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June 18, 2013

My “Special Relationship” With Justice Scalia

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

scaliaNo – nothing like a romantic relationship involved and not even the REAL closeness that apparently Justice Clarence Thomas has formed with his almost always voting the same compatriot Justice Antonin Scalia. And yet, the conservative jurist and I REALLY do have a bond – the love of law over thuggery. Most Supreme Court findings of recent times find me – a born and bred Liberal in direct opposition to Scalia’s decisions. But what surprise of surprises gladdened my heart when just this week he voted with the more Liberal justices to strike down Arizona’s draconian voter registration law. The prior week all nine SCOTUS members voted against private companies owning DNA – basically saying no private company can patent genes. While nuanced and I as a confirmed capitalist think might be an overreach, considering business should be allowed to profit for their effort and likewise fund research and development that benefit all, this too presents a true and REAL comfort that Justice Scalia [at least at times] cares more for the legal system of this great nation then his right leaning ideologue friends.

If my attempt at clever quip concerning Justice Scalia seems irreverent – trust me that is not the case. I grew up in a family and hope to do the same with my own children where dinner topics included issues involving the highest court in the land, among many other rather erudite and complex matters. My political parents instructed that the most important deciding factor as to who one should vote for to be President [besides, of course, being a Democrat] was who that person would place on the sempiternal defining role in our Supreme Court. Hence even before studying law myself, my conversation often entailed respectful animadversion of jurist on every level. The role of judges is almost unprecedented and unequal in importance and purview – we rise and fall as a civilized nation on their dictates and decisions.

In conclusion, I readily admit to being a bit o a geek – I actually enjoy reading entire SCOTUS Court decisions. REALLY not shocking as I the last of three adored children – the only much prayed for daughter, born on my beloved Father’s March 5th birthday – was told by my civil rights activist Father that besides the year he married my Mother, 1954 was the best year of his life. Why you Ask? It was the year of my birth and just a few months later a Supreme Court case my Father had worked toward and supported was decided correctly. In May 1954 Brown v. Board of Education – this landmark United States Supreme Court case declared state laws establishing separate public schools for black and white students was unconstitutional. Wonderful I am sure you agree that my amazing parents cared so deeply about not just that their children got a good education but all of Americas children as well. Good thing Daddy did not name me Brown in honor of this seminal historic event. Anyway, hoping everyone will read my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! to know all the REAL details of my REALLY interesting journey – with all things legal and more!

February 26, 2013

Its All About the Constitution [Stupid]!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

lady_justiceWe all remember – at least those of us old enough and interested in such matters – when our dear President Clinton told this nation in 1992 that it is all about the economy [stupid] and I agree – I often say if one can not feed their family, pay the rent and such, than political nuances are not going to be of any concern to them. Equally important to this great nation and even relevant to most things economic is our United States Constitution. Not just for those of us studying law or addicted to things like the latest Supreme Court decision [look I willingly admit to reading  in entirety the SCOTUS  legal decisions for fun – I know  – you are thinking how boring!!!]. Do not fool yourself my friends – this nation is only viable as long as it adheres to laws and not the dictates of each citizen’s personal passions or prejudices. Yes, as a Jew, I am fully aware of other nations that morphed their jurisprudence into an evil bastardized form to prosecute “legally” my people … the Nuremberg Race Laws are a horrific example of exactly how a legal system was perverted to do great harm. Vigilance must be constant – legal formats tweaked and changed but this does not equal allowing individual prerogatives to rule the courts of our great land. No, no, no – never should we be victims of a few self interest ideals in decisions of legal matters or rights of our citizens. The conversation today needs – make that requires – a committed and well informed involvement by each of us to assure all of us remain REALLY protected under the law. Here again, is why laws are an economic issue – one needs to be concerned that the old joke “the best justice money can buy” is not a U.S.A. reality. Lady Justice may be blindfolded but she has never been without insight. REAL justice must not be a mere academic treatise but a living and well tended to discipline. Let us examine the current present day concerns that face our legislatures and judges – you must not turn away for all of us are affected by the ruling laws in this country. I believe the extremist from all political sides are a REAL threat to modern judiciary – the imperative exist for attentive participation in relationship to all things legal. Do not fret, I will lead you down the path toward your rightful voice on such matters or at least peek your interest [I hope and pray].

