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April 11, 2013

ALL Americans Are REALLY Ashley Judd!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Ashley Judd blog pic

Blah, Blah, Blah … I can hear you all saying that just about now. “There goes Teréza getting on her Liberal pro-woman soapbox again!”. Well my darling readers – while yes this is a tale about hateful misogynistic types attempting to marginalize those they are threatened by – it is NOT a diatribe on partisan politics. No indeed but instead a cautionary tutorial on types like my and husband’s own nemesis, The Miscreants™ often referenced in my blog posts. It seems actress, director and activist, Ashley Judd, has similar lie spewing, slandering, defaming and harassing types set to falsely define her and malign her REALLY good intended efforts to make this world a better place. I say “Bring it on!!!” because REAL truth and REAL honor prevails over bottom dwellers ever time – without fail, the slime seeps back into the dark crevices from whence it first appeared. WOW – such over the top descriptive verbiage from moi – not at all – just REALLY accurate biographical denotation of persons so inclined to deny others rightful existences.

Obviously I would support a like minded woman to myself like Ms. Judd in a Run for Senate against Republican Mitch McConnell but this is not about that either. REAL fact is hubby and I had hoped to be REALLY involved with her campaign via a group we are part of organizing soon [more about that when ready for announcement on that plan]. Apparently Ashley Judd decided to forego that task for now – while disappointed, I and others respect that decision. No – today is about the almost criminal mentality that some on the right – including Senator McConnell and staff have been found to have presented as their plan in order to defeat Judd should she have entered that campaign. Listen – it is no REAL stretch to compare efforts against her, to that which my LA. adviser called “a REAL reign of terror” this past year against myself and my husband via THE REAL Evil Doer’s Club™. The effort and social media activity that these REALLY evil people attempted to deny my voice and my/my husband’s rights is stunningly similar – all though, theirs was even more egregious than the Republicans against Ashley Judd. As always and as my regular followers already know – those in my personal life are well aware of – I must remain limited here in sharing REAL details  as lawsuits finally being filed and law enforcement tells us investigation soon to be complete, plus my end (2013) year book, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! contractual obligations limit me even further. Suffice it to say the REAL proof is shocking and will show how deeply troubling and quite dangerous my and my husband’s enemies REALLY are. It is important for me to have you believe that even if I and my husband had not been so threatened, my heart and mind would be defending Ms. Judd – for all my life, as my parents taught and I my children, “bearing false witness”  is a sin, not to mention REALLY illegal.

Just yesterday Mother Jones Magazine released both the audio and written transcript of taped conversation where McConnell’ s staff discusses using “mental health history and religious views” of Ashley Judd as campaign issue had she decided to run as a Democrat against McConnell in the Senate race 2014. Now look – I am not ignorant and as such know fully well [being a from womb to tomb political type] that ALL campaigns – both parties use personal information as attack modes against opponents. But I also REALLY know that the “trigger” issues in reference to ones physical or mental health issues and religious preferences are “red meat” bullshit – intended to malign and falsely highlight that which they hope the electorate will find distasteful. The woman had a depression episode – me too. I miscarried our first twin pregnancy when we were married less than one year and suffered postpartum depression in 2004 – only to rally, apply to first a paralegal program, then law school [accepted and will graduate], campaign 2x for Obama, run for office myself as a county supervisor [withdrew on account of fertility treatments and law classes being time consuming but still got almost 100 votes], got pregnant again, write a widely read blog and have my memoir being published end 2103, plus a book contract for my first novel. I also work out daily/play tennis and golf and ride horses, fly fish and sail, I help friends, belong to many REAL organizations, REALLY travel, plan events, participate on social media sites and along with my REALLY equal partner feminist hubby, raise a family. Oh yes, I also am co-CEO/CFO of my husband and mine (our) newly formed family firm, with 3o registered trademarks and a few patents bending +++. Lets not forget fighting evil doers on a daily basis – now you tell me, am I [a multiple degrees woman] or Harvard graduate Ms. Judd any less qualified to run for office or lead the damn world for that fact, then the “Tea Party” idiot types??? Well – tell me???

Now for the “holy grail” – yes I know – cheap pun but could not resist. Surely you realize I am going to now discuss why McConnell and company thought Ms. Judd’s self admitted rather “humanist” Christian belief and life philosophies made her unfit to hold public office. Did I miss something in law class 101 – certain and only a few religions are qualified for a person to run for office in the good old U.S.A.? Actually, not the case at all – there is zero and I mean nothing that states a person has to be of any particular or any at all religious denomination to hold public office in this very diversified nation. This part of Mother Jones investigation concerning the McConnell campaign smear tactic plans against Ms. Judd is a REAL OMG moment – are you kidding me with this “REAL Christian” litmus test? Enough is quite enough folks – whether or not Ashley Judd or any other candidate accepts a faith as the majority does or not, should never equal stultification to run for office. Without a doubt, people can decide character issues based on whatever standards they like when choosing to vote for someone. This however does not equate with vitriolic condemnation of one or another religion to defeat an opponent. Ms. Judd has been active on behalf of many disadvantage people – good deeds and charitable efforts in her resume. Judge her and all candidates on REALLY relevant issues and not some faux standard of deity adherence. We all know that this nation has been fooled many times – lured into a security on account of a person’s supposed faith in G-d, only to find out later that no REAL dignity or moral code was present in that individual. Why I myself know for a REAL and true fact that my own nemesis pose as good “Christians“, when they are anything but that.

To conclude – oh how I wish Ashley Judd would reconsider her decision, and run for the Senate. So be it and maybe some time in the future this fine REAL American woman will step into that morass – agree to run and serve for us, the complex citizenry of this country. Hopefully, her struggle and mine of dealing with poseurs who think they can shame those of us hiding nothing – us who have no shame to feel because we, unlike them, own our truths, will help others similarly infringed upon. Point of fact, hubby and I are 100% open … blogs, open Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, REAL book memoir being published – which we are told will be accompanied by multiple media interviews, etc., etc.. Now shall we compare that to The Miscreants who some members of have “private” Facebook pages,  “locked”  Twitter accounts and seemingly to have squirrled themselves away quite tidily [so they think anyway].  Not to fear,  my dear readers – that is what the art of subpoenas are for – you see, unlike the gracious Ms. Judd, my hubby and I do NOT turn the proverbial other cheek. We will see our nemesis in Court and all REAL truths about each and every one them will be shared – here, there and everywhere. I REALLY believe in American justice – or to use the vernacular,  “right back at you @%*#@%  @%*#@%!”!!!

March 30, 2013

From Prisoner of State to Head of State!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

SuuKyiWomen leaders are not spared from the wrath of the State imposed imprisonment – my hero, Aung San Suu Kyi spent 15 years under house arrest in her country. Almost an accidental political operative – there by choice buy equally happenstance – this brave woman was both championed and at times reviled by her countryman. Courage a constant companion as she choose to be at risk and away from her family safely living abroad. Risking life and fortune not singular to males who decide to brave the “slings and arrows” of opposition to their causes. The difference I am often offended by is that the world ask how could a woman give up the security of a husband and children to put life and limb at risk for a bigger issue?  Why indeed would anyone – man or woman is my retort. Seeing as those one is seeking to protect and elevate are far too frequently those determined to destroy a leader such as Aung San Suu Kyi. Many in her nation of Burma have been critical of this woman’s decisions – her every move, her loyalties and ideals questioned by her nemesis.  Surely some criticism is legitimate but does not the singularly bravery and devotion of her elk deserve at least gracious consideration and respect despite an opposite view being held by others. To use the vernacular – this type of almost after thought of a mostly championed leader is REALLY a case of “you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t“.  May I suggest – trust me I know personally this to be true – that is a lesson to be well learned by us all, for is not often the same persons we defend, those who turn their backs and even reproach those of us having been their protectors. Certainly worth remembering this thought and with that precedence in mind, choosing to forge ahead only if for the purest of reasons – no dependency on glory from others should motivate martyrdom as that will surely lead to REAL imprisonment of spirit and mind.

