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April 6, 2013

Holocaust Remembrance Days

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)


Born post Holocaust – in the 1950’s meant for me and other Jewish children an almost etched in DNA early knowledge of the Holocaust. Parents and teachers anxiously compelled to both inform and protect our youthful minds. No escaping the REAL facts that just a few years before our births there were those determined to annihilate our kind. So even today – as a Mother, Aunt and a friend to others children, I ask “What do we tell them and when?” Jew and gentile alike are to be informed, warned and learned in the scholarship of this singular horror because to forget or ignore is to allow a repeat of such despicable actions amongst our fellow human beings. Surely without comparison but not without similar occurrences, THE Holocaust has been morphed into other tragedies for other peoples and this must not be left unpressed by those of us able and willing to act in defense of those suffering. As we begin Yom Hashoah on 7 April – 8 April 2013 [27th of Nissan in my Hebrew calendar] which began in 1953 as an observance in memory of those perished, I ask you to read my words, feel the pain and pledge that no people shall suffer the same!

In the Jewish faith, life is valued above all else … no false idolatry of the dead is allowed and yet we honor and give eternal life through remembrances of those passed. Our Judaism informs and directs on all matters concerning life, death and mourning. Each year on the anniversary of a death, our loved ones light a Yahrzeit candle – which means a “soul candle“. I do this for many – grandparents, parents, my deceased brother, Albert and first husband, David who converted to Judaism in order for us to marry. Others are there too – Aunts, Uncles, cousins  and friends – all gone but never forgotten. Generation after generation through our Jewish ritual of naming children for those deceased and annual ritual remembrances, those gone before remain present in our life. A legacy to be boldly proud of and life stories to never be forgotten – this my dear readers is the way to defeat the haters – the Nazis who thought they could destroy our people. Each Jewish child born is a “slap” in the faces of our enemies. We are and will be here – triumphant despite the sorrows!

My own parents – especially my father, Abraham, explained that having already feared for my two brothers born at the start of Shoah in America still would having been born Jewish perished and so bringing another child [me] into the world after the end of WWII in 1954 was an act of almost joyful rebellion. Very clearly it was also explained that Israel existing was one of the main reasons my parents felt safe – even though living here as from birth U.S. citizens – in the  decision to have me. Trust me that as a Jewish Mother myself this is not extremist paranoia – oh no my friends, for when I decided to become a Mother again late in life with my second husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon, I even now thought these same ideas. My husband, just like my own maternal family is not Jewish [my Mother converted but my second husband has not] – still he legally took my Jewish last name, agreed to have our Jewish children do the same, keeps kosher and observes all Jewish holidays, rituals, etc.. My husband for many reasons but one main one being his biological Michigan family being hatefully and dangerously anti-Semitic legally disowned and disinherited them and others.  If you follow me or know me personally then you are aware of the REAL horror and depth of Antisemitism my husband’s disgraceful family and equally G-dless couple in Michigan he grew up with and their family is guilty of concerning Jews. Fortunately, as I have in my life – he too has  REALLY amazing and wonderful Christian cousins who are REAL family to us. To that point, please know that conversely my/our  life is full and so richly blessed with many who are considered “Righteous Gentiles” – these REAL people of faith – my many and a few of my husband’s relatives, friends and colleagues who are those that defend and support the rights of my Jewish people, the existence of Israel and I have no doubt would risk fortune and life to save us should that “knock on the door” ever come again [G-d forbid]!

There are no words to REALLY and completely define the depths of my personal pain concerning the 6 million Jews murdered during the Holocaust – none I tell you. I carry each and every day that pain – the knowledge of that horror where regular citizens of nations who lived, worked, schooled, participated fully were then slaughtered for NO OTHER REASON than they were Jewish. Imagine you today ignoring on account of not wanting to believe it possible that an extremist group here in United States [or wherever you are reading this] existing similar to the Nazis and then that entity rising suddenly to power. Next step to imagine is laws being passed in order to take your long held rights away – yes REAL laws just like those that some in America want to establish in order to marginalize certain demographics today. After that you need to conjure up REAL fear that anytime now they will come for first your business, your law or medical license, have you dismissed at University where you taught for years, fire you from a years long worked at job, confiscated your bank accounts and properties and finally think of that minute when they come to your home and take you and your family away. THINK IT NOW – FEEL IT – BE REALLY AFRAID … it happened to us Jews just that way and I am still angry but no longer fearful because when we say NEVER AGAIN  we REALLY mean NEVER AGAIN – not for we Jews nor anyone else – the genocides must stop everywhere for everyone or humanity is doomed!!!

Note: In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! among so many REAL life stories, will be the full details and REAL facts – even quotes by those my husband decided to call and we legally trademarked The Miscreants™ concerning their hateful antisemitism, their threats and more. One incident that will surely sicken you is that these members of THE REAL Evil Doers Club™  wished my Jewish babies dead by not acknowledging they existed and by mocking our REAL pregnancies on social media sites, etc..  There is worse if you can imagine anything more egregious than mocking a REAL Jewish baby being born. One of these criminal cyberterrorists – a Michigan IBM employee among other threats wished me silenced by gas (leak). So much more will be made public in soon civil & criminal legal cases against these people & even lawsuit against IBM. For now you should know that along with the slander, defamation and harassment lawsuits soon to be filed and possible civil criminal charges, our attorneys and law enforcement are considering charges of hate crimes – yes my dear readers – a REALLY serious matter!!!


March 16, 2013

Speaking Yiddish with a Irish Braugh Accent?

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)


Chaim Herzog and  Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh were childhood friends … one the sixth President of Israel and the other fifth President of Ireland. How so,  you ask? Answer is both men were born and raised in Ireland – both Irish lads. Believe it or not moment for many is that yes there are Irish Jews – REAL Jews who happen to be born into and of Irish nationality. The history of Jews in Ireland extends back at least one thousand years  – denoted well in Ulysses by James Joyce’s Bloom, as well as other great literary works. Other constructiveness of the two comes from the intermarriage Irish Jewish unions having (literally) given birth to famous and well known  people like Daniel Day- Lewis [married to Rebecca Miller – daughter of the great American Jewish playwright Arthur Miller], actors Mathew Broderick [husband of my sister JAP Sara Jessica Parker] and Daniel Radcliffe (yes Harry Potter is Jewish), Brooke Burke [American actress, model, dancer and like myself, breast cancer survivor] and more that celebrate this combined heritage. Not unique really in that we Jews are a diaspora – spread far and wide to every corner of the world , where roots are settled and families grown. This week we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day 2013 and who is not Irish on that festive day – we all feel the warmth, the gaiety and boisterous commonality that this  holiday provides our communities.