Just this week Justices Sotomayer and Breyer rebuked a lawyer for racially charged “pernicious” language in a case concerning a Texas man’s drug possession conviction – this stands out specifically in relationship to my topic in that the Court declined to hear the case and yet found it necessary and warranted to admonish the prosecutor for allowing prejudicial evidence as a determinant factor. Paramount to our fair and balanced judiciary is to establish that while one may be guilty of a crime, they are not to be found guilty on account of unconstitutional factors. Justice Sotomayer was adamant that “substituting racial stereotypes for [REAL] evidence” was not to be tolerated in our Courts. Any stereotypes or the predetermined judgments about an accused individual actually nullifies the REAL power of our laws … one is always left wondering if someone is REALLY guilty or in fact, found to be on circumstantial evidence when bias exist. Him or her today could very well mean you or me tomorrow if only our fellow citizens or lawmakers preconceived notions of one or another group among us is to facilitate prosecutorial  efforts. Here we are at that proverbial “slippery slope” scenario – a steep and often quick slide down to the horror chamber of unequal and REALLY unfair court room dictates. What is called enforcement discretion – that which allows law enforcement and prosecutors to selectively decide on what is or not to be proceeded against is in need of constant oversight. We all have prejudices, we all have preconceived ideas and notions about others but what we all do not have is the ability to enforce and proceed legally against other citizens – hence the absolutely necessitous attitude toward those with such life altering responsibilities. Most do their work with “due diligence” but when a few become a threat to the very structure of our constitutionally established laws, all effort must be taken to seize the reigns in order to pull back the attempts that might very well destroy our nation’s legal system.

My heart and mind were gladdened by the amicus brief of 75 prominent GOP members – including President George W. Bush – filed this week to the Supreme Court in support of the constitutionality to allow gay Americans to have the equal right to marry under our civil laws. I and those like minded will defend all religions to do as their conscious see fit in this realm – no one will be forced to marry anyone in their faith but all must be allowed civil matrimonial equality. As the highest court in this land will review that legal matter during this year’s session, the Republicans who signed that legal brief are stating that despite rather conservative ideas about matters important to our country, they feel that the constitution is not the place to decide the right or wrong of that which all citizens are legally entitled. What is confusing to some is why moral issues like civil rights are the purview of courts and legislation but not who can or cannot be allowed to marry. It is really quite simple – the former is a REAL delineation from our Founders desire to have all  equal under the law and the latter exactly the opposite.

I see our United States Constitution as a sort of secular bible – our jointly held and guiding life in America legal manual. I am the benefactor of my wise Father who paraphrased often Blackstone’s formulation stating that “better ten guilty men go free, then one innocent fellow be punished or imprisoned“. This mandate broadens to civil areas as well criminal under our United States legal system and we must be attentive guardians in perpetuity or lose our way.  To allow personal prejudices to get in between our national community and those laws that govern us all would be not only destructive but a reactionary nightmare. Neither liberalism nor conservative constructs should be our ultimate defining national template – we absolutely must adhere to the REAL ideals of our Founders – that is to hold fast to the promise of REAL and complete equality. No matter your status, your background or your self perceived place in the American mosaic – you and I are the REAL gatekeepers of that most magnificent of human documents, The United States Of America Constitution!!!

Happy me = 2013!!!
P.S. Someone asked me what I would do if after finishing law school, etc. I somehow managed to be nominated & confirmed to sit on the Supreme Court … well I first suggested I could never get past the confirmation hearings, as I would never tolerate being so disrespected. However, should I make it to SCOTUS – my first task I explained would be to go to a REALLY good tailor. My attorney friend obviously was confused – why a tailor he wanted to know. I explained to have my robe shorten, tightened & neck lowered … still confusing my legal buddy, I further explained because I want to be known as the “babe justice“. Why I was asked, as I am such a confirmed feminist & wouldn’t that be antithetical to such a life philosophy. Not at all I insisted because you use what you have – all of it I told my pal – to get REAL justice for ALL. Well there will REALLY be more about that and other REAL life facts in my memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!

October 2, 2012

Your Scrotum Should Concern Our SCOTUS!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Not being sarcastic dear readers/followers … thinking if my vagina and reproductive organs are going to be the concern of the Supreme Court Of The United States should Romney win in November 2012 and therefore have the opportunity to place extreme anti-women judges on the highest court in our great nation – well then – right back at you Scrotum fellows. You see if we REAL Americans are to be REALLY equal, I believe it is only fair that male genitalia and male reproductive parts be included in our national conversations. Because darlings – if  my [considerably attractive] body gets chatted up by and to SCOTUS, then it dam well better be ditto for you guys.

