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November 20, 2012

A Wedding Anniversary Tale: How NPR, Jaguars And Eagles Got Me Married!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Our Wedding 2003A REALLY good looking guy walks into a diner and … sounds like a set up line for a joke but no joking here – the love of my life, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon did just that August 2003 and made me his wife just a few months later on 29 November 2003. Yes indeed, my blue eyed Prince and I married on a snowy Saturday evening in formal attire surrounded by REAL family and friends. Everyone was dressed in gowns and tuxedos – all in my chosen color theme of shimmering black and white – with red and white rose flowers for all attendants that were the choice of my groom. I still am moved and flattered when recalling the words my soon to be husband spoke when he first saw me walk down the aisle; “I have NEVER seen or known a more beautiful woman in all my life!” Our wedding video shows us both with tear filled eyes that express the pure joy that we two felt at being so blessed to be joined in holy matrimony; Photos taken at French themed wedding dinner that followed make evident the glowing passion we have for one another. Now you are surely wondering – what National Public Radio, Jaguar Cars and the Philadelphia Eagles Football Team have to do with our ninth wedding anniversary – of course, I am going to tell you my darling readers. No – not every detail – that full absolutely amazing story is being saved for my  memoir, Heiress Mommy … a Modern Super Woman Life!, but still sharing here enough to make you all know that REAL and true everlasting love does happen when one least expects it. Prepare to do the “Oh My G-d” exclamations because our story is definitely that and so much more.

I think we all know that moi is a bit of a “snob” – only in the good sense in that I am also quite egalitarian. I do readily admit to adoring the finer things in life but singularly because of quality and not status. As such, I do NOT like diners or chain restaurants or other similar middle of the middle type food establishments – certainly NEVER a place similar to those decidedly “un-hip” and far from/totally not “trendy” and definitely NOT in any way upscale venues frequented by often referred to loathsome miscreants [that they apparently keep manically posting photos of/likes for on their Facebook pages] you have read about in my posts. None-the-less, there were circumstances beyond my control placing me in that location during summer 2003 and there it was that I found my true love. Widowed three years prior after twenty years of a good and solid marriage, I was not looking for a second trip to the altar but love rushed in and REALLY swept me off my feet in a suburban diner – where normally I would NEVER have been under any usual occurrences. Meant to be is how I see it because despite the serendipity nature of our meeting and my best efforts to not get involved, I fell head over heels in love with the most amazing man in the world not very long after the day we met and  first chatted about NPR, Jaguars and Eagles Football.

I am a naturally gregarious friendly type – love people and enjoy interesting conversation. Me being me, I asked blue eyed Prince if the Jaguar parked outside was his – my own latest Jaguar car being a [bought with my own cash by me/for me] brand new champagne colored 2001 XKR convertible with custom tires and his a “starter” Jag X-type, which he proceeded to tell me was leased. Actually it turned out that we both had acquired our cars at the same Main Line, Philadelphia dealership. Hmmm – “leased” Jag I thought … still, it showed good taste in cars – which I uncharacteristically for a female know lots about. Thank G-d cute guy made no mention of a juvenile affection for Volkswagen so called “Beetle Bug” [yes my dear followers, yet another Michigan miscreant 50 year old loser lady reference, lol]. Noticing this sweet voiced fellow was reading an Eagles Football Team’s new hometown stadium brochure, I then mentioned that I was a very proud born and bred Philadelphian and I loved football and all sports in fact. That began a serious conversation about team loyalty – seeing how intelligent and well spoken my new acquaintance was, I asked if he ever listened to my favorite radio sports show on NPR, “Only a Game!” – I explained that this listening pleasure combined erudite thinking with well thought out sports analysis, which for me was best of two worlds. Prince guy answered no but he liked NPR and would be sure to tune into my suggested listening choice ASAP. Now I would love to tell you it was only my keen mind and sports acumen that hooked this cutie but you know how men are … here I will only vaguely admit and allude to what my darling later told me he thought as I walked away towards the diner’s lavatory in my form fitting black Capri pants and little white summer top – something like “Wow, I would like to get to know her BETTER …”. Be good dear readers – whatever blanks you are filling in are probably true and maybe – just maybe – the full thought my guy was having will be detailed in my memoir. Suffice it to say, this fine gentleman tells me it was the full package – what he describes as my élan – my mind, body and soul that had him think he must act on his intuitive feelings and ask me out then and there.

