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July 14, 2012

Why New Voter I.D. Laws Are Unconstitutional & Wrong The For U.S. !

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

 I became obsessed [preceded by outrage] that the completely unnecessary new voter I.D. laws requiring additional documentation and photo identification were being enacted and fostered in our great nation. Equally troublesome was that otherwise fair minded [grant it unsophisticated] individuals were believing/buying into the notion that these draconian measures were necessary to prevent voter fraud.  I was driven nearly mad by the  insane notion or comparison that a library card or fishing license having such requirements made it fair for the same to be applied to the right to vote. The frightening reality is that we are on a fast track road toward killing democracy one vote denied at a time!

Lets begin with the apolitical/bipartisan  studies that prove there is no overwhelming evidence of voter fraud – NONE. Indeed there have been attempts [especially in times gone by] to register/have vote those not eligible …even in those good old days of party politics, there is zero evidence that any election was ever determined or changed on account of  fraudulent votes. The Brennan Center For Justice enumerates these facts quite well – detailing in outline why there is no evidence of a voter fraud problem here in the U.S.A..

Of course, every voter should demonstrate sufficiently that they are legally able to vote BUT these forms of proof should never be redundant nor overly burdensome. The Brennan Center For Justice has written a clear and concise explanation that details why the new voter ID requirements are definitely overreaching and totally unnecessary.

Multiple Amicus briefs – from a wide and varied group of sources – have been filed in Courts throughout this nation legally addressing the issue of  in person voter fraud being a problem. These briefs have definitively demonstrated the absence of evidence that voter fraud exists. By doing so, these Amicus briefs have shown that the only reasons that can possibly be motive for additional voting proof requirements are to deny/limit certain groups of individuals from voting …if not the intention, then the result will be further disenfranchisement of many Americans.

The philosophical reasons to strike down these draconian laws are only part of the story – there are constitutional issues equally weighty in determining the outcome. A Texas Judge stroke down/blocked the attempt by that state’s Attorney General to enact/enforce new voting requirements so near this year’s 2012 election. This case was based on that Judges determination concerning  the disproportionate effect on Hispanics – which would have been  a further differentiation of citizenship in my opinion. The slppery slope here is that any/all particular groups of U.S. citizens could be targeted for such a segregated status. To that point, I have come up with a few not totally inconceivable future scenarios that none of us should find acceptable:

Could a time come when a majority of persons speaking a second language in this country feel it only fair that we all be able to understand or converse in lets say – Spanish for instance? Or the majority Christian Evangelical population demands an oath to their religious ideas – swearing to forsake Catholicism [what many Evangelicals call Papist], Judaism or Islam in order to vote? Do these scenarios sound ridiculous – yes they are but not totally impossible if the current proposed overreaching voter I.D. laws are allowed to stand. This nation’s common law is based on precedence and you can trust me that this new precedence being set will be used by some future Attorney General to forge ahead with some outlandish prejudicial un-American new law that will deny and disenfranchise many more groups of citizens. We should all be very worried because everyone is at risk from one day – sooner or later – being denied the right to vote/participate in this grand scheme of democracy.

Many of my fellow Americans are confused by Rights vs. Privileges – grant it not many of these confused individuals understand the Ninth Amendment. It is those who think a library card or fishing license is equal or comparable to voting rights that seem to be most confused by their own ignorance. When I hear this rhetoric the OMG moment occurs – but in fairness I attempt to remember that most people are swayed by whatever diatribe fits their imagined American story.  The task at hand remains up to those of us educated in the law or astute enough to recognize the beauty of the U.S. Constitution – that which must be highlighted to keep this Republic whole.  The Ninth Amendment  is a concise determination that the newly propsed voter I.D. laws are NOT CONSTITUTIONAL …it states: The enumeration in The Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.

P.S. Here are two important links  (AARP, Gov.Org) to help with making sure you or anyone you know can/will be able to vote in 2012 elections. PLEASE help whomever you can – drive, mail, pay for them to get whatever [no matter how bogus] I.D. they need to vote in the November 2012 election. We must not be denied the vote – so do whatever is asked until we can block/overturn the current illegal attempts to stop democracy and destroy this great nation!!!

May 17, 2012

Why the GOP must now pay for my Botox treatments!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

A few years ago my brilliant friend & plastic surgeon, Richard Glunk, M.D. performed Thermage on my face …happy youthful results; when my buddy asked what he could bring to hospital when my twin sons were born – of course, I said Botox [need to look good in baby pictures after all]. Now I am contemplating more extensive procedures – possibly in the Fall BUT the dam GOP is having me furrow my brow so often – I am thinking of sending them the bills for my ever increasing needed Botox shots!!!

Being a news junkie [mostly NPR, NYT, WSJ, Economist, Foreign press/BBC & MSNBC] has caused me to constantly frown & do the WTF brow squeezing when I hear or read the outrageous racist, misogynistic, homophobic, draconian ideas from the current GOP. OMG – can I really be hearing/reading these almost insane things from my fellow Americans? Despite coming from a quite progressive Liberal Democrat family, I remember my parents friends/colleagues who were Republicans fondly &  now many of my own current closet  Conservative friends being civil toward our differences – sadly, such is NOT the case in U.S. politics these days. Let me say that the extreme left is often just as evil minded & extreme but in all honestly not nearly as frightening as the current extremeness demonstrated daily from  the  right wing Fox/faux news types.

Of course, I will keep my youthful appearance – no matter the cost or effort but will our beloved nation keep its democracy? I hold on to historical incidents when other extremist attempting to thwart America’s promise were defeated …as these times were triumphantly overcome, I pray this troubled current situation will have those of us with good hearts & best intentions rule the day!!!

P.S. I & this country share a common thread concerning our well being …I NEVER let the bastards get me down – here is hoping USA does not either!!!

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