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December 18, 2012

Bless the Beasts and the Children!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

crying_angelOn Sunday 16 December 2012 I posted a You Tube video of the Carpenter song Bless the Beasts and the Children on my Facebook page. This was only one of many social media postings that I included on my Twitter and Facebook pages in response to our nation’s most recent gun violence tragedy – that being the twenty children and six adults murdered at a Sandy Hook, Connecticut school [plus the mother of the shooter] on Friday 14 December 2012. I felt compelled to acknowledge and weigh in on this horrific American crime – like everyone, I was felt helpless, sad and confused by the how and why of something like this happening yet again. Of course, I called for stricter gun laws – better enforcement of existing ones and an end to the NRA almost terrorist attitude when lobbying for so called gun rights. I pontificated a bit – suggesting that as a person studying law, I believed the U.S. Constitutional 2nd Amendment’s right to bear arms was misinterpreted from what the Founders original intent was meant to be the law of this great nation.

Easier said than done is one way to view any conclusive analysis concerning violent acts … nuanced specifications usual end up as the result of academic investigation after criminal events such as mass murders. There are the could and should haves offered as solutions – ways to prevent another similar tragedy. Promises to do more are made and public figures voice determination to make things better in relationship to cause and effect circumstances surrounding acts of violence in society. Without a doubt some progress has been made after crimes that shatter our sense of security and normality – laws are passed, awareness heightened and more attention paid to root problems. The major problem however is that the unanswerable remains – the points never explained on account of being too complicated and not taken seriously will result in inevitable repeats of human tragedy. In my and many others opinion, one definite solution is to take very seriously the circumstances and incidents that denote the REAL possibility of violent behavior. Trust me when I state that my personal experiences with such matters and individuals informs me that no dysfunctional act should be ignored nor marginalized – every behavior that denotes lack of remorse, cruelty or disregard for consequences must be addressed with full measure. To ignore or forgive vandalism, brutality, abhorrent behaviors is to head toward the proverbial “slippery slope” that leads to greater crimes and REAL horrors.

One upset, in my mind, was what I perceive as a sort of Jim Crowism atmosphere – meaning not much attention is paid when many children/young people are routinely gunned down in inner cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, etc. and yet when the unspeakable tragedy that happened in an upscale neighborhood like Sandy Hook occurs full attention is suddenly paid – an entire nation [rightfully so] instantly reacts. The statistics of gun deaths for poor minority children is stunning but still it seems that only when those places where “things like this just do not happenare the setting for tragic events do things get done. Yes it is true that the shear number of children killed at one time in Connecticut makes it unique – however, this case is actually no more egregious then the daily slaughter of children by guns throughout this nation on a regular basis. Is America the beautiful REALLY equal for all her citizens – are the wake up calls only loudly heard when those privileged are affected? I am not saying most Americans do not care that poor inner city youth are crime victims but I am convinced it is easier to ignore when it is not close to home. None-the-less, if any child killed makes all children REALLY safer, then a good thing will have happened. I pray that REAL unity is propagated throughout our great nation – we are all either in this together or not. As was after the horror of 9/11, this country MUST unite against a common enemy – this enemy is within – it is among us and we must destroy it once and for all by saying no to gun violence at all cost.

We can blame society as a whole, guns, movies, video games, bad or overindulgent parenting, schools, etc. for increasing violent crimes by young people – all combined or possibly just bad genetics equal possible answers but only when and if honest dialogue begins will any progress be made. Personally I have learned that no act of perverted behavior should be allowed to go unaddressed – in my end 2013 memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! full and detailed [as some of my previous blog posts have referenced] explanations will be included as to my own safety concerns, as well as how my husband and I dealt with problems related to such violent scenarios and threats perpetrated by our enemies. For now, I suggest none of us ignore even the slightest suggestion or act of hatefulness toward our own families or community. We must REALLY be our brothers and sisters keepers. Let us memorialize ALL children lost to gun violence – everywhere here in America and throughout the world – we will never forget and they will not have died in vain if REAL effort is made to stop the madness. Join me in the promise to not be complicit in crimes against children by insisting we ALL participate in thwarting evil by whatever means possible … fund programs, force REAL legislation, pay attention and NEVER ever be like the ostrich whose head in the sand prevents REAL action!!!

“G-d, whose law it is that he who learns must suffer. And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget,

falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despite, against our will,

comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of G-d.

AGAMEMNON, Act I, Aeschylus

P.S. I am NOT, NOT, NOT against gun ownership … as a proud American Jewish Zionist and as a victim of crimes, I REALLY believe in self defense. What I am against is unbridled and insane ownership of unchecked and uncontrolled weapons and ammunition by our U.S. citizens. The Founders wanted a “well regulated” ownership of protection for our citizens – regulation and legal formality MUST rule the day if we are to be REALLY safe!

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