The earliest reference to Jews in Ireland goes back to the Annals of Innisfallen,  in the year 1079. So yes we Jews are noted in mid-evil Irish historical records – there we are as merchants crossing the sea from France. In 1232 King Henry III gives the Jew, Peter de Rivel office of Treasurer/Chancellor  of Irish Exchequer, ports, coasts and “custody of the King’s Judaism in Ireland“. We Jews seem to have made permanent residence in Ireland around the fifteenth century. After that – as in so many parts of the world, we established ourselves as merchants, academics, as lawyers and doctors and even government political operatives.  Often welcomed and at times facing prejudice but still comfortably living and thriving beside our Irish neighbors of Christian faiths. Persecution and wars have driven we Jews to many lands – Ireland no different and so it is that the Russian pogromsboth WWI and II had us fleeing to and staying in adopted nations like the Emerald Isle. There are synagogues and Jewish museums in Ireland – which I have happily visited. Ireland has a Chief Rabbi – presently Rabbi Mirvis who succeeded Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks in September 2013.

Modernity has presented Ireland with difficulties that we Jews cared about deeply … my own Father, Abraham that I write so often about,  made it his [as did many Jews] business to weigh in on and contribute through many organizations a solution to that nation’s so called “The Troubles“. As my REALLY wise Father explained to us [his family], the Irish people suffering is all our sufferings as any man or woman or child in a struggle to exist diminishes every one of us dwelling here on earth. For we Jews and Israel the intrinsic knowing of REAL prejudice and denying of equal status in a nation where we lived for many years is a far too often dealt with reality – in that we saw our Irish brethren torn asunder between Catholic and Protestant sectors. My first husband, David Colin, who I was widowed by in 2001 after almost twenty-one years of marriage was a WASP – yes and part of that denotation was Irish Protestant [other part English and Norwegian]. Dear David converted to Judaism and so one might say that I created a Jewish Irishman through marriage. I reference this fact here as a specification toward how REALLY interlocked  seemingly divergent groups can end up being. My country of citizenship – the great U.S.A. produces so many interfaith and multi-nationality people that to not care about any other nations difficulties is a REAL “fool’s paradise“.

On a REALLY personal note – my dear parents Abraham and Mary Solomon, were involved with the Israeli Bond Drive in the 1950’s and so attended events for that effort – there/through that undertaking, they met and friended Lord Mayor Robert Briscoe of Dublin and corresponded with this fine Irish Jew often. I was told he frequently quipped that he spoke “Yiddish with a Braugh accent” and so I dedicated the title of this blog post to him. So let us toast the Irish in us all this weekend – wish well those living in that lovely country and say Mazel Tov to those Irish REALLY happy Jews amongst us. As for me – no beer drinking involved but still loving the parties and parades – celebrating and enjoying the Irish today!!!

P.S. In my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! I will detail my REAL travels and REAL very eclecticism life activities – including that I fly-fish – yes this REAL JAP fly fishes and I REALLY have in Ireland  Scotland and Wales [among other places]. Here is a photo from my last REAL Ireland trip in late 1990’s – lakeside trail tour (from river) of a newly restored Gothic Church. Looking forward to returning quite soon – I promised Irish friends a book signing event there next year.


Note: I dedicate this blog post to my dear supportive and REALLY amazing friend Valerie Corbett … a citizen of Ireland and a tireless friend and activist in support of all things Jewish and Israel.  Hers is a REALLY Christian soul – I love you dear lady and am looking forward to visiting soon with my growing family – will be my REAL third visit to the magnificent Emerald Isle!

November 7, 2012

Democracy REALLY Worked in 2012!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.

— Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln’s words more poignant today than ever – as our mixed race 44th President looks forward to his second term. For is not Barack Obama’s unlikely life story – success and achievements not REAL proof that at least in this country, everyone has a chance to achieve the highest goals? In this ideal ALL should find great and REAL solace and determination that we are one people – no matter race, religion, ethnicity, political affiliation. Our great America experiment is alive and well – still the place where dreams REALLY can come true.

Without a doubt, all my readers and followers are aware that I am a devoted Democrat … moderate in some areas and rather personally conservative but still, a DNC devotee. Obviously, I and my husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon  [although he still is a registered Republican] are REALLY thrilled and quite relieved that President Obama was reelected yesterday for another term. Equally ecstatic are we two [hubby and I both feminist] that so many women were elected or reelected  … Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin – who is our first openly gay Senator, Debbie Stabenow, Claire McCaskill, et al.. The fact that so called Tea Party – an insult to decent GOP types in our opinion – were defeated is also comforting. All in all, I feel vindicated and gladdened by the results of 6  November 2012 – the most elation is for me that our great nation’s democracy did work despite huge $$$ contribution from often nefarious sources attempting to thwart our system, Hurricane Sandy, attempts to redefine voter I.D. laws [in an unconstitutional method] and more. U.S.A. remains the envy of the world … we are REALLY by the people and G-d willing for the people, now and forever. May G-d bless ALL Americans!

So Yes today – I am REALLY proud to be an American [as the song goes] because now at least I know I am free to be anything my mind and hard work allows.  In my 2013 memoir Heiress Mommy … a Modern Super Woman Life! my own complex and interesting and inspiring life journey is further proof that one can achieve the impossible!!!

P.S. Along with my early 2013 blog essay book and end 2013 memoir, I am beginning work on a series of novels about the REALLY legally trademarked [U.S., EU & Canada] by myself and my husband Potus Tara Edwards-Saks™ … she was developed for the 3-minute NPR contest I entered earlier this Fall [did not win but enjoyed the experience]. My publisher thought I should write a novel about this admittedly near autobiographical first female Jewish U.S. President who is elected 2016. Do not fret – I promise miscreants and those evil doers will be including in this story-line  As for the REAL me – if asked I shall not run but my alter ego will definitely run and win – see you in the book stores my darlings!!!