Why don’t we get together for drinks or dinner some time and continue our conversation?” was cute guy’s suggestion. I explained that life for me was complicated at that moment and being widowed so recently – well, I was not sure. Cleverly, blue eyed Prince quipped back that he was not proposing marriage but just a friendly get together – and so we exchanged telephone numbers on back of diner’s business cards. It took a week but we did get together and were never apart after that – daily meet ups and travel in that “starter” Jaguar of his, multiple phone calls every day, long letters and a REAL almost instantaneous knowing that we two were meant to be husband and wife. We shared our REAL life stories – each full of blessings but also sorrows – agreeing, as I put it, that each of us had suffered more than some but less than most. My darling loved my biography and still, as then, expressed an amazement and appreciation for my REAL optimistic love of life. I admired his decency and brilliance – his goodness and kind manner. Needless to say, we found the other adorable – a REAL mutual admiration and attraction developed quickly and so it was that, as I detailed in my blog (9 September 2012)  post “My Own 9/11 Story”, Chester Michael proposed to me on 11 September 2003, with a magnificent diamond ring he designed himself just a few weeks after we met. Fast you are thinking – well my friends – when it is REALLY right, it is the only thing to do … seize the moment, Carpe Diem, as the saying goes. I accepted the beautifully worded [poem included] proposal and we immediately began planning our formal elegant wedding – my new finance doing most of that task and thus allowing me to feel the security and confidence that he REALLY wanted me as his life partner because NOTHING and NO ONE would prevent our marrying. I can not wait to share all of this truly glorious tale in my memoir – for ours is a REAL love story that will inspire many in that we thwarted all those naysayer and evil doer miscreant types to do as we believed G-d intended by becoming husband and wife.

He is strong and handsome, and I love him for that, and I admire him and I am proud of him,

but I would love him without those qualities. If he were plain, I would love him; if he were a

wreck, I would love him. And I would work for him and slave over him and pray for him and

watch by his bedside until I died. Yes, I think I love him merely because he is mine and is masculine.

The Diaries of Adam & Eve, Translated by Mark Twain

[For my husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon: Happy 9th Wedding Anniversary my darling

… the best is REALLY yet to come!!!]

P.S. Ours was a civil ceremony  – having always wanted to add a religious aspect, we are now involved in planning a Rabbinical marriage vow renewal ceremony and grand celebratory fete on our next wedding anniversary  … by then we will [G-d willing] be living more months as California residents and so either in our new hometown or that which we recently began giving serious consideration to – the possibility of a castle somewhere in Europe, with a few hundred of our REAL family and friends, we will again say “I do … promise to REALLY love, TRULY honor and COMPLETELY cherish until death do us part and then be joined throughout eternity”!

November 15, 2012

A REAL Thanksgiving Day 2012!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

The “petit” turkey seen here has on the bottom, in delicately painted gold lettering, “Peint Main, Limoges France, Rose Décor” – this tiny treasure resides along with my other similar gifted items from friends and family in a lighted cabinet in our home library.  No Disney juvenile item filled over crowded curio cabinet in any of my homes – yes, of course, this is a reference to chubby legally disowned/disinherited Disney obsessed Michigan nurse sister-in-law; this mention is just my way of again noting one more thing among so many that I am thankful for this year … I am not her or like any of her cohorts and trust me that is REALLY something to be very thankful for every day of the year. Oh my, such gratitude that fact invokes for me. One must always give thanks for that which exist, as well as that absent – in other words, when I think of the often referenced miscreant evil doer bottom dwellers hubby and I have been forced to deal with this last year, I am REALLY thankful we are not/nor ever could be like them … there but for the grace of G-d go I is what myself and my darling husband, along with our REAL family, friends and colleagues so often express when discussing THE REAL Evil Doers Club™.

