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July 7, 2013

My Time In Egypt

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

New Years Eve, 31 December 1980, found me and my first husband, David,  in Egypt – on our honeymoon and just having left Israel after three weeks. Not just any usual or routine sight seeing – no indeed as we were there as special guest to celebrate the Israeli-Egypt Peace Treaty that had been ceremoniously signed by Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin and Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat in Washington, D.C. 26 March 1979. Welcomed as an American and Jew to the newly and soon to be turned over fully from Israel to Egypt Sinai was both a privileged and unique position to be in during those halcyon days filled with promise of shared interest between the two nations. What followed was the horror of Sadat’s 1981 assassination and still his replacement Mubarak allowed a stable continuance for the peace with Israel and relationship with America as a status quo acceptable while not perfect. Having been to the region more than a dozen times I was aware of what could be described to be a saturnine nod in light of underlying discontent in Arab nations – so there was fallibility in the precept of Western nations faux surprise when the so called Arab Spring erupted in 2010.

My minority voiced opinion that the Arab Spring was not the championed revolution that is glorified by American ideals of liberty left me marginalized and often criticized. Not supportive of dictatorships in any form and yet with my real life experiences in that area of the world, sadly informed by scholarship and observation that swiftness would leave dangerous voids and not the perfected people’s constitutionality style rule morphed from established democracy type governments as the United States. And so it was the the first democratic election in Egypt found the Muslim Brotherhood  in charge – obviously I feared extremism against Israel but was more convinced that the difficult day to day necessitated governing aspects of utilities, jobs and such would not be fulfilled by a theocratic administration. I think the same for all nations including America where religious extremist Christians attempt through elections and legislation directorial powers over civil matters.

The only successful route to prosperity and away from chaotic anarchy is a secular government that protects all the people – all the religions, ethnic groups and nationalities that dwell within its borders.Too often the focused religiosity of any otherwise fairly chosen leadership dilutes asset and concentration on the day to day needs of the people. Hence and this past week Egypt had a military coup d’etat and now may possibly be facing an internal civil war of Islamist extremist against the rest of its population. Stability must be maintained in that nation and all others – so yes, I do find myself both as an American and as a Zionist Jew hopeful that the military now overseeing Egypt will be fair in guiding that important Middle East country toward REAL Democracy – its secular history and magnificence of ancient world importance begs for our wanting this for them no matter where in this world one resides.

P.S. In my year (2013) end book, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! and follow up life journey Summer 2014 book there will be what I hope is an interesting description of why my pride in being an American Jewish Zionist includes affection and gratitude for my Mother’s Albanian Muslim ancestry as well!

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