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May 29, 2013

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid — Viruses Abound!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

coronavriusYou know those apocalyptic Summer movies where the heroes save us all from a deadly virus … something spreading across the globe that was some how or another ignored by governments and thus allowed to proliferate ? Well – it is not nor has it ever been only the conjured story line work product out of Hollywood. Now the head of the World Health Organization has warned that a serious new threat to the entire planet is to be taken seriously; this past week WHO Chief General Margaret Chan spoke about the latest global threat in terms of catastrophic warnings. The issue at hand is a coronavirus which originated in Saudi Arabia and has spread to Europe where a French citizen having visited Dubai recently is now dead. Apparently the contagion factor is high in that close contact seems to have already spread this disease factor. Are you nervous yet? Well you should be and not least reason on account of our own U.S. government not paying close enough attention to this potentially REAL  and urgent devastation qualified situation.

Do not get that “it won’t happen here” attitude as a means to be comforted my dear readers – nope, will not work because this so called MERS virus [Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome] does not need a passport apparently; it has already killed 22 people and infected others in 40 countries. Yes indeed viruses travel on hosts and we humans are a increasingly wondering bunch – we go places and bring not only souvenirs back home but diseases as well. Simple answer you might be saying to yourself – I and my family just will not travel anywhere from now on. Not going to work folks because others will venture far and wide and you have no REAL way to vet your contacts – it is an impossibility to keep safe your person by some faux attempt at isolation. So now I come to the REAL crux of this issue – the “them versus us” dialectical philosophy that so permeates much of the increasingly nationalistic world community. Some bogus and nearly insane idea that a nation will close its borders to disease carrying “others” seems at play and that is as frightening as the killer disease itself. Sweethearts it did not work out well with AIDS when so many thought it was a”gay disease” that one could stay safe from if not a homosexual – nope, that bad boy spread across all demographics and so too will these ever present and newly discovered viruses.

There is no equivocation that money is in short supply in all the world economies – governments looking for austerity programs everywhere to balance their budgets. There is however wealth on this planet and it needs to be logically used to not only feed and shelter everyone but educate the masses – provide for the general welfare of each person – and REALLY protect from health issues that can and will if left unchecked be the path to a unprecedented world destructive pandemic that will surely empty the coffers. Do it now or suffer the consequences later – that is a REAL and without hyperbole warning for us all. Each of us must demand our governments step up to this less than glamorous public problem – no rah rah moments for politicians to use for reelection rallies here.  No placards used to promote the appropriate funding for disease research and prevention will make it to the internet but it still needs doing and now is the time. We are G-d’s servants – the keepers of one another and even if unlike me, you are not a person of faith, I know you agree that saving all that dwells here on Earth is of paramount importance. I plead with you to turn off that TV and read up on this issue – contact your legislatures and complain – tell them you are REALLY concerned about such life threatening matters and you want action NOW!!!

P.S. In my year (2013) end memoir, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! I will share how when visiting Switzerland in early 1990’s I became so enamored with The World Health Organization and other similar NGO [Non Government Organizations]  groups headquartered there – I wanted to live and work in Geneva. It passed but I still enjoy visiting and contributing to these very worthwhile groups in my own way – whenever possible!

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