Let’s get back to this adorable Limoge item, shall we?  It was a gift from a REAL concierge professional [not like the faux (in my “opinion”) self described “concierge” Chicago house/pet sitter company related to miscreant Michigan nemesis anti-Semitic couple/REALLY short father and brother-in-laws]. This well spoken, very attractive and elegant young man was my personal assistant and concierge in the early 2000’s. I adored him and him I. Along with the abundance of other things I give thanks for this year, I want to share a very poignant Thanksgiving related story about how and why this REAL gentleman blessed me with such a special gift.

I was the last of three children and only much wanted daughter born to my parents, Abraham and Mary, in their early forties. Needless to say, while not “spoiled” in any sense, I was indeed adored and given many opportunities, as well as special treats. My Father was determined that his children have the best of everything … education, travel, fashion, books, etc.. In my well appointed playroom was a custom made floor to ceiling dollhouse complete with furnishings, art replicas, miniature books and every accouterments a fine home would contain.  In this magnificent dollhouse on the antique replica Chippendale style table was miniature china – in the center, on a serving platter sat a “Papier-mache” well molded fully dressed turkey. For some reason that faux food item fascinated me – possibly it was the detailed carving but no matter the analysis, I simply liked seeing it sit on that table for twelve in my amazing dollhouse. My parents were firm in that material things while enjoyable and not to be without appreciation in life, were not ever to be more important than faith, REAL family and friends – this meant that especially my unsentimental quite modern Mother never believed in preserving the past through saved collectibles nor memorabilia. I took after my Father in being a bit more prone to wanting keepsakes to pass on to future generations. Needless to say, my darling Mama was not going to save a paper turkey – returning from University I asked where the dollhouse was and then what happened to the contents. Stored but not included were items like my petit bird was the answer. Certainly not a dramatic child/parent exchange – more humor and acknowledgement that my very erudite and quite clever Mother was not going to indulge her children’s need to falsely depend on the past for gratification of any sort. Obviously, I was a bit obsessed with such items – here I am, all these years later, detailing for you my darling readers the tale of a lost dollhouse turkey. No – not really – as this post is REALLY about that which matters most – being thankful for what is REALLY important in life. You see my personal assistant/concierge young fellow knowing this childhood tale took the time and expense to buy me the Limoges turkey box you see here … he traveled a great distance by cab to my 11 September 2001 hospital bedside to gift me this lovely item when I was recovering from successful in duct situ carcinoma surgery. This very kind person hoped his well chosen gift would lift my spirits and the remembrance of my childhood dollhouse joy would help my recovery – he succeeded in that attempt. Now that, on an otherwise horrific day, is REALLY a reason for giving thanks – surely you all agree.

This has been and continues to be the REALLY fortunate tone of my whole life – the most amazing occurrences during difficult times and spectacular human beings come into my REALLY blessed life – over and over and over again my life is enriched by G-d’s abundant blessings. As my parents taught me and I my own children, one must have the mind to understand, the faith to believe and the heart/soul to experience REAL gifts – that which matters most in life. I am deeply grateful for being the type of person who is able to realize what is REALLY important – appreciate what REALLY counts and NEVER be deterred by the evil types among us. The goal and task I present to you here is to not avoid trouble or strife but instead to travel through toward a better place – a place of gratitude and appreciation for that which you know is REAL and true. This will make each and every day one of Thanksgiving – not always easy but definitely always worth the experience. Oh how I wish this November 2012 holiday themed blog of mine could share all but as before,  I still must remain selective in sharing every detail … the still ongoing litigation and possible civil criminal charges against THE Miscreants™ and my book, Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! obligation limits me for now. Suffice it to say – you must trust me on this – my life journey demonstrates that while blessed from birth with much, I still suffered and REALLY overcame many obstacles later in my life – only to always end up with an abundance of blessings and G-d’s grace in my life.  In fact, my advisers often quip that you can not write very well the stuff of my REAL biography through fiction – only the odd serendipitous quality of reality could have provided such an amazing life story. Unlike the nemesis you read about in my posts, my life need not include a faux demonstration or delusion of status because the truth – good and bad – is so REALLY magnificent. No subterfuge for me – I am thrilled with my reality and pray my REAL life story will comfort and inspire all REALLY worthy people … allowing each day to be a Thanksgiving celebration!!!

