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April 1, 2013

What to Do with Found Sex Tape of Hubby’s Starter Wife?

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

vhsTapesWhilst packing to move what were my eyes to see but an old rather tattered video tape reminiscent of those VHS cameras we all bought during the late 1980’s? Now mind you – dear hubby and I believe in REALLY “full disclosure” between us two – nothing past or current hidden. So it was not REALLY a surprise when he explained the tape was of him and the person he calls his “practice/starter wife” in a shall we say “compromising” act – yes my darling readers the much referred to and REALLY trademarked THE REAL Devil’s Daughter™. It is important to me for you to understand that I am not – never have been anything but loving, supportive and kind toward other women. I take great pride in never feeling jealous nor REALLY competitive toward members of my gender … in fact, when I first met my husband and he detailed all the horrible, unfaithful, negligent of children, cult activities, etc. of his ex-wife, I actually defended her by suggesting she probably was mentally unwell or had a bad childhood to act so terribly. Well now – I still believe she is not stable but oh my, was I wrong to not believe my dear husband’s analysis about her REAL evilness – this creature and her The Miscreants™ cohorts are the personification of evil. All right – back to the home made “sex tape” that I found when packing to move to our new homes recently. Grainy, poorly styled and not REALLY worth watching – we quickly decided the REALLY decent thing to do was place in one of our bank safe deposit boxes as it might be needed as “evidence” in upcoming slander, defamation and harassment lawsuit trails we are filing against THE REAL Evil Doers Club™. Why that you ask? Reasons are nuanced but suffice it to say all information can and will be used against our nemesis in these trials.  To paraphrase Popeye, You are who your are!”

Here is my REAL personal take on “legitimate” married intimacy … nothing and I mean absolutely nothing that does not involve abuse and is fully agreed on by both partners is out of bounds in a monogamous relationship. That my friends is the glory of a scared bond – it is me and thee in it all the way. Oops – that sounds a bit dirty but seriously, a couple committed to one another – hopefully for life – need only look to their side in order to see their REAL fantasy in that “till death do us part” person. My problem with the ex of my hubby is she was not loyal nor honest and as my husband divorce attorney [now my gal pal ] explained to me, the woman admitted to cheating with multiple men after moving East with her then/now my husband from Michigan plus doing so while abandoning three small children to go off for days at a time. Yes my husband kept a detailed timeline diary of those difficult days as his starter wife ruined their youthful mistake marriage but when I came into his life nearly ten years later, I insisted that rather salacious keepsake be placed away from her children’s prying eyes. I regret my largess on the matter, in that  she lies whenever she speaks and I want the world to understand the REAL truth – of course, you all know by now that my husband legally took my last name/have our children to the same, that he legally disowned and disinherited the three children born to his first wife, that he REALLY doubts his parentage and that he realizes he should have never been forced into that right out of college marriage on account of a wrongly perceived obligation concerning their having lost virginity to one another as teenagers. The faux presentation of “holy than thou” from women like my husband’s ex-wife  is insulting to all the REALLY good women who REALLY love, honor and cherish their husbands. Dear G-d, I am in a battle [often blog about] for our LGBT Americans having Equal Marriage Rights and yet no one seems repulsed by individuals like her who break every rule and every vow of the marital contract because she is heterosexual [as far as we know that is]. Love, Honor and Commitment are three tenets my husband’s ex-wife knows nothing of – I have the REAL documents as proof of that fact and yet she was granted the benefits of marriage twice – yes remarried to one of the men who were her lover and with whom she disappeared for days when still married to my now husband. Hence, one must ask why then are our gay brothers and sister thought not worthy of the same legal status?

So you see this blog post is NOT about the “sex tape” I found while packing to move to our REALLY amazing new homes – no it is not. I write this to define what REAL decency entails and it is not that which fake posturing allows to pass as REALLY moral. Often what others want to force one to believe is a wrong doing in life is nothing more than their REAL cover up of all of their own missteps and misdeeds. Cyber bullying is rampant – in fact I now have an amazing, wonderful and REALLY supportive professional team to assist me in preventing that kind of problem in my own life.  All the REAL details and REAL facts will be shared in my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! For now my darling readers/followers – just know that which anyone attempts to or makes you think you should be ashamed of is usually coming from persons with something REALLY worth hiding. Oh I don’t know – like an old tape for instance!!!

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