I remember being uncharacteristically glued to the television screen while watching Nelson Mandela leave prison after 27 years in 1990 – great apologetic fanfare accompanied his release from captive South African apartheid. Amazing I thought – such grace and dignity. No, never would that would be my demeanor I instantly knew to be true  –  I could not display so much largess in the face of my lessors; those who had so degraded this great man, now at his side with deference was repugnant in my mind. And yet, Mandela’s sweet smile was tinged with a knowing that he had REALLY been the triumphalist in the world’s and G-d’s eye. Self satisfaction was my personal feeling that day – my parents even though not alive to see this great man’s freedom achieved, campaigned against and contributed toward defeating South Africa’s Apartheid system. I joined them and in fact protested outside  the D.C. South African embassy more than once. Too many arguments to recall were in my past concerning the horrors and injustice that defined that country for far too many years … my late husband [widowed in 2001] David cringed as I was reproachful at a cocktail party for IBM executives as to why their firm was still dealing/having a presence in South Africa despite others not doing the same in order to help end apartheid.

Not all leaders of nations once nor eventually imprisoned by the nations they have or go on to lead are as glorious a person as Nelson Mandela. Of course, that denotation is oft times REALLY “in the eye of the beholder” or some might say in the heart of ones syncopation group.  Napoleon Bonaparte is just such a fellow … leader and some believed savior of France was defeated and imprisoned only to escape and reign again. Surely there are still those in France who think this diminutive leader a hero and others not so much … guess it REALLY does depend on which side of those barricades your ancestors were during that French revolution.  Still one must acknowledge the strength and shear will a man like this must have had in order to persevere against the State operation that took him captive and imprisoned him. The analysis begs us to understand why some can and others can not overcome such extreme circumstances. I have traveled to France more than once and admit to having at times fallen victim to the romanticism of Bonaparte – many places remain to honor this general and evidence of his good deeds can not be denied in that nation.

My personal dictate is that REAL faith, REAL family, friends and devoted colleagues … an intrinsic knowing of ones worth is paramount to REAL freedom and these leaders I have referenced here, as well as many others, must have had that sense of destiny that only REAL self awareness provides. I promise that all the REAL and very detailed facts as to my own such journey toward what my dear husband says brands me Tereza Triumphant™ will be shared in my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!. As I have insisted to my co-writer, publisher and publicist – this book will not only tell my REAL story but must be a teaching tale for other REALLY good people. No matter if one is Head of State or CEO or other leadership role and no matter whether at home or in a public position – even those choosing a path unorthodox – none should be imprisoned by others evil misconceptions nor selfish motives and definitely never on account of another’s feelings of inadequacy as they will want to lessen you in order to feel better about themselves.. All who lead in whatever capacity must not fall victim to The Miscreants™ !!!

March 7, 2013

I Have Just Entered An Alternate Universe … Rand Paul Made Sense To Me?

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

RandPaulDroneTea Party types see the bogey man everywhere – suggesting that we liberals – particularly President Obama are coming to take every citizen’s guns away and such. Well has not and never will happen. Our current President is not a socialist and does not want to social engineer this great nation. What we should all REALLY be concerned about is overreaching Presidential powers as a precedence because that so called Manchurian candidate might one day reach the White house and then we will be in REAL danger of losing this democracy. Our Republic is fragile – as are all nations structures – supported only by constant vigilance of the populace and those elected to make the most important decisions. REAL problems are now coming to the fore concerning that which was started by the Bush administration post 9/11 … that is the then and now increase in losing our civil liberties in some faux attempt to gain security. Well folks – it ain’t working!

On March 6th Rand Paul [R – Ky] filibustered the old fashion way … he talked for over 13 hours [with a bit of help from others] in an effort to defeat the appointment of John Brennan as CIA chief. Now mind you – that was all pretense because even Senator Paul admitted that Brennan would be confirmed and indeed it was only a thinly disguised anti everything Obama posturing. Still, as Rand Paul stated, both sides of the aisles [Democrats and Republicans alike] are becoming increasingly alarmed by the expanding Presidential powers. Here is where I know the extremist GOP types are 100% wrong – this President is never going to tread lightly on our civil liberties but whose to say the next President will not. My dear readers -we have a REAL drone problem in the U.S.A. and yes it is happening under my beloved President Obama’s administration. There is the good, the bad and the REALLY ugly aspects to this troubling scenario – international and national situations that absolutely must be addressed – the REAL proverbial “slippery slope” is quite frightening when one considers just how invasive and REALLY dangerous the use of drones can be. The Nation Magazine detailed just what is wrong with this administration’s so called “drone policy” but the right wing hyperbole insinuating that President Obama is using his power to target U.S. citizens is fallacy. That bogus rhetoric is meant to define Obama as the problem and in that misdirecting us, the voters, from the REAL crisis – who, when and why should domestic surveillance drones be used. Likewise, in what foreign war effort should America use drone weaponry as a means to deter or destroy our sworn enemies?

Our wonderful Attorney General Eric Holder seemed perplexed and uncharacteristically at a loss for words when asked about our current domestic drone policy. In my opinion this was not because our AG had anything to hide but instead on account of this administration not REALLY knowing how to appropriately define or outline with specificity our drone policy We, the voting public, must weigh in on this topic – no ostrich with head in sand position any longer acceptable. Now I am fully comprehensive that most of my fellow Americans struggle just to get by – live a REAL life. However, many seem perfectly able to fit into their regimen ridiculous diatribe about faux conspiracy theories and such I feel reading up on this extremely important REAL matter is not too much to ask. Do NOT take your “eye off the ball” my friends for there REALLY are those hell bent on distracting us from the REAL task at hand. We all are obligated, if able, to be informed and at the very least vote for/select into office those most capable of addressing such important and life altering issues. Freedom is not free and certainly not to be left unattended. Do your part and get involved now because the much feared Orwellian Big Brother has arrived and it might very well be a drone hovering over your home quite soon!!!

P.S. In my end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! I will share the details of how post graduate work led me to REALLY consider studying at our War College + how much I enjoyed reading the weapon specialty magazine Jane’s Defence Weekly for a few years. Yes indeed – I am a REALLY tough glamour type … so, as Joan Crawford famously once REALLY said: “Don’t *** * with me fellows… !”.

January 10, 2013

XX Chromosome is REALLY Shining in the 113th Congress!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

113Congress_WomenBella Abzug (D-NY, 1973-77) famously stated, “This woman’s place is in the House- the House of Representatives.”. Apparently America agrees more now than ever because January 2013 saw a record number of females sworn into both the House and the Senate. In total 101 across both chambers of the new 113th Congress were women – 20 in the Senate and 81 in the House presented a progressive and comforting tonality as the oath of office was administered by Vice President Joe Biden. Still I am troubled that there is still an awe struck denotation that so many women are in the United States D.C. legislative body … should not 2013 mean that is the norm and not some WOW factor? As my followers/readers are quite aware of by now – I am a unabashed feminist; my last blog post, Atlas with a Vagina [31 December 2012] and others prior detail my determination about and concern with the state of XX chromosome in all arenas. None-the-less, my heart was gladdened to see so many of my gender in the photo (shown here) celebrating becoming a part of this great nation’s lawmaker process this month in Washington D.C.. Still we need to examine the REAL history of women in U.S. national politics – it did not start recently and it must be furthered in the future – men and women alike should champion inclusion of both sexes in the magnificence of what our Founders saw as a unique peoples Republic, in order to have a REAL democracy that thrives and prospers for all Americans.