Now go hug your friends and family – call those in distance places with affectionate gratitude and help those among us less fortunate this Thanksgiving 2012. Know that I am giving thanks for my soul mate – my husband and the fact that modern science made it possible for us to have children together so late in life, for my REAL family, dear devoted friends, always supportive colleagues, associates and acquaintances  – all who REALLY comfort me and enrich my life in so many ways. I give thanks as well for the legal system and law enforcement professionals who have guided and protected us in  dealing with the “enemies at our gate” this past year. I would be remiss to not mention that I am also eternally grateful for our dear sweet Labrador, Princess Java Argus – yes dear canine; you too will have turkey and fixings again this year. May G-d bless all REALLY good people of the world, this great nation and our leaders.   With REAL joy, I lift my crystal glass to toast you all – hoping we share another year of REAL gratitude and days of giving thanks together!

BTW: My lovely glass will only be filled with non alcoholic beverage for moi is now considering more IVM babies to add to our Eliasz-Solomon family – having read in one of our many pre-natal books that certain substances like alcohol and cigarettes, etc. may affect, among other issues height, my hubby says does not want to take chance that our sons will be extremely short insecure guys like one Michigan bottom dweller [who calls himself/has others refer to him as “Big Al” – lol] and his even shorter – we are talking basically “tiny” – son. You see, my hubby somewhat seems to remember the mother of extremely short son only giving up smoking when this offspring was conceived … anyway – does not matter if my hubby’s remembrances are correct – our only concern is that it seems that short Michigan father, who is part of self acknowledged THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ is insecure about his life and that possibly is due to height problems or as some mental health professionals have suggested to me, impotency problems and we are having to deal with that because it seems to cause him/them to be dangerous to us. As far as maternal issue – what only REALLY matters here is that I would never take risks with my pre-natal health status.

P.S. I am REALLY hoping my dear 80+ Michigan father-in-law is well and will be enjoying Thanksgiving 2012  … knowing [he shared with us often] how, although as he assures us they are very nice folks, he dreads being “dragged” to his chubby nurse daughter-in-law brother’s home each holiday. Not to mention how tiresome Dad tells us he finds being with – again although treat him kindly – his stepson and that man’s overzealous, biblically misinformed preachy born again Christian wife [get this – she REALLY believes Dearborn, Michigan has instituted “sharia law” and she also expressed thinking chubby nurse and her goofy husband have a bad marriage and no G-d in their life … yep – go figure that these bottom dwellers are all now “close”]. Anyway, the REAL tragedy here is why the Michigan miscreant chubby nurse and her goofy husband and their three “sub-par” (in my and my husband’s “opinion”) and routinely intoxicated according to what others tell us appears on Facebook kids can not – as Dad Eliasz expressed wanting so often to myself and my husband during phone chats these last nine years – just have him as a guest for holiday to their own tiny [overcrowded with multiple pets] abode is beyond hubby and I; one supposes selfishness, laziness or just plain disregard for what this kind senior REALLY needs is the sorrowful answer. If only we could convince this sweet man to move in with us … he would have his own suite of rooms and be doted on appropriately – maybe G-d will make that a reality but if not, hubby and I will figure out a way to see him as soon as we are advised it is safe for us to travel to Michigan. Stay tune dear readers – this and more REAL situations will be discussed – when appropriate here in my blog and certainly in media outlets as mine and my husband’s books are published and court dates begin happening.

November 12, 2012

Falling Off a Fiscal Cliff … Again???

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Give me a break – why the hell are GOP House members not getting it? Election Day, Tuesday, 6 November 2012, was a loud and REALLY clear message that Americans do NOT want the indiscriminate cut, cut, cut of programs for the many at the expense of no revenue increase via those of us able to pay more taxes. It must be asked – are the Republicans so delusional as to deny a mandate that defines reality through the electorate? Debt crisis will be our undoing shout the Republicans – repeatedly suggesting that old mantra of theirs is truly the spoken word of G-d. No matter the etymology, the result is a serious issue of there being disconnects between what the American public REALLY wants and what the D.C. right wing political class insist is needed.