September 16, 2012

Happy New Year 5776 Baby!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

L’ Shanah Tovah 5776!!! Seems like only yesterday it was 5770 (lol) … yes, for we, the Jewish people calendar years are quite different than the Gregorian one the entire world [including us] has agreed to adhere to. We the ancient and first monotheistic organized group of people have been calculating the days of the year for now 5776 years as of this Fall 2015. I assure you the Hebrew calendar  [Lunisolar] is a logical and sturdy application of time passing – one REALLY determined by G-d’s plan of nature cycles – as the moon surely rises, so the day comes to be. No need to bicker nor convince the excellence of mine versus yours – only to acknowledge what I feel you will agree is a glorious ideal of what a new year means for everyone.

As I tell non Jews – mine is a faith not easy to practice – a bit of shall we say, heavy lifting involved. There are many tasks and dictates in order to REALLY fulfill the obligations of a Jewish life. Of course, not every Jewish person completes all or even many of the requirements – that is not a deal breaker, as each day G-d allows for another try to achieve the best of what one can be and each new year a path to renewal by acting on and tending to certain issues. Mere window dressing – attendance at religious services nor faux posturing will suffice – it takes true and REAL effort to establish presence in G-d’s world as a worthy person. I told you – it is not easy to be one of G-d’s chosen people – not for the faint of heart or the lazy person in my opinion. Ours is not a religion of false forgiveness either – even though one must attempt reconciliation as each new year approaches, there is no requirement to forgive all – in fact, the opposite is true in that those of evil intentions [miscreants and misanthropes] must certainly be denied G-d’s grace … a sort of “outing” of evil doer types you might say. Wiping the slate clean in order to start anew does NOT equal accepting nor condoning the evil deeds of others – as one must recognize and correct their own short comings as the new year approaches, so it is to be with those around you. Complicated to be sure but magnificent in its honesty – for do we not too often and far too easily accept the obvious wrong doings of those so much less than G-d intended in order to not make waves? Even though it is only G-d who may decide the ultimate punishment – it is us here that must not turn a blind eye to evil or hurtful persons. As the year closes, we Jews attempt a cleansing of our own missteps – a correction of course as best possible and likewise an acceptance and awareness of others both good and bad deeds. Justice is paramount to my Jewish faith – one must not let delusion or comfort soften the task of thwarting those determined to do harm and that makes for a very determined and directed effort as we enter a new calendar year.

So much to do in preparation for the new year … feasts being prepared or ordered for REAL family and friends, new attire to be bought/selected for synagogue attendance and above all, contemplation and reflection to be completed – reaching out to ask and give forgiveness where appropriate. One must repay debts and set right the wrongs against others in an attempt to be worthy of inscription into the new year’s book of life – told you my faith, Judaism, not easy nor without challenges. My gentile extended family and dear supportive REALLY special non Jewish friends continually express admiration for  and of my determination to complete so many rituals. I am thrilled when those in my life who are not Jewish reach out – with calls and cards expressing new year wishes at this time of year – even gifts arrive from many. Adorable are the attempts to say greetings in my Jewish language from those unfamiliar with its pronunciation. A communal sharing with persons of ALL faiths  has become my Jewish New Year template – inviting to join the celebratory meals and chat about its meaning.  My heart swells with gratitude and my soul is comforted by the amazing amount of love and honor so many bestow on myself and my family during this very important time in the Jewish calendar. This is a true glory in my life.

The holiday journey begins with Rosh Hashanah  – literally “head of the year” – our “Days Of Awe” and concludes with the most important date in the Jewish calendar – Yom Kippur – the Day Of Atonement. What I believe is one of the most poignant [yet/still controversial] aspects included in the prayers is Kol Nidre – a certain acceptance and way in of any and all – even those who have strayed from our vows. This is a time where G-d is asking us, his creation, to do a sort of recreation of our world – a renewing. As I explain and discuss in other blog posts and recently when I as interviewed, Judaism is an active faith – one of doing for G-d and taking active responsibility. During this important New Year holiday the sovereignty of G-d … the recognition of G-d’s ultimate role in all things is at the fore. Very right brain/left brain thinking for we Jews – we acknowledge G-d’s prominence, while accepting our own human tasks. So you see, it is a religion both quite wondrous and also somewhat demanding. I adore being Jewish – without slight to others  – I find my faith magnificent in its lifestyle instructive tone. One must be attentive to so many aspects of living in order to be a REALLY good Jew that idleness is never an option. Of course, as with all faiths, not every Jew is adherent nor observant and therefore not all are leading a life as inscribed by our faith. However, I do find that even the most secular Jew has somehow morphed attributes of Judaism into their every day life and choices.  So it is – give or take a bit – the tone of a Jewish family is most often informed by the rules so important during the New Year holiday.

All faiths celebrate their milestones – we Jews are no different. There are festive meals each night of Rosh Hasahnah and then again at the start – for us means sundown on the date Yom Kippur begins, followed by a day of fasting and prayer except for the young, infirmed or pregnant. This whole thing ends with a break fast huge dinner at sundown the next day as the new year finally begins. I was not kidding about my faith being very complicated – a true thinkers faith, don’t you agree? Must admit to having a chuckle now and then when a non Jew asks. “Why are you having breakfast after sundown to end the fast?” – no it is breaking the fast my dears I reply. We are an erudite bookish bunch of folks – we the Jews of the world are demanded much of in our practices and so although not simple nor as fun filled as let us say the Easter Bunny scenario, still full of gaiety and joy each Fall.  As we clear away the debris of the past year and look forward to the promise of a New Year – and as we blow the ceremonial Shofar in homes and synagogues, I wish all G-d’s blessings to those repented and as such deemed worthy!

P.S. I will share again a story I referenced in a previous Jewish themed blog post … once while at Nan Duskin’s in Philadelphia [an upscale store] I overheard my Mother discussing with a rather well known socialite acquaintance she had bumped into that a certain gown or formal dress would be her New Year choice that year – mind you this was September. So when dear Mother and I were en route home, I turned to her in the car asking why so formal for synagogue New Year services, to which clever Mother offered, “No darling, the gentile’s New Year end of December [is where I am wearing a gown]!“. So you see I think Yiddish – seriously, I often need to remember not to date checks or correspondence with the Jewish year. Oy veh, well more of those personal tidbits in my now REALLY soon book, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!. Until later – Shalom & Happy New Year   5776 to EVERYONE!!!