1916 saw the first woman serve in our United States House of Representative – that was when Jeannette Rankin of Montana took office. Four years after Rankin won that election the 19th Amendment was ratified – finally giving women the right to vote nationally. In 1922 Rebecca Felton of Georgia became the first woman to serve in the U.S. Senate.  Between 1935 and 1954, thirty-six women entered Congress … this America depression and war year’s period, followed by the post WWII upheaval in our nation’s fabric, presented many challenges for women lawmakers but they prevailed and helped guide and sustain our nation.  The era 1955-1976 was tumultuous and life altering for all Americans – it ushered in phenomenal changes and a new brand of female politician that included the wonderful first African American lawmaker, Barbara Jordan. More modern times gave us Geraldine Ferrara [also first female Vice Presidential candidate who I had the honor of meeting during that Mondale campaign], Diane Feinstein, Hillary Clinton, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, our dear brave Gabby Gifford and first Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi to name just a few woman in Congress. Almost 100 years of D.C. female presence as lawmakers – so why are we in 2013 still struggling to get women elected to Congress or the White House? As the saying goes, “the devil is in the details” – I REALLY believe that not only male chauvinism, misogynistic attitudes but equally my own gender’s reluctance to own our ambitions for a political life is why there is still, in 2013, such awe and OMG attitude about the 101 females in the 113th Congress. The issues must be examined, dealt with and thwarted that are keeping us gals from being the norm in all legislative bodies – at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

My writing makes clear that I do not indulge in the “damsel in distress” persona – it gets one nothing but temporary compassion and never results in REALLY important outcomes. A woman needs to be an equal partner – willing and able to pull her own weight and hold down the fort in a singular and determined fashion. We women insult our men by attempting to utilize our feminine ways to get support or be cared for  – this is often unintentional or inadvertent but no matter the etymology, the end game is we females lose out because no REAL gain is had by being a less than an equal person. My strong feminist opinion relates to politics in that often the elected female is what I term a “mommy politician” … you know the type – the women who runs for office on account of some single child or family oriented issue. Not that there is anything wrong with that impetus but far too often there is no REAL ideal of wanting to be in elected office for the same reasons men give – which is because we want it bad and we desire to be engines of major change in legislative offices. No pause nor hesitation about goals should deter females from full throttle attempts to run for elective office – we women must take gender out of our life plan equation and that includes plotting a future in politics.

In her book Necessary Dreams: Ambition in Women’s Changing Lives, psychiatrist Anna Fels astutely explains that women need to actively imagine their own destiny as so little is mapped out for them by society. I was blessed with parents who made clear all things were possible – no gender indication because I was their daughter; in fact that sort of nonsense of delineating by gender as to what my tasks and accomplishments were to be was not tolerated. Another book, No Excuses: 9 Ways Women Can Change How We Think About Power, by Gloria Feldt, the former director of Planned Parenthood suggest that because girls are socialized to be reactive rather than proactive they grow up to be women not use to asking for what they want. I REALLY am concerned that we women wait for and very much need affirmation in order to overcome obstacles and push forward to our goals – listen folks, while affirming comments are quite nice and I admit to being thrilled that I get more than my fair share of complimentary comments, I do not depend on it to motivate me. Damn the flatteries – know thy self and go for it is my motto. Why any woman would think the men in our life want to spend their valuable time and energy coddling us at every turn in order to get results at home, in the workplace or anywhere else is beyond me – that being said, nothing I have accomplished would have been easy without my dear erudite father, my supportive feminist husband, my best friend – a guy, my many other male friends and colleagues but they all realized I could and I would do the heavy lifting no matter what circumstances were present. Trust me – more than once I have been rescued by my guys but I have often been the rescuer as well; likewise, my gal pals and I have rescued one another. Oh my – dear “sisters” – please grow up – be all that you can be and never ever let your gender be the reason for not succeeding. There REALLY is no valued currency in being submissive – feigned weakness is not attractive. Do not tolerate discrimination but neither allow nor promote it by your own feminine posturing. Let us look forward to the day when no specification of the sex of members in Congress will be so important as to make bold headlines in my beloved New York Times!

P.S. In my end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! my own lifelong political involvement and an actual run for office will be explained in REAL detail. Additionally, I have been asked to develop/work on a series of novels that grew out of an NPR 3 Minute Fiction Contest I entered last fall … while not winning, my Potus Tara Edward-Saks™ fictional U.S. President got attention – hubby and I trademarked the name/idea and now I am working on the story of our first female Jewish POTUS [yes my darlings, The Miscreants™ will be included – their delusional low thinking minds apparently believe strong women who are REALLY making a success in life (like myself & many of my readers) are “narcissistic”  – psychologist advise me that is on account of their self loathing & jealously … oh well, stay tune for many more REAL facts about these ridiculous insignificant characters]!

November 12, 2012

Falling Off a Fiscal Cliff … Again???

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Give me a break – why the hell are GOP House members not getting it? Election Day, Tuesday, 6 November 2012, was a loud and REALLY clear message that Americans do NOT want the indiscriminate cut, cut, cut of programs for the many at the expense of no revenue increase via those of us able to pay more taxes. It must be asked – are the Republicans so delusional as to deny a mandate that defines reality through the electorate? Debt crisis will be our undoing shout the Republicans – repeatedly suggesting that old mantra of theirs is truly the spoken word of G-d. No matter the etymology, the result is a serious issue of there being disconnects between what the American public REALLY wants and what the D.C. right wing political class insist is needed.

Déjà vu all over again”,  Yogi Berra cleverly quipped. In 2011 I was near hysteria – constantly social media posting, calling and emailing Representatives, waking even earlier than usual 4:30 a.m. to listen to foreign markets and such – all due to the prospect of so called Tea Party types hijacking our and the world’s economy by not raising the U.S. debt ceiling. Their ignorance of all things financial was stunning and quite frightening  … their insistence that by raising our debt ceiling a sort of  “blank check” would be allotted for government expenditures was so misleading and so distorted as to be near treason in tonality. The REAL fact is that raising the debt ceiling is only a means to cover that which has been already spent and to repay that already borrowed. Of course, why let intelligent discourse ruin a vitriolic diatribe needed to foster ones viewpoint – that is exactly what the GOP did then and are now again. Damn them  – our nation was “downgraded” by Standards & Poor’s – laughable that we the wealthiest economy on the planet was taken to the proverbial international finance woodshed on account of stupid operatives working in our legislative body. Now we are facing yet another stalemate – childish prank in my opinion – with GOP still insisting that no new tax revenue is needed to offset our national debt and they will not take us off the “fiscal cliff”  until our newly reelected President Obama gives into their special interest. I say an executive order is needed – take over Barack Obama and show them who is REALLY in charge because the entire world is watching.

While the largest and wealthiest [second to US being China] our U.S. economy is still subject to international concerns and to some extent dictates. After all, we and all other nations are intertwined and codependent through commerce, banking, security issues, etc.. “No man is an island” nor any country in modernity – all affect the others and so it is indeed the entire world’s business what and how the U.S.A. economy functions. Why anyone – no matter how xenophobic – would believe our nation is a singular and isolated financial entity is beyond me but wait, I forgot that the answer must be that so many of our citizens and our leaders are completely ignorant of economic issues. Excusable for the common man but NOT acceptable for those selected to govern … ignorance is NOT bliss when our very economic existence depends on an educated and knowledgeable decision making process. It is not cute to stand firm in opposition to that which is logical and best for our nation – enough is enough – stop the madness and deal intelligently with this critical fiscal matter. No child like antics should be tolerated when our country is standing on a precipice that if not attended to correctly will collapse the economy and lead to another recession – economists of all disciplines agree that this would be a dangerous scenario. Wake up Washington D.C. – we are on the proverbial “slippery slope” again but each time that slope gets steeper because sooner or later the international financial community will begin to dismiss America as unreliable and then seek solace elsewhere rendering our nation somewhat irrelevant.