Déjà vu all over again”,  Yogi Berra cleverly quipped. In 2011 I was near hysteria – constantly social media posting, calling and emailing Representatives, waking even earlier than usual 4:30 a.m. to listen to foreign markets and such – all due to the prospect of so called Tea Party types hijacking our and the world’s economy by not raising the U.S. debt ceiling. Their ignorance of all things financial was stunning and quite frightening  … their insistence that by raising our debt ceiling a sort of  “blank check” would be allotted for government expenditures was so misleading and so distorted as to be near treason in tonality. The REAL fact is that raising the debt ceiling is only a means to cover that which has been already spent and to repay that already borrowed. Of course, why let intelligent discourse ruin a vitriolic diatribe needed to foster ones viewpoint – that is exactly what the GOP did then and are now again. Damn them  – our nation was “downgraded” by Standards & Poor’s – laughable that we the wealthiest economy on the planet was taken to the proverbial international finance woodshed on account of stupid operatives working in our legislative body. Now we are facing yet another stalemate – childish prank in my opinion – with GOP still insisting that no new tax revenue is needed to offset our national debt and they will not take us off the “fiscal cliff”  until our newly reelected President Obama gives into their special interest. I say an executive order is needed – take over Barack Obama and show them who is REALLY in charge because the entire world is watching.

While the largest and wealthiest [second to US being China] our U.S. economy is still subject to international concerns and to some extent dictates. After all, we and all other nations are intertwined and codependent through commerce, banking, security issues, etc.. “No man is an island” nor any country in modernity – all affect the others and so it is indeed the entire world’s business what and how the U.S.A. economy functions. Why anyone – no matter how xenophobic – would believe our nation is a singular and isolated financial entity is beyond me but wait, I forgot that the answer must be that so many of our citizens and our leaders are completely ignorant of economic issues. Excusable for the common man but NOT acceptable for those selected to govern … ignorance is NOT bliss when our very economic existence depends on an educated and knowledgeable decision making process. It is not cute to stand firm in opposition to that which is logical and best for our nation – enough is enough – stop the madness and deal intelligently with this critical fiscal matter. No child like antics should be tolerated when our country is standing on a precipice that if not attended to correctly will collapse the economy and lead to another recession – economists of all disciplines agree that this would be a dangerous scenario. Wake up Washington D.C. – we are on the proverbial “slippery slope” again but each time that slope gets steeper because sooner or later the international financial community will begin to dismiss America as unreliable and then seek solace elsewhere rendering our nation somewhat irrelevant.

Reducing the deficit should not – no make that must not – mean only cutting spending. The only sane way to reduce our national debt is to raise revenue. You have heard that old adage “spend money to make money” – it is definitely apropos to our current national conundrum and as such the U.S. government should invest in job creation in order to spur our economy and thus create a new revenue source via taxes on those incomes. In my pre election 2012 on 1 November 2012 blog post Why Billy and Susie REALLY Want You to Vote for Obama!” I sarcastically described how cutting a family or national debt at all costs is not the solution … while my tone was meant as humorous, my intention was very seriously toward the inverted logic that GOP promotes that suggest cutting everything no matter consequences is the answer. You must understand that hardly anyone will better off – not now nor in the future if the U.S. does not avoid the fiscal cliff we are currently facing. There are no options – we need revenue increases and that means more taxes for some and more government spending to create tax paying employment opportunities for others. Obviously, forcing corporations to pay their fair share of taxes is also necessary … I am NOT at all in favor of “redistribution of wealth” but only in a fair and balanced percentage contribution through taxes. What I am totally in favor of is everyone being allowed to keep what they honestly earn but with the caveat that those most advantaged pay a little more on that earned. Other possibilities are not allowing people like the miscreant ex wife of my husband to lie on her daughter’s college application – affording this so called student low interest loans and grants despite receiving and not admitting to substantial child support during her part time college years … you must see that this sort of “stealing” costs all of we taxpayers, as do other similar scenarios. Simple solution is to collect all REALLY owed taxes and eliminate fraud like the government school funds theft I just referenced. Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner claims he wants to close tax loopholes and broaden the tax base but how exactly? The only REALLY egregious tax avoidance is from those his party favors – the few who do not REALLY want to contribute their fair share – no not all wealthy people fall into this category but those who do must be brought to task now. One must ask why the GOP is so hell bent on punishing the least among us with program budget cuts but not interested in developing a system where everyone pays their fair share toward the greater good. Wish I knew the REAL answer because that which is becoming apparent concerning special interests as the reason is unseemly and not the sign of a REAL democracy!