… one more thing – I have included a Rosh Hashanah Rock Anthem video here for your entertainment – oh yeah, we Jews can rock it out!!!

September 9, 2012

My Own 9/11 Story

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

“The Horror! The Horror!”, proclaims Kurtz in Joseph Conrad’s Heart Of Darkness. Yes, we all thought or spoke those words as watching that day’s events on 11 September 2001. I watched the second tower fall as turning in my private hospital suite bed after breast cancer surgery. A dear relative surgeon had arranged a lovely private extra large room and to have my private nurse be sure cable news was [as he knew I am a news junkie] on for me when I woke that morning – never realizing or imagining my eyes would open to see that horror and hear Bryant Gumbel saying this was probably no accident after all.

After my first wonderful husband, David Colin,  died in Spring 2000, I decided that doing a little – shall we say – sprucing up was in order. Being a life long runner, I felt my knees had become a bit chunky/muscular and that a breast lift might be nice as well. I had grown quite close to a distant relative [very talented] plastic surgeon and so I decided to ask what he thought – yes no problem but this dear man suggested that even though I  already had routine yearly mammograms, another pre-op was required. So off I went – mammogram complete, organizing all in order to have a week or two recovery time where biggest task would be finally reading all those wonderful books on my night table. Being a wee bit compulsive I scurried to and fro paying bills, stocking up on necessities and taking a friend’s idea to arrange staying at the Philadelphia Ritz Carlton while recuperating in order to have REAL [yes I got a miscreant hint in even here, lol] concierge assistance 24/7. Now some shopping needed to be complete – a doctor gal pal explained that I would be needing loose fitting front buttoning tops for easy access after breast lift surgery. While driving in my new 2001 adorable amazing gorgeous custom champagne colored XKR Jaguar convertible – yes, in love with my car – my cell phone rang and seeing relative plastic surgeon number, assumed a quick pre-surgery get together lunch date being offered. “Hello sweetie – are we getting together to break bread before you and I meet in operating room next week?”,  was my greeting. An unusually somber voice responded that yes but he wanted me to come to his office asap – I somehow knew instantly what was going on. I turned that sweet car around, headed across town, took elevator up to the beautiful office I had entered so many times before to be greeted by a teary eyed doctor. No question now – something very bad was happening. Obviously, by now, you readers must realize they had found cancer – fortunately it was in duct situ carcinoma , which is a rather mild form/early detected breast cancer, of one breast and in my 2013 book, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! all that journey and more will be detailed. Suffice it to say that vanity saved my life and love of my surgeon friend made that journey much, much easier. Also, Ritz Carlton recuperation a very pleasant way to get back on one’s feet. Of course, the horrors of the 9/11 terrorism attacks not so easily remedied and that is why unlike many, when asked when my breast cancer surgery was – I answer precisely with day, date and even time – that day of national horror never erased from our collective world memory.

Well I fully recovered – knees, buttocks [yes had that lifted too] and breasts looking better than ever. The two years that followed however, just like our nation after 9/11, presented some serious and for me, unexpected challenges. I, as always, must remain vague here and simply ask for your patience, as my 2013 book will detail fully the entire story – much to be learned by everyone and inspiration as well for those who read my story. I hope and pray that my complicated and triumphant journey will help others overcome and rally to their own great destiny. One of the main reasons my amazing second husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon agreed I should sign a book deal was how many folks we believe my story will give guidance to and that many will be made better for knowing that like myself, they too can thwart all enemies, fight against those who lie and hate and go on to find true happiness against the odds. My darling hubby has always called my Tereza Triumphant ™ – in fact, among our now owned 28 trademarks/copyrights is that too. So here we are at my next 9/11 saga – meeting the love of my life.

Oh my, so sorry my darling readers and followers but vague again I must be about the exact circumstances of how and where I met my amazing second husband but trust me that as my self titled “team” [lawyers, advisers, publicist, et al.] constantly say, it is definitely a REAL Oh My G-d love story – one surely to go down as great in the annals of timeless romances. What I will share in reference to the historical date this writing is about is that on 9/11 2003 my man proposed [in his Jaguar] with a magnificent diamond ring he designed and a poem he wrote that referenced the tragedy both nationally and personally for me that occurred on 11 September 2001  – his proposal speech included how he hoped that I would agree to make him happier than he ever thought possible by agreeing to marry him on this the same calendar date 2003. YES, YES, YES  I instantly responded seeing my new engagement ring through tears of joy. WOW – what a guy – right? And so it is that each year on 9/11 we two thank G-d that our love has grown and that in remembering those who perished and all the heroes from the tragedy of 9/11, our coming together as man and wife and the children our union has created is a stick in the eye of those devils that wanted to destroy this great nation – for we two and our children represent, as I believe my Jewish people do concerning the Holocaust, G-d’s design that good does REALLY triumph over evil!!!

P.S. My breast cancer experience was made much easier because of my insurance coverage, access personally to REALLY good doctors, funds for private nurses and yes being able to pay for staying at the Ritz Carlton to recuperate. In my blog post Why ACA Is Obama’s FDR Moment!, I discuss and even show my signed by President Obama framed certificate thanking me for my participation in passing that ground breaking health care bill. One of my plans is donate a part of my books proceeds to and continue to work for ALL women to have similar health care options – maybe I can not put you up at the Ritz but I surely, with other determined like minded individuals, get you mammograms and the best possible medical care that you can find. Both my husband and I are devoted feminist – committed to saving women from the draconian current crop of GOP cuts – PLEASE join us in November 2012 and vote out/against those who would deny any woman her rightful health care coverage!!!

August 8, 2012

Our Modern Day Historical Love Story!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

The man said,

“This is now bone of my bones
and flesh of my flesh;
she shall be called ‘woman,’
for she was taken out of man. ”

That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

–Genesis 2:23-24

When I die … hopefully as a very old, well coiffed, couture clothed,  hell on wheels tough ass broad – I will be giving G-d thanks for so many, many things. Mine has been [to say the least] an interesting life – full of more ups than downs. One of my own coined remarks concerning life difficulties is: I have had more than some but much less than most. The material things – the travel and events that others can only dream of experiencing, have been plentiful for me. More important is that I have been blessed with REAL friends and REAL love. I often tell my best friend, Mark K. and his wife [my REAL sister] Susan K., that even though we knew one another since college, it was not until I went through a horrible experience [all in my hopefully soon  book: Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!] did I get to know – though this couple – the glory of deep, devoted and unwavering friendship. These are definitely my extended family and we share everything – now looking forward to the glory days with them and the others who believed and supportive me and my husband through it all and against all enemies. So here I am at the title of this blog post – about myself and my amazing husband, C. Michael Eliasz-Solomon – for ours is truly a modern day historical love story. Our tale easily comparable to those throughout time that are written about and repeated often. We were joined by G-d, sustained by love, completed by deeds and shared task and united in effort to thrive, produce, do good and fight ALL evil. Oh my, again such flowery and dramatic tonality in my writing – but trust me my darling readers and followers that you will agree here and definitely after reading my 2013 memoir – that my marriage is worthy candidate for a template of what a REAL relationship should be in this complicated world.

