life filled with new adventures despite some sorrow and a few set backs along the journey.

No article would be complete on the subject of heiress without mentioning the often dubbed poor little rich girl, Barbara Hutton – Woolworth heir and among other things, married once to Cary Grant. Hers was a life terribly tragic in most arenas.  I am so blessed to have only minimally fallen victim to the sort of naivete this heiress did so many times – I have learned and grown, as well as been protected by devoted family and friends from repeating her similar mistakes of too much generosity and selflessness. Insecurity and doubt have never plagued me as it did her. Hutton seemed to never find REAL love nor absolute contentment. Unlike this heiress, I have found the most glorious REAL  love … married twice to good men who both adored me. This beautiful  Woolworth heir and I both married young the first time. The difference is my first marriage lasted nearly 21 years when I was widowed far too soon. Then magic happened – I remarried my soul mate only 3 years later. He is truly the most amazing, brilliant, moral, devoted to me above all else man, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon. What more could any type of heiress ask for???

P.S. PLEASE know that my 2013 memoir is about my quite amazing and blessed, while complicated life. One publisher suggested my memoir will be Eat, Pray, Love meets Erin Brockovich. The miscreants, usurpers and evil doers referenced far more than I care to will only be a small part of my story – and even then only on account of the danger they present to myself, husband and children. Obviously the litigation/law suits and certainly any possible civil criminal proceedings against them must/will be written about in my book. Likewise, at the point my darling husband enters my life in 2003 – those he tragically knew/was related to and were so harmful and evil will be included [their REAL life issues and ALL our opinions and facts about them to be detailed] as they, not us, have inserted themselves into our life … not visa verse. We wish them no harm – only justice from the legal system & G-d as their due!!!

August 6, 2012

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper And My TWO Husbands!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Nanosecond, nanosecond, nanosecond … it takes ten nanoseconds to “shake a lamb’s tail” but more time for me to tell you why being an egg  head chick has gotten me married to two amazing computer advance degree guys in my lifetime – which got me an introduction to the amazing Grace Hopper and a gifted nanosecond from her. Yes I like the brainy fellows and apparently they really like me too. My first dear husband, David, who I was widowed from at nearly 21 years of marriage in Spring 2000, worked for IBM and his father, The Colonel was a brilliant computer specialist, Pentagon official, Air Force officer and senior citizen ranked tennis player [is honored in the Newport Tennis Hall of Fame]. It was my dear father-in-law who got me, his science interested daughter-in-law, an invite to a reception where I was introduced to and fawned over Rear Admiral Grace Hopper … lucky me must have charmed this brilliant lady because she reached into her pocket, pulled out a bit of wire, twisted it and handed it to me saying here dear is a nanosecond. WOW!

My parents thought ALL areas of science, history, art and so on should be a part of their daughters and sons education … both my parents, like myself and my second (married in 2003) genius husband, C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon [who has a Masters in Computer Science], were feminist. My husband and I agreed at the start of fertility treatments that our sons AND daughters would all have the same exposure to hard sciences. Our plan is to follow my parents example with our twin sons and any other children G-d blesses us with by having excursions in nature and home projects that ignite an interest in science. My father got me a salamander, which I named Solomon The Salamander and so even though quite the Jewish Princess, me as a little girl loved experiments and reading about things that in those days were usually reserved for boys – not in our home – myself and my brothers got exactly the same direction and opportunity.

I studied speech and then medicine at Temple University [where I graduated from] and other Philadelphia learning  institutions and then, much later/plan on finishing soon, law. As a woman wanting to learn about everything – for me to be able to chat with a woman like Grace Hopper who seemed to never allow her gender to even be part of her professional conversation was a thrill. Around the time I had this wonderful experience [early 1980’s] I had begun to give serious thought about a possible doctorate in science and being a Zionist/huge admirer of Israeli military, actually considered applying to the War College. I know you can not picture this JAP couture dressed, professionally coiffed, manicured Democrat at such a place and only those who know the REAL me could. People I was closest to understood that for me the draw was that science and military combined can actually be a peaceful endeavor – by adjusting the program from destruction to intervention the U.S. and other nations have brought military personnel into peace maker status. Of course, I have a bit of a macho side too – in fact, I had a subscription to Jane’s Defence magazine because I enjoyed reading/learning  about military hardware.