The REAL meaning of sarcasm is a cutting remark  [distinguished from irony according to most authorities – NOT what a idiot under educated Michigan “impotent” loser guy thinks it means … I know, enough – even here I just can not help myself – those miscreant creeps are just so dam easy to mock, lol]  but my being clever or using a sarcastic tone here does NOT mean there is no seriousness to the issues concerning gender and other such matters. What is REALLY important  is the topic of why this November 2012 election matters so much in reference to the Supreme Court. Trust me – as you all know, Presidents, Senators, Congress persons come and go – in fact frequently but oh baby, the justices stay around for a very long time – a life time residency on SCOTUS is their term in office and we are ALL subjects of their very powerful realm. The laws of this great land affect each and every U.S. citizen for generations – daily life often determined and structured by what the Court decides – so it is an imperative issue that denotes you REALLY care about who the next president will nominate/place on SCOTUS … made even more important and relevant because a few of our current sitting Court members are aged and therefore will most likely need to be replaced in the next administration’s term.

In other blog posts concerning politics and women I have written about my feminist progressive wonderful parents, my devoted feminist husband [who you know by now legally took my last name/had our children do the same], my supportive feminist male friends and colleagues as well … my life made easier and blessed by these REALLY pro women individuals. By the way, not ALL my referenced feminist friends and family are liberal nor Democrats but what they ALL are is REALLY conscious and caring about the rights of women here in U.S. and throughout the world. How can a man or a woman for that fact deny that those who are female are again/currently under attack – our reproductive rights at great risk on account of right wing extremist GOP operatives who are determined to go all the way to the Supreme Court to deny women abortion and birth control and, as I was able to conceive through, assisted reproductive medical services. The REAL question is why – why – why would anyone want to control every of the most intimate and personal aspects of a woman’s life? What possible reason can justify denying a pre adolescent girl who conceives through violent rape – possibly via incest – the right to terminate that pregnancy? Likewise what could be the impetus to stopping a woman like myself – with my/my husband’s own funds – from pursuing having children by fertility treatments methods like IVF and IVM? It is so perplexing – difficult to even contemplate the true reasons that men and yes women want to deny these basic and most inalienable rights to America women and in fact women throughout this vast world. I am sure the answers are varied – some nefarious and others most probably coming from what those individuals perceive as G-d’s intent [although how anyone can REALLY know what G-d is thinking is beyond me]. Well no matter the explanation and justification for wanting to control all of women’s existence – it MUST not be allowed – because this is that proverbial “slippery slope” so often referenced in political and social arguments. We are at the Waterloo of our times dear ladies – to the men who REALLY love us too – this battle must NOT be lost to the extremist fanatics. Too much is at stake – it is far too frightening to accept a nation/a world where the female population must adhere to the dictates of a minority hell bent on full and total control in accordance with their own perceived views of morality.

In my blog post I Say Vagina & You Can Too!!! [19 June 2012] I discussed, among other issues, GOP types being offended that the word vagina is used by politicians addressing abortion rights, etc.. Really – are you kidding me? Someone finds an anatomical description offensive but not vaginal probes prior to a legal pregnancy termination decision by a woman – go figure – what some folks think G-d would find objectionable is beyond me. These same individuals – men and women alike – do not seem to be offended by the plethora of Viagra ads and such nor the overt sexually oriented TV shows and movies abundant in our society … not that there is anything wrong with those fine America products. Are you thinking what I am always thinking concerning this contrast – yes it is HYPOCRITES. So I want to help – help these extremist get right with G-d by making fair and even the playing field and I want to do that by making scrotum topical and of major judicial concern … you know codifying under the laws of this great nation what one [men] can and can not do with and to their scrotum/reproductive parts – those plentiful spermatozoon should have their day in court too.

On a more realistic note – we, women and men who love us – MUST vote for the Presidential candidate, as well as those running for Senate and Congress who will absolutely 100% protect and defend the rights of ALL Americans .., I believe, without partisan prejudice, that currently the ONLY choice is therefore to reelect Barack Obama and elect other Democratic candidates – including and especially women running for office in 2012 – like my dear and amazing friend Kristin Cabral for Congress in Virginia. PLEASE vote as if your life depends on it this November because it REALLY does this time. May G-d bless ALL Americans and this great nation!!!