Adam & Eve were not what you think. While courting my darling husband sent me Mark Twain’s The Diaries Of Adam & Eve. The biblical idea of this first couple will never be the same as you read the nuances and often reflective thoughts of these two love birds. In fact, my hubby and I have decided to include quotes that the clever Twain has ascribed to Adam & Eve when we renew our wedding vows on the tenth anniversary in November 2013. Like these two, my husband and I sincerely believe G-d was our match maker – we were destined to be man and wife, to procreate and bond through eternal life. Other couples surely felt the same and others, also like us, unable – no matter the problems or difficulties – to be apart. We had the need and absolutely conviction that ours was a relationship meant to be in this world. Cleopatra & Antony could not deny their love even though an empire was at stake – these two thwarted enemy and friend alike to be together. In my life, that choice was also made – my husband and I denied all others  – those evil and determined to break us apart. Unlike Cleopatra & Antony, my husband and I will live [G-d willing] a long life together surrounded only by those loving, supportive and as devoted to us as we are to them.

Now here the comparison of my marriage to historical love stories gets really surreal – for you see my Hebrew name is Bathsheba, her beloved was David [my first husband’s name] and my last name, which is also the legal last name of my now husband and our children [made official in Court, January 2012] is Eliasz-SOLOMON. As my husband and I produce children, who are Solomons – it is as that other Bathsheba & [her husband] David did  in producing their wise King son Solomon. My husband Chester Michael Eliasz-SOLOMON is as wise and great as King David and I am sure our twin sons will be good Jewish exceptionally men, as their son Solomon was as a Jewish King. Yes, I am prejudice – my husband is the most amazing man in the world and I am grateful to be the mother of his ONLY children.

The most famous royal couple in history, known as the Catholic Monarchs, are Isabella & Ferdinand (video). I despise their reign of terror/their Holy War that forced Spanish Muslims and Jews to convert, leave or die – who even if converted were abused throughout Spain. However one can not help but be impressed by the joint solidarity of shared ruling these two had throughout their married life. My husband and I are equal partners as well – in all endeavors and are never anything other than united in effort to build our own little dynastic family life. We too will fight any usurper who threatened our union but unlike Isabella & Ferdinand we are liberal and fair unto all people unless evil and truly unworthy.For Chester Michael and myself it is a primary fact that no other person will ever divide us and as such we remain a force unconquerable. I suppose that the Spanish monarchs saw their joining similarly – sad that they could not have been as G-d demands toward ALL people of Spain during their reign. No denying that a united front allowed Isabella & Ferdinand to succeed beyond any other nation at that time – for my husband and I the same has been true as each day success seems to grow for us and we protect our family at all cost.

Queen Victoria & Prince Albert are a royal couple I much prefer to see my marriage to be like in how these two benefited others by their combined decisions. As my husband and I have designed our life to be not only beneficial to us and our children but our extended family, friends and community as well, so did Victoria & Albert for the British Empire. Like Victoria, I am in a powerful position these days and for the foreseeable future and it is my husband, like it was Albert, who guides me toward the right choices and directs my decisions on all matters. The young Victoria wrote in her dairy on 11February1840, the day after her wedding:

… how can I ever be thankful enough to have such a husband!

— I too give thanks to have such a husband as mine to grow and accomplish much in this life.

Another British royal love story to be noted as undeniably special is that of Prince of Wales & Wallis Simpson. To give up a kingdom, a throne and status unequal for a woman is to have demonstrated real love. Whatever my opinion of these two – the rumored Nazi sympathies and such – I relate easily as my husband legally disowned and fully legally disinherited ALL his relations in order to protect me and our children. My husband legally took my last name and had his/our children do the same as an honor to my parents and to further and permanently distance himself/us from those unseemly, threatening and not beneficial to our life plan. The difference between the Prince of Wales & his American wife, Wallis Simpson and us is that my husband gained a ruling place by his choice. Yes, my darling readers/followers I am again being vague and yes ALL/EVERYTHING will be detailed in my book: Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! – rest assured the outcome is magnificent for my marriage. When King Edward VIII abdicated in order to marry Wallis Simpson he stated it was because he could not do his job without her by his side and that is the same as what my husband tells me often when expressing that my presence is the how and why he can live happily. Reciprocation is as true – for I also can not live well or happily without my husband at my side. We get Edward & Wallis – giving it all up for love seems quite sane to us.

My husband’s writes of our love and of me in his blog Stanczyk – Internet Muse.  The Polish King Jan III Sobieski & his wife, Marysienka is who my husband most analogizes to our blessed and special marriage. Their very literate love letters during the King’s absence while waging military campaigns makes my husband reminisce about our love letters from a few days after we met until we married only three months later. This 17th century Polish royal couple lived a long life with many children – this is my Polish husband’s wish for us.

I relate my love story/marriage to famous currently talked about couples also – the Clintons, Obamas, movie and sports stars because like them my husband and I have been forced to tolerate and deal with miscreants, misanthropes, vandals, usurpers and lie spewing loathsome individuals – yes, those are apt descriptions that are shared by my friends, extended family, attorneys, advisers and even law enforcement and investigators helping us. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? Again, you darling readers and followers must trust that ALL will be FULLY understandable after my 2013 book is published, TV, radio and magazine interviews out and lawsuits and charges that are filed written about in many venues – as with everything these days there will surely be much internet coverage as well.

Our modern day historical love story is a tale of salvation – we frequently discuss how we each resurrected the other from situations not conducive to our value or life destiny. The union of our two souls produces a strengthened singular oneness that is truly not to be defeated by any circumstance or usurper, no illness or strife nor happenstance could break the bond of my marriage. The biblical to death do us part is something my husband and I take seriously. Equal is let no man put asunder – and so it will remain until we pass from this world and join through an eternal life as one forever more!