Note: Call, email, text, Twitter your Representative in D.C. – no matter your party political affiliation, PLEASE insist that he or she vote for stabilizing our economy – vote to keep our great nation from falling off the “fiscal cliff”!

P.S.In my 2013 memoir Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life! I will include the why and how I became so interested in all things financial +++ every other topic in this REALLY interesting world!!!

You think I am attacking them for talking nonsense?

Not a bit! I like them to talk nonsense. That’s man’s one privilege over all creation.

Through error you come to the truth!

                          — Fyodor Dostoevsky, Crime and Punishment

… Message to husband & mine nemesis, who I am quite sure NEVER read that book!

BTW:  Speaking of “cliffs” – as in The Miscreants™ I and my husband are litigating against causing themselves to fall off a proverbial one:  Notice how I managed to mention those loathsome bottom dweller miscreants even here [see above school fund fraud reference] … yes indeed – Hubby and I have REAL [subpoenaed from Drexel University] legal documents that prove “theft by deception” was perpetrated on college financial aid application and more by [ex-wife] THE REAL Devil’s Daughter™ and her criminal (according to REAL 2003 police report) vandal daughter and so much more about ALL the evil doer miscreants and their accomplices. My husband’s high school graduate ex-wife surely must realize by now that I produce a REALLY great subpoena [I mention this high school issue because, as you darling followers must have read by now in my previous posts, this delusional creature lied orally in multiple Court hearings that she had a Masters Degree and again wrote that same lie on her daughter’s Drexel University application – only finally admitting under oath to graduating high school as her highest education level]. Being a wee bit braggart I want to mention that even my own world famous attorneys seem quite impressed with how well I performed that particular legal task of writing a subpoena and the depth of my successful discovery efforts that I/my husband then turned over to these seasoned legal professionals. As self admitted ever increasingly fat in size legally disowned/disinherited Disney obsessed Michigan nurse sister-in-law recently commented [paraphrasing because her verbiage so “sub-par”] “it is amazing what one can find out on the internet” – of course, you have to study law like myself or be REALLY brilliant computer scientist like my husband to get the REAL facts and not bogus or slanderous lies from internet sources; the fact is that one needs to REALLY understand what is true or false from internet searches and thus only repeat that which will not get them sued or arrested.. I am hoping these Michigan, Chicago and Pennsylvania anti-Semites finally realize that they F**ked with the wrong Jew (moi) – I and my REAL support team believe in REAL justice and as such we demand full financial restitution/public apology from + the full measure of legal prosecution against and lifetime protection from these loathsome creatures.  They started this and we/the legal system will end it – to our benefit only. There will be NO forgiveness nor sympathy for their actions against me and my REAL family – their deeds are so egregious as to warrant NO leniency. Whatever the results – they losing jobs, homes, friends and more is by their own evil doings – my side is only defending and correcting the matter. To date, those we have shared this situation with are to say the least not amused and most expressing they are disgusted, while stating they would never want to work with or associate these perpetrators; my husband is especially interested in how each of the miscreants will be treated once news stories become abundant and easily available about these horrid people in their local and national press. Their hateful and predatory actions will NOT be left unaddressed by us – however, the difference between these bottom dwellers and us is that my husband and I will precede ONLY 100% legally against our nemesis. By their own misdeeds, their already small insular lives are about to get even smaller. My husband, who knows them his entire life REALLY believes they will never recover from this situation – as they are pretenders, with no real faith nor substance in their pitiful life – each could have gone on living their pathetic existences if not having attempted harm to us – the question my advisers ask and are investigating is why such actions by these individuals? That will be answered in Court very soon – we have our suspicions and now suspect what at least a few of charges prosecutors are considering are. These idiots think they can sully my life with made up misinformation – think about it – why would a publisher give me a REAL book deal if I was not willing to tell ALL? With nothing to hide, my husband and I sleep quite soundly each night – may I suggest the miscreant types should therefore be restless these days. Whereas my life is REALLY an open book – these miscreant types have much to hide and lots to be ashamed of – trust me, all will be made public soon. They must foolishly believe that myself and especially my husband who knows them a lifetime have some sort of “amnesia” – for why else would they delude themselves into the idea that their REAL truths will not now be exposed?  My REAL pray is that our (my husband and I) strength and determination to thwart such evilness will help all of you set upon by jealous, greedy and dangerous interlopers. Stay tuned – all REAL facts soon available in my book, my and my husband’s blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages and newspaper articles, interviews, etc.. We will also share all from upcoming copyright and REAL trademark theft and infringement litigation, multiple slander/defamation/libel/harassment lawsuits we are filing and possible civil criminal trials. Our plan – at my husband’s, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon, insistence is to post and share with the world EVERYTHING – court reports, legal charges/findings and articles referencing these issues/events, as well as [when our advisers decide it is appropriate time] each and every legal document and correspondence and social media rants/threats (all saved), phone voicemail threats, our sworn depositions as to that which they spoke to us in the past and names/photos of ALL the often referred to THE REAL Evil Doers Club™ and each/every single person that conspired with them against us … this must truly be why they say ”payback is a bitch” – in this case it is mostly so that ALL the REAL truth will finally be known – in other words REAL transparency at last [but surely their self proclaimed Arizona “exhibitionist” cohort will enjoy that nakedness]!!!