Reducing the deficit should not – no make that must not – mean only cutting spending. The only sane way to reduce our national debt is to raise revenue. You have heard that old adage “spend money to make money” – it is definitely apropos to our current national conundrum and as such the U.S. government should invest in job creation in order to spur our economy and thus create a new revenue source via taxes on those incomes. In my pre election 2012 on 1 November 2012 blog post Why Billy and Susie REALLY Want You to Vote for Obama!” I sarcastically described how cutting a family or national debt at all costs is not the solution … while my tone was meant as humorous, my intention was very seriously toward the inverted logic that GOP promotes that suggest cutting everything no matter consequences is the answer. You must understand that hardly anyone will better off – not now nor in the future if the U.S. does not avoid the fiscal cliff we are currently facing. There are no options – we need revenue increases and that means more taxes for some and more government spending to create tax paying employment opportunities for others. Obviously, forcing corporations to pay their fair share of taxes is also necessary … I am NOT at all in favor of “redistribution of wealth” but only in a fair and balanced percentage contribution through taxes. What I am totally in favor of is everyone being allowed to keep what they honestly earn but with the caveat that those most advantaged pay a little more on that earned. Other possibilities are not allowing people like the miscreant ex wife of my husband to lie on her daughter’s college application – affording this so called student low interest loans and grants despite receiving and not admitting to substantial child support during her part time college years … you must see that this sort of “stealing” costs all of we taxpayers, as do other similar scenarios. Simple solution is to collect all REALLY owed taxes and eliminate fraud like the government school funds theft I just referenced. Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner claims he wants to close tax loopholes and broaden the tax base but how exactly? The only REALLY egregious tax avoidance is from those his party favors – the few who do not REALLY want to contribute their fair share – no not all wealthy people fall into this category but those who do must be brought to task now. One must ask why the GOP is so hell bent on punishing the least among us with program budget cuts but not interested in developing a system where everyone pays their fair share toward the greater good. Wish I knew the REAL answer because that which is becoming apparent concerning special interests as the reason is unseemly and not the sign of a REAL democracy!

Note: Call, email, text, Twitter your Representative in D.C. – no matter your party political affiliation, PLEASE insist that he or she vote for stabilizing our economy – vote to keep our great nation from falling off the “fiscal cliff”!

P.S.In my 2013 memoir Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! I will include the why and how I became so interested in all things financial +++ every other topic in this REALLY interesting world!!!

You think I am attacking them for talking nonsense?

Not a bit! I like them to talk nonsense. That’s man’s one privilege over all creation.

Through error you come to the truth!

                          — Fyodor Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment

… Message to husband & mine nemesis, who I am quite sure NEVER read that book!

BTW:  Speaking of “cliffs” – as in The Miscreants™ I and my husband are litigating against causing themselves to fall off a proverbial one:  Notice how I managed to mention those loathsome bottom dweller miscreants even here [see above school fund fraud reference] … yes indeed – Hubby and I have REAL [subpoenaed from Drexel University] legal documents that prove “theft by deception” was perpetrated on college financial aid application and more by [ex-wife] THE REAL Devil’s Daughter™ and her criminal (according to REAL 2003 police report) vandal daughter and so much more about ALL the evil doer miscreants and their accomplices. My husband’s high school graduate ex-wife surely must realize by now that I produce a REALLY great subpoena [I mention this high school issue because, as you darling followers must have read by now in my previous posts, this delusional creature lied orally in multiple Court hearings that she had a Masters Degree and again wrote that same lie on her daughter’s Drexel University application – only finally admitting under oath to graduating high school as her highest education level]. Being a wee bit braggart I want to mention that even my own world famous attorneys seem quite impressed with how well I performed that particular legal task of writing a subpoena and the depth of my successful discovery efforts that I/my husband then turned over to these seasoned legal professionals. As self admitted ever increasingly fat in size legally disowned/disinherited Disney obsessed Michigan nurse sister-in-law recently commented [paraphrasing because her verbiage so “sub-par”] “it is amazing what one can find out on the internet” – of course, you have to study law like myself or be REALLY brilliant computer scientist like my husband to get the REAL facts and not bogus or slanderous lies from internet sources; the fact is that one needs to REALLY understand what is true or false from internet searches and thus only repeat that which will not get them sued or arrested.. I am hoping these Michigan, Chicago and Pennsylvania anti-Semites finally realize that they F**ked with the wrong Jew (moi) – I and my REAL support team believe in REAL justice and as such we demand full financial restitution/public apology from + the full measure of legal prosecution against and lifetime protection from these loathsome creatures.  They started this and we/the legal system will end it – to our benefit only. There will be NO forgiveness nor sympathy for their actions against me and my REAL family – their deeds are so egregious as to warrant NO leniency. Whatever the results – they losing jobs, homes, friends and more is by their own evil doings – my side is only defending and correcting the matter. To date, those we have shared this situation with are to say the least not amused and most expressing they are disgusted, while stating they would never want to work with or associate these perpetrators; my husband is especially interested in how each of the miscreants will be treated once news stories become abundant and easily available about these horrid people in their local and national press. Their hateful and predatory actions will NOT be left unaddressed by us – however, the difference between these bottom dwellers and us is that my husband and I will precede ONLY 100% legally against our nemesis. By their own misdeeds, their already small insular lives are about to get even smaller. My husband, who knows them his entire life REALLY believes they will never recover from this situation – as they are pretenders, with no real faith nor substance in their pitiful life – each could have gone on living their pathetic existences if not having attempted harm to us – the question my advisers ask and are investigating is why such actions by these individuals? That will be answered in Court very soon – we have our suspicions and now suspect what at least a few of charges prosecutors are considering are. These idiots think they can sully my life with made up misinformation – think about it – why would a publisher give me a REAL book deal if I was not willing to tell ALL? With nothing to hide, my husband and I sleep quite soundly each night – may I suggest the miscreant types should therefore be restless these days. Whereas my life is REALLY an open book – these miscreant types have much to hide and lots to be ashamed of – trust me, all will be made public soon. They must foolishly believe that myself and especially my husband who knows them a lifetime have some sort of “amnesia” – for why else would they delude themselves into the idea that their REAL truths will not now be exposed?  My REAL pray is that our (my husband and I) strength and determination to thwart such evilness will help all of you set upon by jealous, greedy and dangerous interlopers. Stay tuned – all REAL facts soon available in my book, my and my husband’s blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages and newspaper articles, interviews, etc.. We will also share all from upcoming copyright and REAL trademark theft and infringement litigation, multiple slander/defamation/libel/harassment lawsuits we are filing and possible civil criminal trials. Our plan – at my husband’s, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon, insistence is to post and share with the world EVERYTHING – court reports, legal charges/findings and articles referencing these issues/events, as well as [when our advisers decide it is appropriate time] each and every legal document and correspondence and social media rants/threats (all saved), phone voicemail threats, our sworn depositions as to that which they spoke to us in the past and names/photos of ALL the often referred to THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ and each/every single person that conspired with them against us … this must truly be why they say ”payback is a bitch” – in this case it is mostly so that ALL the REAL truth will finally be known – in other words REAL transparency at last [but surely their self proclaimed Arizona “exhibitionist” cohort will enjoy that nakedness]!!!

November 7, 2012

Democracy REALLY Worked in 2012!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.

— Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln’s words more poignant today than ever – as our mixed race 44th President looks forward to his second term. For is not Barack Obama’s unlikely life story – success and achievements not REAL proof that at least in this country, everyone has a chance to achieve the highest goals? In this ideal ALL should find great and REAL solace and determination that we are one people – no matter race, religion, ethnicity, political affiliation. Our great America experiment is alive and well – still the place where dreams REALLY can come true.

