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July 7, 2012

Why The Library Is The Most Important Room In Any Home … No Matter Size or Location!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Most of my childhood photos have me not holding a doll but instead a book of some sort. Books and reading are in my DNA: My very literate father read continuously – sharing scheduled book events with his children and grandchildren – like the summer he and I each tackled Tolstoy’s War and Peace [again]. My clever Mother suggested that if one could not be content alone in a pleasant room, with a good cup of tea and a marvelous book, then one could never truly be a happy person. Both my parents and especially my mother was hesitant to let her children [me] play at the homes of friends where there were no books or newspapers …she found the non readers too unseemly.  I have been that sort of parent as well – in fact, my husband and I packed the hospital bag for delivery of our twin sons with a book that each of us had chosen to read to them in hospital when only a day or two old.  BOOKS = FREEDOM = KNOWLEDGE = LOVE = FAITH = ETERNITY!!!

When looking for new homes or deciding to build my husband and I immediately knew that a library was to be a most important and an absolutely must have part of our family realm. We have driven realtors, architects, interior designers and decorators to near madness with our home library demands – even the twin’s nursery and playroom were to have a small library section or space for their infant and childhood book collections. Being Jewish, a standard baby shower was not culturally acceptable [a bit of superstition] but my wonderful close gal pals insisted on a small fete/intimate gathering …when asked for any gift preference, I requested that each contribute a book or two, inscribed with their names and wishes for my soon to be baby boys [being book  junkies themselves and darlings – my sweet lady friends obliged].

We are minimal TV viewers in our home and except for our now three year old Labrador, Princess Java Argus [yes Odysseus dog’s name] – I do not permit anyone [our children] any TV viewing under three years old. I mention this because not watching a great deal of TV allows one and maybe even forces an individual to read. Grant it – our homes and cars have the nearly constant companion of NPR/BBC radio and music but audio does not interfere with reading in any way or form. Our family plans now that we are new parents [twin boys, with possibility of more]  is to have themed vacations – along with visiting each continent, national parks and all major monuments – we are determined that we and our children travel to ALL the great libraries of the world. My husband and I are determined that our children visit their own home libraries daily – no matter the size or design or location, I believe everyone should have that as a destination place in their home as well.

Books and periodicals, newspapers and magazines can teach, instruct, enlighten, educate, inspire, heal – everything about life can be read somewhere. Books are companions without need of flattery – the attention demanded by the written word is subject only to our own desires and needs. No economic status or level of education should dictate the love of books nor the ability to obtain them …tragically, here in the United States there is an effort to denote those of us who love books as elitist and even more troubling is the decision by many U.S. cities and boroughs to close libraries. Who has not heard an interview with a successful individual who is convinced only the public library of their youth saved them from a life of ruin – are we now going to eliminate the venue in some cases singularly affordable for those seeking to read and learn? Our Founders feared an illiterate citizenry – in fact Franklin, Jefferson and others wrote and designed libraries and schools. This past month my beloved NPR  ran a series “An Informed Republic” that details the Founders concerns about “mobs” being uneducated and thus unable to perform as a democratic involved  nation.

My hope for my 2013 book “Heiress Mommy” and any future books either I or my husband, Chester M. Eliasz-Solomon write is that each sits on whatever shelf, stool, box, ledge or even floor of someone’s residence – luring them to enjoy, learn, be inspired and comforted by the words!

P.S. Being bibliophiles is quite costly for my family – we so love to own each and every tome that strikes us as interesting. Indeed both my husband and I have night stands piled high with reading material ..proud to say each of us finishes two or three and sometimes even four books a week, along with an eclectic group of daily/weekly newspapers, periodicals and online material. Following is my own [ those I have read/am reading May to September] Summer 2012 MUST read book list ( I have grouped by category/genre). Enjoy!!!

 I. Women Leaders Biographical Genre [looking for guidance for my own new roles]:

II.  All Things French  [preparation for the year we plan to live in France with our children before full time school begins]:

III. Politics/History

IV. ALL Books by Nora Ephron

V. Books by Frances Osborne

VI. Novels

VII. For us writers – a handy guide:

VIII. For my new “dynastic” role:

IX. Health and Exercise [because it ALL matters]


Oh yes, I was going to re-read  two wonderful books by Gregory Maguire :

… but those are  much too close to home as we still have those nasty miscreants we need to deal with [more details in my own book:  Heiress Mommy, 2013].

P.S.  This post is dedicated to dear supportive “goddess” gal pal, Anna B. – my confidant & book store companion, with deep love!!!

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