November 9, 2012

Saying Good-Bye To One Of The “Greatest Generation” Men!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Saying Good Bye to One of the Greatest Generation’s REALLY Good Guys!

My bounty is as boundless as the sea,

My love as deep … for both are infinite.

– William Shakespeare

On 2 November 2012, Nicholas M. Kronberger was laid to rest while we, his family and friends, remembered this fine and decent man and all he contributed to this world – as he planned; the day was a life celebration. Smiles and tears were the order of the day … so many fond remembrances of the man I called Dad Kronberger since first meeting him when I was a twenty something Philadelphia college student. As I stood in the Church watching his son and daughter-in-law, my best friends [who I consider REAL family] Mark and Susan Kronberger and the rest of his large lovely family mourn and celebrate Nick’s life, my thoughts were of a life REALLY well lived and my heart was filled with gratitude for having known such a special man for all these many years. Shakespeare describes perfectly how Nick saw his life – that is one of boundless bounty and infinite love and so it will always be for those of us he gracefully included in his life journey.

Like my own beloved Father, Abraham, Nick was a believer in possibilities – no resting on laurels – a definite get up and go REAL American spirit was the tone of these men’s lives. Family, community, charities, religion, business, politics, travel, athletics/sports and more were all doable – nothing too much to handle nor not worth the effort for Nick Kronberger and Abe Solomon. My dear husband, Chester Michael has been stunned and impressed at how these men fully embraced all aspects of life – telling me that he had not been lucky enough to have grown up with being privy to the same. Unlike many, these men did it all with a moral code that demanded honesty and fairness for others. Honorable is a word that definitely applies to Dad K.’s whole life – yes he did it his way but never at the expense of others. Men like Nick are to be emulated and I fear sadly not easily imitated.

Among the many good deeds and blessings that Nick Kronberger bestowed on this world is the amazing family of six children, many grand and great grandchildren that he and his lovely wife of sixty-six years, Freda, created. What a wonderful legacy for Dad and Mom Kronberger – they raised six loving and productive children, who in turn parented well their own prodigy and thus the Kronberger dynasty grew to include many in-law families and we accessory “adopted” extended family members. Lucky are all of us who knew and spent time with Nick – his kindness, intelligence and affection a plus in all our lives. This man gave a life template for us all to learn from and be guided by – certainly a life worth taking ones instruction from.