Without a doubt, all my readers and followers are aware that I am a devoted Democrat … moderate in some areas and rather personally conservative but still, a DNC devotee. Obviously, I and my husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon  [although he still is a registered Republican] are REALLY thrilled and quite relieved that President Obama was reelected yesterday for another term. Equally ecstatic are we two [hubby and I both feminist] that so many women were elected or reelected  … Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin – who is our first openly gay Senator, Debbie Stabenow, Claire McCaskill, et al.. The fact that so called Tea Party – an insult to decent GOP types in our opinion – were defeated is also comforting. All in all, I feel vindicated and gladdened by the results of 6  November 2012 – the most elation is for me that our great nation’s democracy did work despite huge $$$ contribution from often nefarious sources attempting to thwart our system, Hurricane Sandy, attempts to redefine voter I.D. laws [in an unconstitutional method] and more. U.S.A. remains the envy of the world … we are REALLY by the people and G-d willing for the people, now and forever. May G-d bless ALL Americans!

So Yes today – I am REALLY proud to be an American [as the song goes] because now at least I know I am free to be anything my mind and hard work allows.  In my 2013 memoir Heiress Mommy … a Modern Super Woman Life! my own complex and interesting and inspiring life journey is further proof that one can achieve the impossible!!!

P.S. Along with my early 2013 blog essay book and end 2013 memoir, I am beginning work on a series of novels about the REALLY legally trademarked [U.S., EU & Canada] by myself and my husband Potus Tara Edwards-Saks™ … she was developed for the 3-minute NPR contest I entered earlier this Fall [did not win but enjoyed the experience]. My publisher thought I should write a novel about this admittedly near autobiographical first female Jewish U.S. President who is elected 2016. Do not fret – I promise miscreants and those evil doers will be including in this story-line  As for the REAL me – if asked I shall not run but my alter ego will definitely run and win – see you in the book stores my darlings!!!

October 2, 2012

Your Scrotum Should Concern Our SCOTUS!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Not being sarcastic dear readers/followers … thinking if my vagina and reproductive organs are going to be the concern of the Supreme Court Of The United States should Romney win in November 2012 and therefore have the opportunity to place extreme anti-women judges on the highest court in our great nation – well then – right back at you Scrotum fellows. You see if we REAL Americans are to be REALLY equal, I believe it is only fair that male genitalia and male reproductive parts be included in our national conversations. Because darlings – if  my [considerably attractive] body gets chatted up by and to SCOTUS, then it dam well better be ditto for you guys.

The REAL meaning of sarcasm is a cutting remark  [distinguished from irony according to most authorities – NOT what a idiot under educated Michigan “impotent” loser guy thinks it means … I know, enough – even here I just can not help myself – those miscreant creeps are just so dam easy to mock, lol]  but my being clever or using a sarcastic tone here does NOT mean there is no seriousness to the issues concerning gender and other such matters. What is REALLY important  is the topic of why this November 2012 election matters so much in reference to the Supreme Court. Trust me – as you all know, Presidents, Senators, Congress persons come and go – in fact frequently but oh baby, the justices stay around for a very long time – a life time residency on SCOTUS is their term in office and we are ALL subjects of their very powerful realm. The laws of this great land affect each and every U.S. citizen for generations – daily life often determined and structured by what the Court decides – so it is an imperative issue that denotes you REALLY care about who the next president will nominate/place on SCOTUS … made even more important and relevant because a few of our current sitting Court members are aged and therefore will most likely need to be replaced in the next administration’s term.

In other blog posts concerning politics and women I have written about my feminist progressive wonderful parents, my devoted feminist husband [who you know by now legally took my last name/had our children do the same], my supportive feminist male friends and colleagues as well … my life made easier and blessed by these REALLY pro women individuals. By the way, not ALL my referenced feminist friends and family are liberal nor Democrats but what they ALL are is REALLY conscious and caring about the rights of women here in U.S. and throughout the world. How can a man or a woman for that fact deny that those who are female are again/currently under attack – our reproductive rights at great risk on account of right wing extremist GOP operatives who are determined to go all the way to the Supreme Court to deny women abortion and birth control and, as I was able to conceive through, assisted reproductive medical services. The REAL question is why – why – why would anyone want to control every of the most intimate and personal aspects of a woman’s life? What possible reason can justify denying a pre adolescent girl who conceives through violent rape – possibly via incest – the right to terminate that pregnancy? Likewise what could be the impetus to stopping a woman like myself – with my/my husband’s own funds – from pursuing having children by fertility treatments methods like IVF and IVM? It is so perplexing – difficult to even contemplate the true reasons that men and yes women want to deny these basic and most inalienable rights to America women and in fact women throughout this vast world. I am sure the answers are varied – some nefarious and others most probably coming from what those individuals perceive as G-d’s intent [although how anyone can REALLY know what G-d is thinking is beyond me]. Well no matter the explanation and justification for wanting to control all of women’s existence – it MUST not be allowed – because this is that proverbial “slippery slope” so often referenced in political and social arguments. We are at the Waterloo of our times dear ladies – to the men who REALLY love us too – this battle must NOT be lost to the extremist fanatics. Too much is at stake – it is far too frightening to accept a nation/a world where the female population must adhere to the dictates of a minority hell bent on full and total control in accordance with their own perceived views of morality.

In my blog post I Say Vagina & You Can Too!!! [19 June 2012] I discussed, among other issues, GOP types being offended that the word vagina is used by politicians addressing abortion rights, etc.. Really – are you kidding me? Someone finds an anatomical description offensive but not vaginal probes prior to a legal pregnancy termination decision by a woman – go figure – what some folks think G-d would find objectionable is beyond me. These same individuals – men and women alike – do not seem to be offended by the plethora of Viagra ads and such nor the overt sexually oriented TV shows and movies abundant in our society … not that there is anything wrong with those fine America products. Are you thinking what I am always thinking concerning this contrast – yes it is HYPOCRITES. So I want to help – help these extremist get right with G-d by making fair and even the playing field and I want to do that by making scrotum topical and of major judicial concern … you know codifying under the laws of this great nation what one [men] can and can not do with and to their scrotum/reproductive parts – those plentiful spermatozoon should have their day in court too.

On a more realistic note – we, women and men who love us – MUST vote for the Presidential candidate, as well as those running for Senate and Congress who will absolutely 100% protect and defend the rights of ALL Americans .., I believe, without partisan prejudice, that currently the ONLY choice is therefore to reelect Barack Obama and elect other Democratic candidates – including and especially women running for office in 2012 – like my dear and amazing friend Kristin Cabral for Congress in Virginia. PLEASE vote as if your life depends on it this November because it REALLY does this time. May G-d bless ALL Americans and this great nation!!!

P.S. In my tell ALL memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! much will be included about the female AND male feminist in my life – how that REAL concern and determination that I and other women had FULL right and opportunities made my REALLY wonderful life possible – lucky me!!!

August 30, 2012

The Political Life … From Womb To Tomb!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Tsk, tsk, tsk – shame, shame, shame! Oh my, so much vitriolic chatter about vaginas and fetuses during and since the 2012 political season. This blog post was going to be solely about my birth till my final rest political involvement … obviously via my parents at the start and forward. But dear G-d why the hell are the extremist current GOP and those pest Tea Party types, so dam determined to have prenatal political involvement? Why is what lies between my considerably attractive legs [true but still an inside joke – you will understand when memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! is published]  being made more important than what is in my heart and brain? In my previous post I Say Vagina & You Can Too!!! I detailed my very determined feelings that NO one has rights to my reproductive organs. Now I must assert my willful stance that no NO one will marginalize or deny me a political life – not on account of gender nor religion nor ethnicity nor party affiliation. Here we go – my long history and love of the political life. Some joyous, some exhausting and a bit unhappy but ALL affirmation that I am REALLY involved and here to stay. For your listening entertainment, I have included Sinatra’s Kennedy campaign song, High Hopes – just click here (on song title) to listen while you read my take on such matters.