I mention my two husbands …yes, I am blessed – married twice [basically all my adult life] to two amazing, brilliant, well educated and totally in love with Tereza guys. It seems moi has a thing for computer men – as I wrote earlier both David and C. Michael have advanced computer science degrees. My first husband was with IBM for most of our nearly 21 years of marriage and my now (2nd) genius husband and father of my children owned his own computer firm [first and still only member of his so called “family” or childhood Michigan friends to ever own a business or ever have an advance degree] when we married in 2003 and then/until a few years ago was a Data Architect consultant famous in his field. One anecdotal story concerning my Oracle expert rather famous husband Chester Michael happened to me at a Villanova computer law class, where I was learning to use Westlaw & Lexus Nexus  [boy has that come in handy for me – more in my book: Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!] – at one point somehow the professor realized who my husband was [then his name was Chester Michael Eliasz but since January 2012 he legally took my last name & became Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon] and was very impressed, to the point of almost asking for me to get hubby’s autograph but settling for my promise to give my husband his business card. My husband is now stay at home Dad and my Web Master and is working on our over twenty trademarks, pending patents and copyrights plus attempting to continue as a consultant in the computer industry. This blog is Chester Michael’s design and he is a integral part of all my endeavors – partner, adviser and all around always smartest guy in the room person, along with being my LSAT tutor.  I love that both my husbands love that I am smart too – no little woman bare foot and pregnant in the kitchen role for me – although I love being pregnant and do not mind some baking time either and yes barefoot on the beach a happy time too. The point is both David and C. Michael [husband 1 & 2] knew having a intelligent and interesting wife would make theirs a happy life … my husband and I not only laugh but talk constantly about all sorts of topics, including Grace Hopper and her being the originator of term “debugging”. See I got that point into this post …yep, there was a moth [real insect kind] in a computer and when Hopper was asked about how they go it out, she apparently coined the term right there and then. Just thought you my readers might enjoy that tidbit … see why I am so great at cocktail parties and soirees – I know lots of stuff. I could never be married to someone who did not indulge my variant interest … for example I was really into the String Theory for a while and yes, husband #1 and #2 not only made sure I had books on the topic but found and discussed endlessly with me the principles involved until I finally got over that particular science fetish. Are you thinking that this gal enjoys HARD science fellows – your are correct – I do but they must also love the arts, design, opera, plays, culture, sports, travel and the whole gambit of what this big world offers.

All my readers and followers are by now quite aware that I believe far too many individuals limit their life experiences to minimum and safe venues – traveling a bit but never reaching for more than the status quo – staying in or very near their hometown from birth to death. People like this spend their energy convincing themselves that theirs is a really good and productive life …. and indeed it may be in that they raise children, pay bills, do some church or civic events but they never [in my opinion] really make a difference for themselves or anyone else. There is a definite however and exception I feel compelled to mention here – I personally have close and dear people I absolutely adore who also, like those small minded folks I so disdain, have chosen to live their life in or near the place they were born and likewise have time for mostly just family and such but these individuals are NEVER demeaning nor insecure enough to attempt denying those like myself who have chosen bigger and grander existences. Probably not one of my best analytic points but let it be known that because my loved ones are able to deal with truth and grandeur, my husband and I have and will include them – as they wish – in our travels, events and it seems not avoidable soon to be celebratory lifestyle. This gets me to the issue of those who attempt to minimize us who do reach for the stars and who do at least give effort to seeing and being part of the bigger picture. Oh my, here I am  again thinking of those much too often mentioned miscreants hubby and I are needing to thwart … true those folks are the very, very middle of this great nation but dear G-d do the rest of us really, really successful and oft times famous folks have to tolerate their pest like  intrusions. Um, science and philosophical questions here, don’t you think? Enough of that – as a few of my advisers said this past weekend while reprimanding me – I should not have such kind largess concerning the misanthropes – one must remain vigilant to the efforts of such evil doers. And you my dear readers thought I could not possible get  a mention of the much referenced enemy into this science and marriage topic blog post – well I am good at my work – surely you will agree.

As I write this hubby and I are listening to BBC radio and we are keeping eyes on our ipad as the Curiosity Rover lands on Mars – we woke even earlier than  our usual 4:30 A.M. daily wake up time in order to be  a part of this scientific event – same as when CERN announced the so called g-d particle recently. For us it is a matter of being a part of a G-d inspired large universe where all things matter – in science, in history, in arts, in religion, etc. – mostly in our love!!!

P.S. In my book: Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! my complete life journey – EVERY REAL detail will be shared and no challenge left unanswered. I so look forward to offering an example of survival and glory with all my followers & readers – hopeful that my complicated narrative will give an example of how G-d’s grace and my own dogged determination, along with the blessing of a devoted husband, supportive family and always there for me group of friends/colleagues can make anything possible … in a nanosecond.

P.P.S. My sweet 1st husband, David is currently interred with my parents and beloved brother Albert in a cemetery outside Philadelphia. My 2nd husband, Chester Michael & I have decided on a Mausoleum in our soon to be home state of New York – for us, our children and growing dynasty to have a final resting place. The plan is to move my parents, my brother AND my 1st husband David there as well [#2’s idea actually] – so you see me & my TWO husbands will have eternal rest together … trust me, there will never be a #3 for me because once you have had the best, no need to try any of the rest.

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