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September 4, 2012

Annual Fashion Night Out Event REALLY Does Matter … Not Just About Pretty Clothes!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

I know – my peeps are at Democratic Convention in North Carolina where I was invited but had to decline [which I will be writing about in a few days], there are Jewish New Year preparations needing tending to by me and here I am writing about fashion. We all know I am a very complex broad – shall we say a thinker JAP? But this is not only about my need for couture – this 4th Annual Fashion Night Out is about so much more – talent, arts, jobs, commerce, community and that is just the obvious. Many countries and more than you can imagine U.S. cities, towns and country hamlets participate in this September 6th fete. I receive emails from this event, as well as designers I have purchased items from – on my laptop in my home study is a FNO countdown clock – I am serious – it alerts me to new included participants and keeps me directed to getting out and getting into the stores to shop and enjoy. Not to worry, no time, nothing close by – online possibilities are plenty. So I am going to explain exactly why FNO matters, how you can get involved – even if not able to purchase anything this year … well maybe just a little something!

The history of Fashion Night Out [does 4 years equal historical notation?]  is one way to understand why what some miscreant (see I got it in, lol) types think frivolous, is anything but that. I reference and explain in my blog post, See You In September – Now Lets … Vogue!, why I agree with what Anna Wintour suggested in the documentary, September Issue – to paraphrase, that is for those afraid of fashion to mock it is ridiculous and I add that the visa verse is also true. In other blog posts I detail how fashion has determined history in ways not easily understood – a leader denoting shared value by choice of attire with their people, a job gotten on account of proper choice of clothes or an inclusion to a club because of presenting well. Poor, rich or someone in the middle – most folks dress for a reason in mind – be it comfort, safety, event, style or just joy – we humans cloak ourselves in that which we hope the world will recognize as an essence of who we are. There are many wonderful charities/organizations that attend to those less fortunate or attempting a fresh start who need clothes for a job or school interview. I have participated in and donated to Dress For Success in my hometown of Philadelphia and I can tell you it makes a big difference in someone’s troubled life to feel their attire shows them at their best en route to their potential new place in this world.

Fashion Night Out is a global initiative sponsored by Vogue and CFDA – started in 2009 as a way to promote fashion and its accessory issues of commerce, textiles, design, etc.. A slumping economy demanded a forceful and committed effort to get shoppers back into the stores and so the fashionista powers that be combined that necessity with a charitable contribution aspect for NYC AIDS fund. Growing to include events, food venues, gifts packages, t-shirts/totes collaboratively designed for FNO and more lead to a successful $$$ replenishment of fashion interest worldwide. Obviously, my soon to be hometown NYC is the center of this yearly event – why not? as NYC is the center of the Universe in so many ways. No I am not being a East Coast elitist snob – ok, maybe a wee bit but credit must be given where due – for it is indeed NYC that birth this very profitable and job creating event. No worries dear readers – surely there is a satellite FNO near you and if not you can always get online baby. There will even be TV coverage and a behind the scenes/how we built this [shout out to GOP, lol] show, plus a presentation of the documentary September Issue I have referenced. WOW – now that is organizing on steroids and this brings me to the topic of ingenuity and creativity that FNO showcases so well. America Council Of Fashion Designers CEO, Steve Kolb has created a video tutorial and guide for FNO – there is Twitter and Facebook, emails and guides galore to help everyone, everywhere be a part of this late night September 6th [others close dates around the world] happening. So many venue additions have morphed from the first FNO in 2009 – food, jewelry, furnishings, art and so much more has blossomed as a result of this effort.

No more important American ideal exist than the pick yourself up by your bootstraps and make your way forward plan. A wise friend asked that I include the buy American suggestion in this blog post – yes, buying American products is important – even paramount to helping the U.S.A. economy and as such I do say we must try to buy products designed and produced here in this great nation. There is a however I must examine – the international and interdependent aspect of modernity has dictated that we consume and purchase items that are often from everywhere on the planet. I admit to loving European designers – my wardrobe full of ready to wear and couture from France, Italy and other countries but I want Americans to be in my closet as well – always looking for and promoting American creativity is a must do in my life. The glory of FNO is that it occurs on U.S.A. Terra firma for those of you here and others in their nation … so you see if you get out and shop, eat, participate in your American hometown on September 6th you will be helping Americans – jobs and incomes increased by your very presence at this event. I am a political junkie and so I will digress from fashion in a way here to say that when you enter the door of any shop in this country, no matter where their products were made, you are helping Americans have jobs – yes it is wonderful to check that label for made in U.S.A. but we must have increased initiative and yes share with other nations what we produce and they with us. The FNO is an American invention – decided and started by experts from many nations but birthed on U.S. soil – we are still the world’s inspiration and that is championed when happenings like Fashion Night Out succeed.