I come from a very long line of REAL activists and progressively involved people – social issues and politics mother’s milk. Other blog posts have described my parents devotion to liberal issues since they first married in 1939 and for the rest of their nearly 50 years together … my Mother involved in one last campaign without my father who died in 1987 – she joined me in meeting and supporting Michael Dukakis 1988 Presidential campaign. We went together to meet and hear Kitty Dukakis [his  Jewish wife] at a historical Philadelphia synagogue and to quite a few rallies that year. I gave the children in my family small Dukasis dolls and dressed my great niece in Saks 5th Avenue red, white & blue + campaign button attire. Alas, President Dukakis was not to be and so here you see a photo of my mournful self after losing that election so badly. Don’t think I socialized for a  week when Bush, Sr. beat my guy that year. I have also written about and actually been interviewed for another blog where I discussed my late father’s civil rights activism – proud to tell everyone that he, among other activities, marched on Washington D.C. with Dr. King. Each of my parents were Democratic committee people and my mother Judge of Elections in Philadelphia. Dinner table conversations and Sunday brunches were full of chats on many topics – always social and political concerns included. Being Jewish, involvement in such issues are not uncommon – throughout history despite being a minority in every nation, we, the Jews, have always been a part of the politics where we are diaspora. A mandate of our faith is to always be aware and to participate in the community – this leads to a necessitated effort to be a part of movements involving change. Although faced with overwhelming prejudice, we the Jewish minority make our voices heard and donate/support candidates and programs that are mostly of the Liberal persuasion. The Book, Why Jews Are Liberal, is a recent expose where the author Norman Podhertz  discusses why people like my parents and others in the Jewish community although very successful entrepreneurs, choose progressive stance in their politics. Ok – true the Dukakis thing did not work out very well but I still believe in those same open minded REAL American ideals – yes Liberal but NEVER extreme. As my wise learned mother was fond of saying when the [not] so called Moral Majority was prominent in the 1980’s, “If they were not so extreme and just plain crazy, we on the other side could be much more moderate – we Liberals are reacting to their actions in kind and with vitriol.” – as always, my Mama was correct. So you see I am a born and bred politico gal.

I am the self appointed family archivists proudly assuming the task of keeping years of political memorabilia from my parents.  There are so many precious and framed mementos of my own involvement as well that which I treasure of my family. Buttons and posters from many varied Philadelphia, Pennsylvania State, Senate, Congress and Presidential campaigns are safely kept – each a memory of their strong concerns and determination to make a REAL difference. My husband and friends impressed by all that my parents did and were – until their passing, sophisticated and involved in world events. Although not strictly political in tone,  my childhood first is the letter from Jacqueline Kennedy thanking a 9 year old me for Kennedy Library contribution my parents sent in my name to honor her slain husband, President John F. Kennedy.


Prior to Dukakis was my 1984  involvement in campaigning for the wonderful Walter Mondale for President … thinking my fellow citizens did not REALLY want the good guys to win when this fine man lost that White House bid. I look daily at the wall above my desk where my matted and framed Joan Mondale thank you note is hung – thanking me for my effort despite losing. I mourned the loss of Eleanor Mondale last year, who I had the privileged of getting to know a bit during her father’s campaign and of course, I sent my heart felt condolences and love to the Mondales when their daughter died much too young. Never to be deterred I continued on – local, state and national campaigns  – for me those being an always must do. Of course, Mondale gave us the amazing first female V.P. candidate, Geraldine Ferraro – who I met when invited to a rally at the Philadelphia Bourse, after the V.P. candidate debate where she and Bush, Sr. [Reagan V.P. choice] had a back and forth. Oh my, defeat now on two fronts – no Democratic President nor first female V.P..

My first married lady [sans parents] political foray was co-hosting a cocktail party in the early 80’s for the first African-American candidate for Philadelphia Mayor,  Wilson Goode – who won and so I happily went to his inauguration. Yes, I know what your thinking – first Mayor to bomb his own city and yes the MOVE incident was horrible but hey, he was still a “good” guy and I liked him a lot. Thinking at this point that I am not a big time political winner – oh no, I campaigned for/supported and donated $$$ to – met and stayed in touch with one of the most successful U.S. President in history – it is, of course, William Jefferson Clinton of whom I write. True, apparently, I am NOT the ONLY Jewish gal Bill liked but I was never a White House Intern. Enough of that cigar chatter – truth is, the man was a GREAT President and our nation was served quite well by the Clinton Administration. My new Clinton goal is to soon participate, contribute to and support The Clinton Foundation – wanting very much to be of service in an organization so perfectly poised to help this troubled world. My other Clinton connection is Chelsea husband, Mark Mezivinsky – his Philadelphia Jewish parents and family acquaintances of my own. More important is that as I have been lied about – so have the Clintons, except I not being a politician can sue the asses off the lie spewing loathsome loser miscreants – pretty descriptive, yes? I ran for local office a few years ago in the township where my husband and I lived from our marriage in 2003 – when my husband and I  found out I was pregnant, I withdrew but still got nearly 100 votes [saved that document for our children]. Since I decided no office is worth my accepting slander or defamation – my hats off to the folks who do but never for me – I will be a “king or queen maker” instead. No political subject blog would be complete without mention of the 2000 Gore/Bush debacle; I believe that the Supreme Court had no business deciding an election and yes, I think the decision was wrong but I am an American citizen and so accepted that George W. Bush was President. Of course, I do not think those 8 years turned out very well for this great nation. Don’t think much about the obvious next choice in my political life – I admit supporting the very admirable John Kerry and now disgraced John Edwards in 2004 was not the best of times for myself or other Democratic political types – oh well, things got a whole lot better when Barack Obama showed up.

Fertility treatments decided on – my husband suggested I get involved in the Obama campaign in 2008. At that time we also, as a couple, decided I should pursue the law school education I always hoped for – hubby dear helped me study for the LSAT and I did surprisingly well after being absence from school since my REAL University [yes another miscreant hint] Bachelor and Masters Certificate, etc. over 20 years past. I decided a post bachelor paralegal degree was a good legal career try out – not for me/a little too secretarial and so I decided to apply to REAL law school during that course at Villanova University. There have been stops and goes and I will finish in the next year or two [G-d willing] when children settled. What has happened is the realization that I have an aptitude and I  LOVE the field of law – took to it like the proverbial fish in water. Happily my candidate won – I was at polls and local DNC headquarters that November 2008 all day /into late evening and then thrilled with an invite to Obama Inauguration [my framed invitation seen  in previous blog post]. After that I went to class in order to become an official Democratic Committee person but babies and school, as well as planning our moves/blog and book writing made me decide to be more behind the scenes. In my blog post, Fighting Intolerance And Hate With A Heart Full Of Compassion!!!, you can see my ACA Presidential signed and framed certificate – that support back up and involvement in helping to pass so called Obama Care is much more for me than elected office. So here I am today again supporting Democratic candidates – as I did in 2012 my dear gal pal running for Congress in Virginia and of course, President Obama’s reelection. Now if only I can convince Hilary Rodham Clinton to run in 2016 – I will know what my political life plan is for at least 12 more years!!!

