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August 16, 2014

Monkey Loves Fascinator Lady!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

monkeyFasBefore I begin this pointed tale, I want to confess that I to date own over three hundred hats and a few lovely fascinators. I have shopped at famous London milliners, been to the Kentucky Derby, New York Hat Conservatory Day Fete and more where hats mandated attire. Not wanting to age badly nor be a victim of skin cancers, I always try to wear large brim hats when boating or on the beach. In fact, sports being a huge part of my life and even though quite good at golf found myself playing less [more early a.m. and evening tennis] due to hours in the sun required. So you see I love hats and fascinators but ONLY when the right place and time. I fondly remember my late Mother directing me to not include a hat when going to this or that event as was too much shall we say – not in good taste – later realizing she was sparing me being mocked by others. Oh well, again my good luck in having a REALLY fashionable East Coast life one might say. As you my regular readers must know there will always be more about that later. For now here we go with the REAL life tale – with my usual not so subtle life lesson included – of how it has become apparent a monkey type has a bit of a crush on a somewhat attractive poseur lady with what seems to be a fascinator fetish:

A monkey named Jeff seemed enamored with a female human who was fond of wearing fascinators even at the most inappropriate times … Seems primates, unlike REALLY discriminating humans are smitten with exaggeration attire no matter the lack of good taste the wearer might be demonstrating. Now most surprising is the monkey was life mate to what all were lead to believe was his one and only true love … A best friend of sorts. Still Jeff made clear with affirmations “likes” and words printed out on the keyboard keepers had taught this monkey how to use that fascinator lady had captured his interest. Especially shocking to the humans seeing this was the monkey using words he never felt comfortable with – his usual choices being far more pedestrian in tone. All of sudden Jeff was emoting with “fabulous” and such. Wherever did such a nearly illiterate creature learn that sort of verbiage? The monkey even took to typing out compliments to seemingly deranged Mama of fascinator lady. What was one to make of such affection … Especially the monkey’s mate? A simple friendliness or a telling of REAL and deep wanting for something prettier than his life companion? After all monkeys are the evolutionary brethren of we humans … Jeff being male might simply be expressing what so many men do when after years of being with one person – despite his own insular world – become taken with another more alluring. Now I do not endorse this behavior in humans of course as one must find a way to see REAL beauty in that person who is their lawful [wedded] mate and if wanting a more pleasant appearance kindly suggest that person tidy up bit shall we say. Alas monkeys nor the less human types among us are not capable of grand thoughts as to what REAL commitment entails it seems.

Surely my regular readers and those intuitive realize this is not REALLY about a monkey per se … Although my husband was asked to review a book with a monkey named Jeff as primary character and all here said YES do it and my husband did rather well as my review of his online post commented. What this essay is meant to instruct is that decorum and intention of words are to be taken quite seriously and no less than any other activity that represents a person’s character. In totality my husband and I have over 100, 000 regular blog readers in 170 countries – I have nearly 5000 blog subscribers and over 4000 Facebook followers and many on other social media sites. I mention these facts because often I receive quite complimentary comments from men … At times what I consider much too flirtatious as they know I am married and indeed many of them are too. My husband and advisers agree with me that these, while always polite and never vulgar, compliments are what we consider evidence of men not content with their own relationships and at times suggestive of more definitive facts that they are without REAL decency. What to gather from all this you might be thinking? Well simply that those among us without REAL intelligence or guidelines for behavior show their true selves through both deeds and words. Careful one must be and if inclined to do that which I describe monkey Jeff as having done with fascinator lady than pause and contemplate the why and intrinsic meaning of your thoughts.

Note: I am dedicating this essay to Koko the ape who it seems had a ongoing friendship and as her keepers explain REAL love bordering in her mind on romance with the wonderful late Robin Williams. When informed of the tragic death of Robin, Koko cried and became depressed but then again did not we all? Rest in Peace dear man … We all miss and love you, not just Koko!

May 3, 2013

Running For Roses

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Kentucky derby blog 2013On Saturday, 4 May 2013, the running of the 139th Kentucky Derby takes place.  It has a unique unbroken, continually occurring, without pause place in history since 1875. This iconic REAL American event denotes a flavored venue known around the world. Yes the magnificence of horses being bred, raised and raced to glory is the main spectacle at hand but equal is the social and style aspects surrounding this annual event. There are hats and parties galore but there is REAL history to be understood and admired. Not many know that this sports event was birthed by the idea of Colonel Meriwether Lewis Clark,Jr., grandson  of Lewis & Clark expedition fame. This offspring of the hero explorer having been exposed to the beauty of such races in Europe returned to Kentucky to forge our own U.,S.A. quality and world admiring worthy club organization that produced the Derby. Born and bred on American soil is this often called “the fastest two minutes in Sports“. Some might think it frivolous to attend or watch with rapt attention a horse race when so many serious and pressing problems face humanity. I say not at all – for is not the defining of a culture that which lifts us to be better and accomplished? There is more here to consider … so go fetch your mint julep and indulge me by reading my viewpoint on why we as a people REALLY need to embrace a “running for the roses“.

The history of the Kentucky Derby mirrors in many ways the trajectory of this nation … prosperous at times and other years resigned to the limitations of financial downturns, wars and other current events. Still like the country it resides in, this race persevered in spite of the odds. The American dream at play is obvious here – fortunes gained and lost in a flash, attitude of overcoming and achieving in the face of adversity and REAL true grit that makes day after day of hard work acceptable is evident at Churchill Downs. There are owners wealthy and others who took a chance on an otherwise dismissed horse. Jockeys famous and those who are novices or even considered no longer REAL talent have all rallied to win. Surprises abound – sure bets failed, while the never going to win choices go onto come in big time. No question that lives are altered forever when the finish line is crossed at the Derby and this is both the lure and definition of gravitas. Taking chances to win it all or come back to try another day is so REALLY American and definitely horse racing mantra.

Of course, being a feminist I am thrilled when a filly is in the race and particularly pleased when the rare female jockey leaves the gate riding toward that rose necklace. See my dear readers – even here gender matters. The excitement and the pathos all combine to make Kentucky Derby time a REALLY inclusive happening. Yes there are the good seats, called “Millionaire’s Row” where the well heeled get to pay much and watch in grand surrounding. All dressed in couture with the most lavish hats. Yet all there – no matter status feel welcomed and worthy of attending. Democratic for sure is the tone of sports in America … no different at the Derby. In my year end (2013) memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!, along with other “so glad I got to go” life events, will be details of my twice attending the Derby, plus my plan to return in the next few years with children and hubby happily along. Who knows – maybe there will even be an Heiress Mommy filly running for the roses too!

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