I have been at 2 of the 4 FNO – was hoping to be in my soon to be hometown of NYC this year but planning move, school and babies means next year will be my time there. This year I will be at a Philadelphia FNO event and DEFINITELY doing my part online. In my 2013 book, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! fashion shows up as an issue in the most unlikely of places – trust me, you will lol. So even though there are more pressing issues I care about … getting Obama reelected for one, I will, as always, try to look good while doing good. May I suggest you do the same – now follow the links I provide here – including the where and how to participate in Fashion Night Out. Please go to the “Chat With Tereza” option on my blog wall to share your FNO experiences and photos via email with me. Have fun my darlings!!!

P.S. In reference to this November election – the GOP war on the arts – cutting funding will destroy fashion, design and such initiatives and therefore destroy American jobs. So while you participate in FNO be sure you are registered to vote, have the [unconstitutionally required] I.D. and reach out to others to be sure they do too. Because trust me if Romney/Ryan and the Republicans win Congress/Senate majority, no night out will ever be the same and certainly ONLY the elite will get to enjoy such events because not only are the GOP extremist planning to cut art grants and small business loans but also public transportation, etc. – so unless you have a limo ride, you are not going anywhere much once they are in control of our great nation!!!

July 23, 2012

3rd Party Libel, Defamation,Slander And Harassment …Or How I Learned To REALLY Love Lawsuits!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

My, my, my how silly some people are – while thinking they are “outing” someone when what they are really doing is getting themselves into a whole lot of trouble. You see what most Americans do not understand is that slander, defamation and libelous speech are NOT protected forms of free speech under our U.S. First Amendment. That is why it tickles me so much that fools and miscreants actually believe they have legal rights when they lie or even repeat another person’s bogus, proved to be untrue or unverified story. Don’t you just love jurist prudence – I certainly do!

Now don’t get me wrong – insults, hateful/mean opinions are completely all right as far as one not being able to be sued or charged with  a crime on account of these things. Additionally, hyperbole or dramatic comparisons like my husband’s favorite concerning his ex being the “devil’s daughter” would never be accepted for a reason to sue or to charge someone.  As I explained to a particular ignorant and very unattractive “lady” once – that unless you can get the bonafide devil himself into a court room to deny this, there is no lawsuit and even then, in my opinion, the devil would surely claim this loathsome creature as his very own offspring. Name calling is also not a candidate for litigation – unless of course you are calling someone something they obviously and factually are not and have never been …like a bank robber, a counterfeiter, a whore [because that is a real thing – not just an insult], etc..

One of my recent [last two years] favorite hobbies is preparing with my attorneys and other supporter advisers to file harassment, slander, defamation and  libel lawsuits against a particular group of people – the statue of limitation while different in each State, is expansive when there is a continuing offense or/and fear and other legal matters that made an immediate action nearly impossible or impractical. But I do like and have begun [when appropriate] to act immediately against the offenders – of course, there is something to be said for having evil doers relaxed into thinking their unseemly and ignorant action have allowed them to go unscathed on account of the passage of time. I can even surmise that these individuals have asked an attorney or two or even Googled to assure themselves that too much time has lapsed for us/me to file against them – love the element of surprise in legal matters.