P.S. I adore getting those little personal items from candidates I support – the White House, Senate, etc.  – those holiday cards, congratulatory letters and thank yous … I keep EVERYTHING – so if any miscreants or/and misanthropes [bet you darling readers thought I could not possibly mention them here – well I am good at my work] think they will get to lie about myself, my family, husband or children when we sue them in Court – think again, we are REAL and all we write REAL, with 100% proof. No fake “Masters” degrees, no one time social cause activities, no lame attempt to prove involvement in charity food events, etc. for us. I suppose one must be thankful that those types are at least attempting to do some good in this world – as one adviser friend recently told my husband, we are apparently motivating the loathsome to showcase their limited life accomplishments and be better people. Stay tune my dear readers/followers – this is going to be a GREAT fact filled and fully documented story!!!

August 21, 2012

Fighting Intolerance And Hate With A Heart Full Of Compassion!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

By now all my readers and followers must know about the great joy last January 2012 when my husband legally took my last name – which I did as well and likewise OUR children. Much paper work, great expense and a day in court was well worth us becoming the uniquely legally only Eliasz-SOLOMONS on the planet.  Touching was the judge’s reaction to our application – when he questioned my husband and I on the issues for our name change  – this kind judge thought it lovely that my husband wanted to honor my amazing special Solomon family, have OUR children that we went through difficult costly fertility treatments to conceive have that legally combined last name and he seemed sympathetic to my husband’s plight of wanting to no longer have the same last name as those “evil doers” [by the way, now self claimed on Facebook but definitely NOT trademarked] my husband and I reference so often. We shared EVERYTHING about ourselves that day in court and were moved by the support and understanding we received. Each new driver’s license, passport, bank statement, legal document, etc. that was officially produce with our new last name was thrilling – we even saved envelopes from greeting cards, invitations, thank you notes coming from charities, the Obama campaign and such that were addressed Eliasz-SOLOMON. Also comforting – especially for my husband [reasons in other blog posts and ALL in my 2013 memoir] was that our birth certificates are now changed – so for my husband he is no longer that person legally that his birth name denotes him as being. Now only thing left is to have our sweet Labrador, Princess Java Argus be registered again on her AKC association, as she was listed three years ago as a Solomon-Eliasz [on my must do list asap]. What does this have to do with fighting intolerance and hate? Well my darling readers – in one of my previous post, 16 August 2012, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Misanthropes And Miscreants In [MY] Everyday Life!  I mentioned my involvement in many causes [don’t worry none of those pest are being discussed in this post but let me assure they actually are reading my blog – yes they can read surprisingly – we know because “Internet Ninja” says they now are attempting to be like me with prayers & photos [1 each] of their rather limited life accomplishments on fb – however they get words mixed up – like mistaking  phrase “believed to be true” for “accused”].  In that post I wrote about being humbled each time I enter my home study seeing the plagues, certificates and awards that have been so graciously bestowed on myself, my husband and my parents/family. Problem is need name change on these lovely mementos … thinking our young children will be saying things like why is that a different name Mommy? On some even my unique Albanian origin spelled first name is misspelled  – you can see here that my hero Morris Dees of  The Southern Poverty Law Center wrote Teteza [sic] – OY VEH – but anyway the real issue is that myself and my husband are determined that as moral, religious, feminist we two will fight against ALL prejudices so that our children and others are not enslaved nor denied their rights.

We are very ritualistic in our home – awake daily at 4:30 a.m. – starting with pray, breakfast, family time, doggie walks, emails to be answered, exercise, personals, and then a husband and wife meeting – going over that day schedules, etc.. The additional daily task seems to somehow always include a chat about the injustices in our morning papers, online messages and such – we are not big TV viewers [in fact no one under 3, except for our Lab is allowed TV watching] and so except for our home gym TV, each day begins with the imperative to read the world’s events. Mostly outrage is the result – as both my husband and myself are devout feminist, these morning conversations are full of concern for the ever growing hateful misogynistic tone toward women around the world, including here in America. We are people deeply religious – myself and our children Jewish and my husband Catholic – while different, the same in that we two see a moral imperative that justice for all must be the order of this world and so every evening when grace is said at our family dinner table we include [in both Hebrew and English] a special request for blessing of this troubled world. Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon writes a blog, which often addresses the issues of injustice against many and I am proud/thrilled to say on issues concerning women. His Facebook and Twitter pages are FULL of very pointed and specifically directed postings about those in society who would deny women their rights – my husband names names and is brave in his determination to make mine, any daughters G-d might bless us with and all the many women relatives/friends he cares so deeply about, a life without constrains dictated by men.  In fact, my amazing husband often seems almost more vitriolic than myself on issues of women’s rights. In many of his wise and erudite blog posts my husband presents salient explanations through his political references of why we all must be involved in protecting women, especially in this anti science GOP atmosphere. Let me assure you that it is a constant goal for my husband to highlight injustice, hate and intolerance – one that occupies much of his writing life and a good part of his considerable intellectual energy these days. We both believe that the world is on that proverbial slippery slope backwards – back to subjugating women to the dictates of faux moral standards. My husband inspired – no make that insisted I write the blog posts, 6 May 2012, 2012 GOP War On Women!!! and my very popular, 19 June 2012, I Say Vagina & You Can Too!!! – not only because he is a devoted feminist but also on account of believing any injustice is a lead to more marginalization of many others. Sort of asking for whom the bell tolls kind of question – with the answer, it tolls for thee as a reasoning for why everyone must be concerned no matter your own life categorization.

What bigger injustice is there than denying health care to people … making it affordable to only a select group and even then making profit motive and costs more important than medical care and outcomes. I wrote a blog Why ACA is Obama’s FDR Moment! on 30 June 2012, the day The Supreme Court upheld it as constitutional. I was very involved as a volunteer and proudly displayed in that blog post [and here again] my signed framed certificate from President Obama for my efforts via emails, meetings and such in passing ACA. In fact, my husband and I sat in his home office with laptops, iphones, ipads and the rare day time TV on as the SCOTUS announcement was made – a friend of mine running for Congress was there and as she relayed the great news only seconds after the announcement, I  feared hacking because the news was such a welcome surprise. Hubby and I did a lot of amens and exciting shout outs that afternoon  – even friends not believing in so called Obamacare called or text that day with congratulations as they remembered  my hard work on this effort and saw the pride my signed Presidential certificate brought me when visiting my home.

The Jewish faith is the world’s template for ethics, morality, justice and tolerance … birthing the Christian faith from its tenants. Sadly, not everyone got that memo and so we are faced today with extremist on the right side of the U.S. political spectrum and ignorant faux Christians that pontificate hateful, offensive and ignorant diatribes that are anything but of G-d. In fact, just recently I was sent the apparently newly faith based posting from a social media page of what is obviously a antisemitic posing as a informed Christian. Trust me – I have REAL extended family, REAL friends and even REAL priests and REAL ministers in my life who will agree that this miscreant’s pointed “Thought For Today” was that of an uneducated and offensive person. There are so many like this woman who think they know G-d and yet are completely disconnected from REAL faith. Blessed am I to have many individuals – of ALL faiths – who do REALLY understand G-d’s words. I have maternal Albanian Muslim heritage, was raised and am raising my children 100% Jewish and their father/my husband is a scholarly Catholic – a saintly man who recoils at this misunderstandings of others who claim his faith but no nothing of its true meaning. In my blog post, Why Being Jewish Makes Me Untouchable Or Judaism 101 For Dummies!!!  [4  August  2012], I discussed Judaism difficulties in that it is an erudite and quite sophisticated faith – not for the faint of heart in my opinion. My gentile husband is amazed and says impressed with my daily Torah and Talmud studies – as well as, my daily effort to live as best I can the obligations and dictates of a good Jewish life. Of course, husband and I are equally impressed by our many REAL extended friends and family who live a daily existence of REAL Islam or Christianity or other REAL religious philosophies. In the book, Many Paths, One Destination, the author Ram Ramakrishman examines compassion and understanding as taught/seen by many of the world’s religions – differences and more often commonalities. Unfortunately there are too many among us who are hypocrites – never adhering to the prescribed ideals of decency that most major religions and even some (what I call) bogus online pay your $ and get your DVD “religions” promote [oh no, there I go again referencing one of the miscreants – sorry]. Still as long as REALLY honorable – any legitimate path to tolerance and compassion should be welcomed by us all.