P.S.  I fret about teasing my readers & followers – unable to share EVERYTHING on account of ongoing litigation and now/recent civil criminal charges that are being pursued against the often referenced miscreants plus book contractual obligations. Let me reassure everyone again – ALL will be completely detailed in my book and interviews and also trust me that you will be amazed and impressed about my historical love story … how we met, how we loved, how we persevered and how we triumphed beyond any one’s possible idea of what would be for us as a couple. It is a great example of G-d’s blessings, irony and REAL love in a REAL marriage [don’t you wonder about my constant REALS – more to come]!!!

August 5, 2012

Plastic AND Inspiringly Fantastic !!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Beauty is an outward gift which  is seldom despised, except by those to whom it has been refused

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

This topic was always on my blog list – meant to be a primer and suggestive piece concerning sometimes necessary and often elective cosmetic treatments and plastic surgery. Along with the procedures done by choice or to correct an injury or birth defect, I had planned to discuss one of my long admired heroes – the pioneering British reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Harold Gilles who worked on WWI soldiers – often allowing these brave men to live a life back in society after horrific mutilating injuries. But for now, the tonality of this post must be more pointed because as my readers and followers surely know by now, the well described miscreants have once again come to the fore by spreading [actually quite humorous according to some of my advisers] lies and misrepresentations in relationship to my appearance. Here again, I am unable to detail as I truly wish I could – still muted by ongoing [Fall] litigation, recent possible civil criminal charges against these misanthropes and the happier reason of my 2013 book: Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! obligations. What I can explain is that one of the NEW lawsuits being filed is on account of their suggestion of my having extensive plastic surgery in order to “hide” – I know – funny isn’t it? I am writing a blog, having two books published soon, being considered for a TV and radio show, preparing for magazine and newspaper interviews plus I am on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, working on/owning over twenty trademarks, copyrights and patents with my brilliant husband – that is some attempt at hiding on my part. A few of my close friends and associates thought I should be flattered as one of these suspected lie spewing creatures once wrote that her friends thought I  could only look like I do at my age on account of having had procedures. The other more recent belly laugh we got was their suggesting that my hair was a wig … as my husband said so astutely – to these women and their husbands, etc. my almost daily professionally coiffed hair does look so good compared to their obvious wash and wear dos, they probably really think I wear a wig. The more serious reason my attorneys are filing further cyber law charges, et. al. in reference to what might seem frivolous, is the miscreants were suggesting the plastic surgery and wig was an attempt to deny something. Again – funny as I am doing everything possible to have a public presence. Go figure …. just when you think there can be no more ignorance possible, they remind us they are there.

Here is my proud admittance to a life where being well cared for was a must do – nutrition, exercise, skin and dental care just a start. Yes, I have had braces twice, caps/veneers, gum shaping, a real deviated septum nose procedure, and later in life breast augmentation, liposuction and a few years ago facial thermage. Some of these were health related – braces, nose operation, other dental work and others beautifying/anti aging maintenance work. Here is where it gets interesting – I will share a small part of a life changing plastic surgery story and of course the rest in my 2013 memoir book.

After nearly twenty one years of marriage to a wonderful loving man [first marriage – I happily remarried in 2003] I was widowed in the spring of 2000. Having cared for my parents a decade earlier and then my husband during his last months of life, I decided to have a dear friend/distant cousin brilliant plastic surgeon “spruce” me up  a bit. Part of the impetus was my being a life long athlete – fanatical runner – which I felt, while in addition to keeping me healthy, had bulked up my legs, etc.. These issues thus directed me in my decision to have a  breast lift and some body sculpting liposuction. All was planned and scheduled. In preparation it was decided that I should have an additional mammography test  … I had my annual around nine months prior but just to be on the safe side my doctor friend thought it a good idea to have another. You can almost guess what happen next. While driving in my magnificent 2001 XKE convertible Jaguar, my cell phone rang – doctor calling. Because we were close buddies, I initially thought it was to have a social chat or plan a social event but instead it was to ask me to meet him at his office stat and so it was that [after many more steps] I was diagnosed with in duct situ carcinoma of one breast. Of course there are many more details and dramatic times to be shared in my book but here is one of the most poignant – I was operated on the morning of 9/11 and woke to see the second tower of  The World Trade Center hit on TV news in the beautiful suite that doctor buddy had arranged for me. I decided to discuss this a bit in this particular post so I can contrast my 9/11 experience to another woman’s 9/11 “beauty” related day. I was moved to include Lauren Manning’s poignant story on account of the far too often referenced miscreants. You see while chatting with a West Coast attorney about how to proceed against these misanthropes, I turned to the far end of my study to  look out the window and my eye caught sight of my book pile [always reading 5 or 6 at a time] – there near the bottom was Lauren Manning’s book, Unmeasured Strength. I knew insistently that for this day and this one more needed legal action my attorney and I were then discussing, this woman was going to be my inspiration. My thought was that how dare anyone think that I would ever allow loathsome insignificant bottom dwelling hateful people to deter me from triumph, when this brave women went through hell to thwart the terrorist of 9/11 in order for her to be beautiful again after nearly having her face and body destroyed in a fire ball at the bottom of the Twin Towers and then she,  like me,  went on to [we are preparing to by year end] have another child via gestational carrier. My friends and family have heard me say many times that I plan to write another book titled with some configuration of vanity saved my life because if not for the decision to have a bit of “work” done, no mammogram would have been on my to do list for at least another six months – possibly meaning my very curable cancer would have spread or morphed into a more life threatening disease. After reading Lauren Manning’s book, I realized that her 9/11 was my breast cancer in that both were circumstances out of our control but neither of us allowed those horrors to deter us from being REALLY beautiful. Not wanting to be too dramatic here – suffice it to say that both the brave Ms. Manning and I are, unlike the enemies each of us face, really beautiful survivors and both of us stronger and more invisible on account of being forced to deal with evil. By the way, I am forwarding a thank you and this blog post to Lauren Manning – with gratitude for reinforcing that women like her and women like myself are obligated to teach the world what it means to be the kind of good woman, with supportive husbands, friends and colleagues who no matter how disgusting our enemy is determined to be nor their effort to be destructive is, overcomes every obstacle and go on to a glorious life.

