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August 13, 2013

Mackenzie Bezos’ Husband Bought The Washington Post !

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

BezosI see the comparisons … Yes indeed there are quite a few between myself, my amazing husband and Mr. & Mrs. Bezos. Lets see – shall we? Mackenzie Bezos  and I are both wives, mothers and writers. Her and I are each blessed to be married to REALLY smart and creative men and both our marriages demonstrate REAL partnerships. Of course, like us, the Bezos are obvious bibliophiles. For myself, growing up in a erudite family where the New York Times, Washington Post and other such periodicals were the mainstay of our life being well informed was rather easy. For my husband sadly his upbringing did not afford the same intellectual opportunities; it was his own singular brilliance and impetus that allowed for similar learning and growth. As such we are in sync, despite such disparate backgrounds, that our family and household be like my own Philadelphia childhood instead of his back in Michigan. So how does this relate to Jeff Bezos‘   recent purchase of The Washington Post ? Answer is simple REALLY – it is my fear  of loss of REAL news and more.

Jeff Bezos has prevented the demise of a quality newspaper. I am thrilled, as the previous owners – the Graham family  – also seem to be. This is a man of substantial means, resources and innovative talents – all that can help the paper survive and thrive.

I and many others fear a prejudicial editorial influence by owners of papers.. Surely Rupert Murdoch  is one prime example – when he bought one of the other papers that are a must read in my life – The Wall Street Journal  – many, myself included,  fretted that his particular slanted and most believe extreme conservative ideology would adversely effect the contents. Allow this Liberal capitalist to state so far WSJ is still a well written business oriented [with a bit of more personal fun stuff as of late] product. In other words, so far, so good.

In his letter to Washington Post employees, Jeff Bezos, shared his hopes for the paper to be a force of informative and worthwhile reporting. He also promised that neither his behemoth company, Amazon  nor other endeavors would play part in the direction taken. Of course, vigilance and ombudsmanship by the public and organizations formed for such oversight remain a must. For now at least, there will be a paper that G-d willing continues to produce REAL news instead of the much too frequently offered these days,  tabloid fare!

P.S. In my upcoming memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and follow up Life Journey of Heiress Mommy! more of the REAL reasons the  Bezos and Mr. & Mrs. Eliasz-Solomon are similar will be detailed – for now, join me in reading more well written newspapers like The Washington Post!

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