Judaism demand courts of law be established … from our ancient beginnings until now, we Jews are involved in the justice system. I belong to and have raised funds for The Innocence Project. For how can a nation be great if anyone of its citizens are unjustly prosecuted? My late and very wise father often spoke the idea that better ten guilty men/women go free, than one innocent person is unfairly convicted. Another slippery slope and our nation’s potential tragedy is privatizing and thus making our prison system a profit margin business. No greater task faces us than to have REAL justice done for ALL people here and around the world – a court system without prejudice is the only solution that should be sought. My feminist/hates all injustice husband encouraged me to have my memoir 2013 book Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!  published for many reasons – one of which is to promote REAL justice through some parts of my life story that involve such issues.

One of my future blog post will be A Political Life – probably during the RNC and DNC conventions – in that I will further discuss how my parents and then/now myself and my husband participate in, donate to and keep informed on all political aspects of this nation and others. I actually am a registered Democratic Committee person in the area where we still own a home in Pennsylvania and I even ran for office a few years ago but withdrew when we discovered I was pregnant – even so I got almost 80 votes [will show that surprising document in political topic blog post]. I have a dear gal pal running for Congress this year – a devout Catholic whose baby gift to our twin sons were two beautiful hard back books on Judaism – of course, I told her she must inscribe [again] with Congress Person Auntie when she wins in November. Our first term Obama inauguration invitation [seen here] is framed and place proudly on our piano, along with other mementos and photos. Husband and I are doing everything possible to help assure a 2nd invite to this event in celebration of the two term Obama Administration. This is relevant to a post on tolerance in that  we sincerely feel ONLY the Democrats at this time can guarantee that ALL Americans will have equal rights and opportunities – that acceptance of differences concerning race, religion, sexual orientation will be maintained in this great nation.

For me – informed by my Jewish faith – compassion does not mean to subjugate oneself to denigration. Indeed self preservation and a protective stance against all enemies is mandated by G-d, as each of us is created as a gift meant to survive the world’s struggles. Judaism does not promote a martyr complex and as my very wise Mother warned, “Choose carefully that road, as ultimate martyrdom can only be done well once”. Instead the perfect goal should be a sharing and caring for others as you would yourself but never at all costs – instead as an equality that allows for the self and others to prosper. Real compassion means allowing those good and worthy to equal in tone that which one wishes for themselves. Never to be confused with sacrifice – sharing is the path to REAL justice. In my home and personal life I find each day the imperative to reach out and make sure those I love are well and not in need. Likewise, Judaism dictates a community sharing – a defined requirement for charitable acts. I and my husband attempt a life where everyone we encounter – no matter the level of relationship is addressed with dignity and generosity. This does not mean showboating or obvious denotation of each of our acts of  good deeds. Yes, the accolades are lovely and meaningful but the totality of our life choices in helping others is what best defines us. In no way does G-d want us to be tolerant toward evil or hate – not ever should one condom or ignore the perpetrators of hate. It is this task – this mandate that must inform all REALLY decent persons. Yes, a heart full of love and compassion can help heal the world’s ills but equal is a soul and mind determined to right injustices and combined to fight intolerance. May G-d bless ALL people of REALLY good intentions and may others be brought to justice by laws and the judgement that G-d deems just!!!

Deuteronomy, “Tzedek, tzedek tirdof” (“Justice, Justice, shall you pursue”; 16:20)

July 27, 2012

Chariots Of Fire, The Olympics And Munich’s Shame!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Perfection as a goal  in the world of sports can elevate a human being to heights that can only be described as euphoric. In previous posts, I discussed my own parents and my and my husband’s similar insistence that the children in our family, like ourselves, participate in sports [ my dear husband took no chances our twin sons would not love sports – their main nursery was sports themed from the beginning – even the crib mobiles]. I have also mentioned that for my family athletics has never been about making it to the Olympics or being a professional sports star [unless, of course, that was destined to be and desired] but instead it was about  being both physically fit and also about getting to be part of a team effort – in my 2013 book: Heiress Mommy …A Modern Super Woman Life! I will include my own dependence on athletics and sports at some very sad times in my own life. Another important issue is that  too many minimally talented young people are lured and convinced that they are sports super stars, when indeed they are not – leading to an unfulfilled destiny and I feel, unhappy life. In another blog post I wrote about the idea and personal philosophy that mind, body and soul are all intertwined – so it was for the original Olympic participants – where even poetry was part of the training. The reason I am including this in an Olympic themed blog post is that when my family goes to [as I have been so privileged to have done once] or sits down to watch the Olympics it will be with pure joy and for the love of the games with no prejudice or self interest nor fantasy about our own athletic prowess  …except, this year [2012] brings sadness as well – for Munich’s shame is now London’s shame as there will apparently be no moment of silence for those massacred in 1972.

Empatheia and pathos are Greek words for passion and suffering – a perfect and accurate description of each Olympiad’s quest for glory. The ideal sought by these athletes should not ever be marred by politics but tragically the modern day Olympics games have seen far too much of that exact situation. The origins of the modern Olympic games began when  French Citizen Pierre de Coubertin spoke at the Sorbonne in 1894 attempting to convince The International Congress that the Olympic games needed to be restored as a response to the French defeat during the Franco-Prussian War.  So it was that two years later in 1896 the world began the  route toward lighting the torch. Even though wars and world strife have rarely interrupted the Olympics there were cancellation during both WWI and WWII. The glory lies in that  even when that occurred, the shared dreams of the athletes remained resolute and forward thinking to the next Olympic games – bringing financial gains and improved image to its host cities throughout the world. . As one should in private life, athletes involved overcame and redirected themselves toward victory but there is no way to ignore the societal issues that have indeed been part of the Olympic games over the years.

The 1981 British film Chariots Of Fire depicts beautifully the story of the 1924 Olympic games where a British Jew ran and won as a way to overcome prejudice and antisemitism. The other main character is based on a devout Scottish Christian who runs for the glory of G-d. These two men demonstrate a respect and friendship based on their shared determination as fellow Olympiads – should not that be the template of ALL sports? Hitler used the 1936 Olympics to presente a false narrative concerning his monstrous world domination plans and his design to annihilate the Jews. The most on site tragic Olympic event was undoubtedly the 1972 massacre in Munich of the Israeli athletes – sadly, at this year’s 2012 London Summer games no moment of silence will occur for these slain Jewish sportsman. One must ask if global antisemitism and misplace  hatred of Israel is the reason – for why then was the  tragic death of a Georgian luge athlete at the last Winter Olympics granted a  moment of silence and recognition. Is the group of Olympic officials who are responsible for such decisions really hateful of we Jews and Israel or are they allowing their decision to be determined by other nations wanting Israel destroyed? No Matter the real reason – ALL athletes and ALL who support the Olympics should be concerned – politicizing on account of nationality or religion is definitely a slippery slope away from the Olympic glory.

We Diaspora Jews and Israelis are nothing if not a determined and resilient and optimistic group of people – we will NEVER be deterred nor denied. As such, our presence and success at this 2012 Summer Olympics and all to come will be felt. The triumphs of my people has served as an example to ALL the world – athlete and others – that anything, no matter the strength of one’s enemy, can be overcome and victory achieved!!!

P.S.  I hope everyone will join my family in supporting our U.S. First Lady, Michelle Obama in promoting a national dialogue and effort on fitness and nutrition …our wonderful FLOTUS will be leading an Olympic activity called “Lets Move!” for our brave military service men and women’s children this week at our London U.S. Embassy!

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