Now for the fun part – oh baby, I have and will do everything possible to stay healthy and beautiful for as many years as I am cognitive enough to exercise, be vigilant about my nutrition and have all the cosmetic, reconstructive/plastic surgery procedures safely and appropriately required. Why would I not, within reason and educated choices, take full advantage of the ever more perfected anti-aging procedures? In the BBC series The Human Face, the fact of facial recognition and the effect of appearance on every aspect of life is discussed … we present to the world an edifice to define us. Here I must mention that it is true, while outside appearances give first impressions, internal disease and even mean or unhealthy mental attitudes do somehow show on the face and will cause one to appear very unattractive no matter what the facial features are. This BBC analyse shares the facts about psychology, beauty, sexuality and appearance … being attractive has a definite pay off and so it is that I laugh at the misanthropes who, while one of them may at least seem to occasionally use a blow dryer and could pass for mildly attractive [enough hints my dear readers?], deny or denigrate those of us who take care to stay youthful. In the recent 2012 HBO documentary About Face, the so called Super Models of twenty or thirty years ago discuss their journey in the land of extreme and objectified beauty. While driving and listening to my constant companion, NPR, I heard the principles from this documentary and was reminded that my very wise Mother suggested that each of her girls [myself, the daughter and four grand daughters] be conscious of taking good care of our health and appearance … Mother called it good bones and  also told us to be equally on task in learning and growing through education, career, hobbies and interest. As I have written in other blogs, I owe my parents so much for the life style template and realistic explanations of what it takes to have a full and long life that includes happiness and fulfillment. So when the losers attempt to suggest I have or will have or am having “work” done for some nefarious reason …after the belly laugh and calls to attorneys and dear publicist, I walk by a mirror and say, dam right I have and will but only for the best of reasons, which include having my darling husband admire me each and every day.

Hear me loud and clear enemies of mine: I ALWAYS had planned to get more “work” done and now especially after gestating later in life, body sculpting liposuction and the full face lift will be completed as soon as a few “housekeeping” issues are settled [asap]. And so, let me say once again … to whom it may concern/those much too often referenced miscreants, evil doers, misanthropes and envious ugly hater types – you can kiss my gorgeous, couture clothed, toned, well cared for [proud Jewish] ***!!!

P.S. I have already begun to gather information and discuss with medical professional and breast cancer organizations in preparation for another book – after my end 2012 book of essays and end 2013 memoir published – called Vanity Saved My Life. This will be about my breast cancer journey and more importantly include advise and information for women to assure they get check ups and can access cancer care. The plan is for proceeds to go to breast and other female cancer research, as well, as funds for women who might need financial help while struggling with cancer.

July 27, 2012

Chariots Of Fire, The Olympics And Munich’s Shame!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Perfection as a goal  in the world of sports can elevate a human being to heights that can only be described as euphoric. In previous posts, I discussed my own parents and my and my husband’s similar insistence that the children in our family, like ourselves, participate in sports [ my dear husband took no chances our twin sons would not love sports – their main nursery was sports themed from the beginning – even the crib mobiles]. I have also mentioned that for my family athletics has never been about making it to the Olympics or being a professional sports star [unless, of course, that was destined to be and desired] but instead it was about  being both physically fit and also about getting to be part of a team effort – in my 2013 book: Heiress Mommy …A Modern Super Woman Life! I will include my own dependence on athletics and sports at some very sad times in my own life. Another important issue is that  too many minimally talented young people are lured and convinced that they are sports super stars, when indeed they are not – leading to an unfulfilled destiny and I feel, unhappy life. In another blog post I wrote about the idea and personal philosophy that mind, body and soul are all intertwined – so it was for the original Olympic participants – where even poetry was part of the training. The reason I am including this in an Olympic themed blog post is that when my family goes to [as I have been so privileged to have done once] or sits down to watch the Olympics it will be with pure joy and for the love of the games with no prejudice or self interest nor fantasy about our own athletic prowess  …except, this year [2012] brings sadness as well – for Munich’s shame is now London’s shame as there will apparently be no moment of silence for those massacred in 1972.

Empatheia and pathos are Greek words for passion and suffering – a perfect and accurate description of each Olympiad’s quest for glory. The ideal sought by these athletes should not ever be marred by politics but tragically the modern day Olympics games have seen far too much of that exact situation. The origins of the modern Olympic games began when  French Citizen Pierre de Coubertin spoke at the Sorbonne in 1894 attempting to convince The International Congress that the Olympic games needed to be restored as a response to the French defeat during the Franco-Prussian War.  So it was that two years later in 1896 the world began the  route toward lighting the torch. Even though wars and world strife have rarely interrupted the Olympics there were cancellation during both WWI and WWII. The glory lies in that  even when that occurred, the shared dreams of the athletes remained resolute and forward thinking to the next Olympic games – bringing financial gains and improved image to its host cities throughout the world. . As one should in private life, athletes involved overcame and redirected themselves toward victory but there is no way to ignore the societal issues that have indeed been part of the Olympic games over the years.

The 1981 British film Chariots Of Fire depicts beautifully the story of the 1924 Olympic games where a British Jew ran and won as a way to overcome prejudice and antisemitism. The other main character is based on a devout Scottish Christian who runs for the glory of G-d. These two men demonstrate a respect and friendship based on their shared determination as fellow Olympiads – should not that be the template of ALL sports? Hitler used the 1936 Olympics to presente a false narrative concerning his monstrous world domination plans and his design to annihilate the Jews. The most on site tragic Olympic event was undoubtedly the 1972 massacre in Munich of the Israeli athletes – sadly, at this year’s 2012 London Summer games no moment of silence will occur for these slain Jewish sportsman. One must ask if global antisemitism and misplace  hatred of Israel is the reason – for why then was the  tragic death of a Georgian luge athlete at the last Winter Olympics granted a  moment of silence and recognition. Is the group of Olympic officials who are responsible for such decisions really hateful of we Jews and Israel or are they allowing their decision to be determined by other nations wanting Israel destroyed? No Matter the real reason – ALL athletes and ALL who support the Olympics should be concerned – politicizing on account of nationality or religion is definitely a slippery slope away from the Olympic glory.

