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October 20, 2013

Your State is Revolting!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Alexis de Tocqueville wrote about our young nation, in his Democracy in America:

To instruct democracy, if possible to reanimate its beliefs, to purify its mores, to regulate its movements, to substitute little by little the science of affairs for its inexperience, and knowledge of its true instincts for its blind instincts; to adapt its government to time and place; to modify it according to circumstances and men: such is the first duty imposed on those who direct society in our day.           

EyeUSASo here we are in 2013 with a suggestion of a REAL tone that defines revolt by the States. Well maybe not all fifty but it seems there are indeed States that apparently are hell bent on revolting, usurping national laws and most definitely denying the duly two term elected President Obama his place in history. Has it ever REALLY been the UNITED States of America? Quite possibly only during extreme tragedies or times of unprecedented strife  – WWII,  JFK assassination, 9/11 but not on a daily visceral level. Sad or actually what makes us unique in that despite so many differences and even dangerous separation of intentions these disparate regions function [for the most part] in a joined continuum of purpose. Until recently that is ,,,

Tocqueville was enamored with our nation and while impressed returned to France all too aware of the fragility of a mass and varied democratic structure. By writing that a government needs watchfulness over inexperience and blind instincts, this scholar was almost clairvoyant in his description considering the current national dialogue – the extremist on both sides of the political spectrum and this past month’s nearly catastrophic government shut down and debt ceiling crisis, The thought that some on the extremist right would entertain an Armageddon scenario to elevate their status and promote their own narrow agenda is nothing less than to contemplate the end of this country as we know it – where does it stop and how long will a minority of extortion prone legislatures like we saw this past month be permitted to function in guise of legitimacy? The  recent fiscal crisis has seen insurgent conservatives groups plotting – yes some clandestine and others brazenly in full press coverage that they will never participate in the tried and true democratic process of this country. Zealots of every spectrum are dangerous in that they believe that the righteous stance of whatever beliefs they maintain must be furthered at all and every cost. Destroy it all  if need be but get their way is the plan. Sound scary – well it is and must be fought against by all rational citizens of this great nation.

When a Senator or Congress person states firmly that the nation as a whole matters to them little if at all but they are singularly concerned with the small and insulated – no matter how small in numbers – hometown folks that elected them, then we as a united people are doomed. States are suggesting revolt – opting out of national programs and as such not participating through vote nor contribution to the joined efforts that has kept America great and productive. Regionalism has now become a pathological effort to remove and deter a State from the Federal government purview and in doing so the REAL possibility of permanent fracturing exist. This growing separation of goals might indeed be the result of citizens feeling marginalized but no matter the etymology, no further attitude or suggestion of revolt must be allowed to overwhelm the common good for should we divide in ways irreparable, we will cease to be anymore than fifty individual and defeated land masses – mourning the loss of what once was the greatest nation on Earth!

P.S. In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and recently decided more complete Life Journey of Heiress Mommy aĺl the REAL and full details of why this nation has always matter so much and even more so now to me will be explained … My most recent blessîngs giving me even more impetus to safe guard that which I hold so dear !!!

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