My new favorite litigation topic is internet libel …where someone posts or reposts what they firmly state to be true and a “real” Google archive article. Really? Let me explain it as Google themselves have – they are merely a news aggregator – Google posts ALL articles no matter if proven incorrect, erroneous or has since being rewritten/changed.  In fact, there is much criticism about Google not vetting or correcting that which they offer. Everyone knows that there are as many views/opinions as there are stars in the sky … let us say little Billy and Joey are playing with their family pooch and at one point Billy says to Joey that pooch acts like or looks like some alien. Wow says Joey and then Googles “Are Dogs Aliens?” – bet you there is someone somewhere and for some reason [even if only a cartoon reference] that has produced a now Google ready article stating as factual that dogs are definitely aliens. I admit that at times my own canine appears or acts like a space cadet but we all know dogs are NOT aliens. No matter the source – you can NOT attack the character of someone by using an internet found article and oh by the way not even truth is a defense for an invasion of privacy charge [exception is when you are accessing information for your own safety concerns or to fight litigation against you] …in other words, you cannot claim you thought something was true in your most inner self and that was your reason for  making a statement or posting. Oh no, you can neither/certainly not post or repeat something not 100% true other than an opinion or feeling and you also can not repeat or harass with what you might think is true because it is a published article. Another issue is there is no defense by saying you only were repeating another person’s libelous utterances or sending/posting that which someone else sent you. Here is one of my favorite aspects of these laws – if you have been told or if you have corresponded with the persons you are attacking and they have told you something  is not true and then you slander anyway – OMG – are you in big trouble. This is because you had the advance knowing and/or capability due to exposure and personal interactive relationships to get the real facts. The most egregious action and easily won lawsuit is where someone actually makes something up about someone and then posts it on social media or shares via email or through oral utterances and on top of that has others ask if they are sure this is true, only to state with certainty that it is true [can you my dear readers guess this is one of my upcoming take all their stuff/please incarcerate this bottom dweller lawsuits?]. The exception is obviously when someone proudly and deliberately professes an involvement with a particular group or organization – has their name voluntarily attached to something that has been made public – then and only then can you use this as a true and real connection because there is no speculation on your part and no harassment nor attempt to shame …it simply is on account of the individual you are discussing having boasted their own involvement that makes such statements not libelous. An example is when an individuals belongs to/has their name on a list or website of  a company or school or group or faux church, etc. that has been blamed for or charged or written about for wrong doings –  simply written about because of its ridiculousness – then you may comment or post  without impunity. For me I would not and could not seek a lawsuit if anyone repeated that I am Jewish, name of my synagogue where I am member,  my [location not given here because of security concerns] ____ Women’s Newcomers Club, etc. – none of these types of things are slander or harassment no matter the possible negative tone/even salacious information that might be published in the press about my group being repeated – only and unless it is being done to cause me harm by indicating my where about in an attempt to locate me within that group for some sort of attack. As far as harassment – one may fully communicate, especially in an interpersonal relationship [family, established friendship and those having for whatever reason had a reasonable interactive relationship in the past] via emails, text, voice mail messages, etc. – you can threaten lawsuits, legal action and such but you can not insinuate the “or else” type scenario – that is definitely a crime of threats. Law enforcement will not get involved in back and forth of a personal argument that involves the issue of money, personal relationships or the ending of such but police take very seriously the type of messages that indicate or suggest a if you do or do not do a certain thing, then ____.  One firm example is leaving a voice mail message with the suggestion if someone does not “keep [their] mouth shut …” – you see the or else is implied and that definitely concerns law enforcement. Of course, as with all laws there are nuances much too varied and detailed to discuss here but my husband and I, as well as our support team, firmly believe that no matter one’s own possible life wrong doings, lies and harassment must not be tolerated – sue we will – win or not. We believe, as my Jewish faith demands that those guilty of slander, libel and defamation must be repudiated and punished – banished [in modernity that would equal ostracized] from their community.

As I always mention – in each and every blog posts – due to ongoing/upcoming litigation and book obligations [2013 “Heiress Mommy …The Life Of A Modern Super Woman!“] I am unable to detail with more specificity as to my own situation but I promise that you can look forward to a 100% truthful tell all story – everything about me and everything about those hubby & I have taken to calling the “evil doers“. Now, who should play me in the movie …gal pals think Catherine Zeta-Jones and in mine/their OPINION, my dear Bette Midler as she appeared in Hocus Pocus flick to play the woman hubby calls the “devil’s daughter” – however, I do not want to insult the great Bette with that comparison – after all Midler & I are both really nice Jewish Mothers!

P.S. My DISCLAIMER …above references to certain individuals is my “OPINION”  – Shalom my blog reader darlings and remember the best is yet to come  — keep reading for postings of future victories !!!

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