P.S. In my tell ALL memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! much will be included about the female AND male feminist in my life – how that REAL concern and determination that I and other women had FULL right and opportunities made my REALLY wonderful life possible – lucky me!!!

April 5, 2012

A REAL American Girl!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Yesterday one of my dearest friends, Anna B. – a special go to gal pal and confidant – who is the adopted Nonna to my twin sons, told me a wonderful story about her beautiful five year old half Italian/half African American granddaughter [who I share a unique relationship with in that she calls me Aunt Princess Tereza & I call her Princess Danaya]. It seems that Princess Danaya won a Citizenship award in school – receiving a US flag, lapel pin & requisite certificate. That evening her grandmother appropriately set the dinner table with American history inspired place-mats. Our young female patriot looked down puzzled …when Anna was telling me about this, I assumed our little friend was going to ask her Nonna [as she often does concerning other situations] why no body looked like her in those scenes as far as color was concerned. However Danaya was not the least bit concerned with the idea that no people of color were involved in those founding national scenes …instead Danaya asked Nonna; “Why are there no women here in these pictures?”. To say the least, I was impressed and my feminist husband equally so – in fact he was nearly moved to tears and insisted I write about this amazing child.

My  beloved amazing Father, Abraham, was a civil rights activist …who proudly, among many other activities, marched on D.C. with Dr, King. When Barack Obama was elected President, I mourned the fact that my Father was not alive to see that which he dreamed would one day happen. My Father hoped and promised his children that one day race really would not matter – but of course, even with the U.S. electing its first biracial President, race sadly still does matter. And yet, young Danaya is in some way the fulfillment of my Father’s & MLK’s dream – in that this mixed race/multi ethnic darling child was only concerned with the fact that there were no female patriots represented in our nation’s founding story instead of being burdened by race. One must ask if  her seeing our beautiful current first family has not relieved Danaya of that burden in some way.

You should know that wise Nonna Anna responded to Danaya’s question with the truth by explaining that it took a very long time for women to have a real voice in the American story …struggling for the right to vote and hold public/political office. This wise grandmother also reminded Danaya to be sure to get in that voting booth at 18 and proudly participate in her nation’s future. My young friend, Princess Danaya, is surrounded by strong women [who, like myself, are deeply concerned about the current war on women involving our reproductive rights by extremists] and I take pride in saying that I  am a part of that group influencing her ..she has heard and seen me campaigning and often pontificate on issues concerning equal rights, etc.. Danya is our hope for a REAL America …one where, as MLK so poignantly said, we will not be judged by the color of our skin but by the content of our character and let us also hope it will be an America where we are also not judged by gender – perhaps where SCOTUS no longer has its members frequently described as the female Justices. Besides I am already signed up to be Danaya’s Presidential campaign manager and major $$$ contributor!

 P.S.   This child is truly an amazing mini feminist – when she learned that I was having twin sons, Danaya suggested that like her new baby boy cousin, they would cry a lot & therefore I  might want to rethink the gender.  But here I want to share with you  another Princess Danaya story that relates in a somewhat humorous tone to current US politics quite well. Recently I stayed with Danaya for a few hours while her grandparents took care of important business – I am a practicing Jew and Danaya & family are all Roman Catholic – as such, she attends a Catholic pre-school. My young friend & I frequently discuss & share  our faiths – in fact, one Xmas I showed up at 6am with red sweater & Santa Claus Hat, + large Star of David,  bringing gifts. During that “babysitting”  morning, I asked how school was going and Danaya recited her newly learned Catholic prayers. The first few lines were simply thanking G-d for life, nature, etc. but the last was a specific reference to Jesus Christ. When Danaya suggested I pray with her, I repeated the lines thanking G-d for all but explained that I would not/could not finish with the reference to Jesus Christ. Danaya insisted & I again explained that being Jewish that would be disrespectful to both our faiths – after a back & forth, I asked if I should telephone my husband/her adopted Uncle C. Michael, who is Catholic – so that he could do the full prayer with her. Danaya said that would not be necessary but that as long as I was in her home, she insisted I MUST pray as she wanted me to …to which I responded, No but she might have a future in the GOP – because lots of them running for office these days feel exactly that way too!!!

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