We Diaspora Jews and Israelis are nothing if not a determined and resilient and optimistic group of people – we will NEVER be deterred nor denied. As such, our presence and success at this 2012 Summer Olympics and all to come will be felt. The triumphs of my people has served as an example to ALL the world – athlete and others – that anything, no matter the strength of one’s enemy, can be overcome and victory achieved!!!

P.S.  I hope everyone will join my family in supporting our U.S. First Lady, Michelle Obama in promoting a national dialogue and effort on fitness and nutrition …our wonderful FLOTUS will be leading an Olympic activity called “Lets Move!” for our brave military service men and women’s children this week at our London U.S. Embassy!

July 20, 2012

How Genealogy Saves Memories For An Eternal Life!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

I am happily married to a brilliant genealogist – I have often explained my own Jewish appreciation for what he does by emphasizing the value of keeping memories alive for new generations. When he and I decided to go through expensive and often difficult fertility treatments to have our twin sons, part of that decision is that my husband so badly wanted children to carry on his legacy and I did as well. We felt that we could create a family together that would honor both of our ancestral lineage and thus give new and continuing life to those that had gone before us.

My Jewish faith is very specific about the importance of the begets …from them came us and so and so on.  The tragedy is that throughout our history so many have attempted and failed [thank G-d] to destroy us and any documentation that we Jews existed. As G-d’s chosen people …that was not to be – we remained and thrived. Mark Twain and many other non Jews have spoken eloquently of the Hebrews major contributions and marks on civilization – all making another de facto assurance that we, the Jews, would always be remembered.

Even though my husband is not Jewish, our children are being raised 100% in the Jewish faith. Additionally, my amazing husband decided that he wanted to legally assume my Jewish maiden name and so on 10January2012 after a costly/complicated legal process he became Chester Michael Eliasz-SOLOMON, as did I and our children – which resulted in making us four the ONLY and uniquely Eliasz-Solomons. We now are seriously considering growing our little dynasty by adding more children …our frozen embryos tempting us to add to the genealogy tree [even if this time it means having a gestational carrier make that possible]. Of course, part of this dynastic effort is ego in that we enjoy seeing our efforts result in worthy prodigy but we are also sincere in wanting to create those type of individuals who are truly worthy of G-d’s grace. Because we became parents later in life – we are blessed with the benefit of time and wisdom with which to raise our darling children.

Genealogy does not always mean acknowledging relatives as any more than tree place holders. Sadly, my husband has had to delete or marginalize some rather unseemly and embarrassing family tree characters [he is now planning an even further effort by listing some loathsome types as merely child #1, #2, #3 in his family tree]  and yet he also had the joy of highlighting a few more distant/newly discovered relatives we are proud to include. This dismissal style of family structure [what my genealogist husband calls “pruning the branches”] is as old as the Bible and certainly rather common in Royal families where illegitimacy or at time idiocy denied entry into the official family tree. As with many issues in my blog posts – both ongoing litigation and my 2013 book “Heiress Mommy …The Life Of A modern Super Woman!” obligations render me somewhat mute on this very interesting aspect of our life story. Suffice it to say it is a glorious and spectacular story – one we believe will inspire all people who are seeking to right wrongs and establish the fine and worthy family of their dreams.

Both my genealogist husband and I believe in the idea of an afterlife defined by our earthy deeds – this part of Judaism is a template for a life well lived – a life whose legacy is not only one of earthly accomplishments but equally of a life where love, compassion and assistance to others was paramount. To this point, it is very important to not only be defined by an accidental blood line but instead to weed out the evil doers and to make good and worthy the family legacy by conscious and decisive familial connections. I have joined my husband in working hard and long to establish a legally recognized [through disowning and disinheritance]  family unique and special – one that includes ONLY those that G-d would grant the blessing of eternal remembrance on account of their good hearts and honorable deeds. When asked if this does not somehow delineate  from the purpose of genealogical research – we readily answer that it does not and is actually what is most amazing about a family trees done with pure intentions – that is taking the time and effort to establish a group of individuals in memory that one would want their offspring to remember and possibly emulate in their own life.

I will conclude with the mention of our beautiful Jewish memorial prayer called Kaddish. It is said by loved ones and is multi purposeful. This prayer helps those reciting it by forcing the reader to reestablish a relationship with G-d despite the hurt of loss. Kaddish also demands remembrance over and over again of the loved one now gone from this earthly world. As I often instruct Jew and Gentile alike – my faith teaches that remembrance truly is a form of eternal life. Remembering  revises the individual who is gone through thought and sharing which often means describing a deceased person with someone they never even knew – so you can see that this means the now passed one can be alive again in conversation and the minds of others.

We are all star dust – descended from the heavens …take time to find and connect those worthy of remembrance in your genealogical personal dynasty. May G-d bless us all with the best connections to the past, the present and the future!!!

P.S.  PLEASE be sure to read my most amazing husband’s genealogy blog @ Stanczyk – Internet Muse …you can thank me later!

July 4, 2012

Jewish Patriotism & July 4th!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Today [4 July 2012] we celebrate the birth date of the U.S.A. nation and it is at this time ALL citizens of this great nation must come to terms with our REAL American story …that includes for me personally, the Jewish role in its founding.

Many – especially Sephardic – Jews fought against the British along side their Christian counterparts. Indeed Jews gave their life for the cause of freedom toward the founding of this new nation. My Solomon family has long been lead to believe and sought documentation that we are the descendants of Haym Solomon – the Jewish financier of the American Revolution. In fact my genealogist husband, C.Michael Eliasz-Solomon [who proudly legally took the/my  last name of Solomon January 2012] along with those we will soon be employing are planning to research and finally prove this to be true. Not only did this Jewish patriot, Solomon, help financially and physically by freeing prisoners from British Philadelphia jails but it has long been thought he designed our national seal. Many U.S. Presidents acknowledged the Jews contribution to founding of this country, including our first President George Washington.

Jewish Supreme Court Justice Brandeis believed the  Jewish ideals are of the highest American beliefs and philosophies. I myself have written [“An Exodus For ALL”] that our Jewish exodus from Egypt and slavery is EXACTLY the same as that driving force that propelled this United States of America to be founded. As we Jews have sought self determination and freedom from tyranny throughout our existence, so too did ALL that forged this nation, under G-d, indivisible with liberty and justice for ALL.

May G-d bless ALL people who seek freedom and justice and may G-d bless America!!!

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