A WWII Navy man, Nick, who was part of what Tom Brokaw defined in his book as “the greatest generation”,  found his life partner and lady love in Chicago. Nick and his beautiful Freda set off on a life journey determined to be people involved in and defined by their Catholic faith but never narrow nor small minded – an inclusive and broad minded attitude that allowed those of us of different religions [mine Jewish] to feel welcomed and respected. This couple REALLY lived their Christian faith – they “walked the walk” as the saying goes. Both Dad and Mom Kronberger admired and were equally respected and thought affectionately of by my own now deceased parents, Abraham and Mary Solomon. Since meeting their amazing son, Mark when he was eighteen and I twenty-one at our alma mater Temple University our families have shared many celebrations and likewise times of sorrow. Having been widowed myself in 2000 and remarried in 2003, both my husbands came to love the Kronbergers … my husband Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon and I visiting Nick a few years ago in hospital with plants and goodies in tow and more recently having the pleasure of sharing with Nick and Freida a 25th anniversary dinner we gave for Mark and his wonderful wife [my “sister” & Kronberger dear daughter-in-law] Susan. There are far too many occasions to list here but always great company – interesting and fun to be with – Dad and Mom K. are the type of people one always looked forward to being with no matter the time or place. Classy and smart all the way describes the senior Kronbergers. My life made richer by each meeting and get together with this darling couple.

Dad Kronberger would tease me about my liberal politics and such – always with good humor and an affection tone. Once when dear Mark and Susan were again “saving” me during a particular difficult situation after my husband David passed away, I decided to write letters to both Susan’s parents, the sweet Sam and Dot Scavillo and Mark’s, the Kronbergers to express my gratitude for this wonderful couple they all had raised so well. Having been unsure if I mailed correctly, I resent my letter and after expressing appreciation for my sentiments, clever Nick asked was he to distribute the multiple copies? You see – Dad K. was brilliantly offering support and humor combined that I very much needed to ease my then troubling and somewhat daunting burden. I am saddened that my own babies will now not have the gift of what I planned to be a surrogate grandfather Nick but I will, as with others of his fine character, use the biography of this man to guide them. I do not say good-bye but thank you G-d for the memories I take through eternity of Nicholas M. Kronberger – not gone but always present in the minds and hearts of those of us blessed to have known this REALLY good man!

Note: If you care to, I would appreciate and know you will feel honored to learn about and donate in remembrance of my dear friend, Nicholas M. Kronberger, to an organization he helped found, the worthwhile Center for Families and Relationships . I sincerely thank you!

P.S. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Kronberger for giving me a REALLY best friend & “brother” hero Mark Kronberger … good job Dad & Mom K. –  I remain forever in your debt for there are times that my life would not be possible without my Markie & his wonderful wife, my protective Susie!!!

November 7, 2012

Democracy REALLY Worked in 2012!!!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

That some achieve great success, is proof to all that others can achieve it as well.

— Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln’s words more poignant today than ever – as our mixed race 44th President looks forward to his second term. For is not Barack Obama’s unlikely life story – success and achievements not REAL proof that at least in this country, everyone has a chance to achieve the highest goals? In this ideal ALL should find great and REAL solace and determination that we are one people – no matter race, religion, ethnicity, political affiliation. Our great America experiment is alive and well – still the place where dreams REALLY can come true.

Without a doubt, all my readers and followers are aware that I am a devoted Democrat … moderate in some areas and rather personally conservative but still, a DNC devotee. Obviously, I and my husband, Chester Michael Eliasz-Solomon  [although he still is a registered Republican] are REALLY thrilled and quite relieved that President Obama was reelected yesterday for another term. Equally ecstatic are we two [hubby and I both feminist] that so many women were elected or reelected  … Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin – who is our first openly gay Senator, Debbie Stabenow, Claire McCaskill, et al.. The fact that so called Tea Party – an insult to decent GOP types in our opinion – were defeated is also comforting. All in all, I feel vindicated and gladdened by the results of 6  November 2012 – the most elation is for me that our great nation’s democracy did work despite huge $$$ contribution from often nefarious sources attempting to thwart our system, Hurricane Sandy, attempts to redefine voter I.D. laws [in an unconstitutional method] and more. U.S.A. remains the envy of the world … we are REALLY by the people and G-d willing for the people, now and forever. May G-d bless ALL Americans!

So Yes today – I am REALLY proud to be an American [as the song goes] because now at least I know I am free to be anything my mind and hard work allows.  In my 2013 memoir Heiress Mommy … a Modern Super Woman Life! my own complex and interesting and inspiring life journey is further proof that one can achieve the impossible!!!

P.S. Along with my early 2013 blog essay book and end 2013 memoir, I am beginning work on a series of novels about the REALLY legally trademarked [U.S., EU & Canada] by myself and my husband Potus Tara Edwards-Saks™ … she was developed for the 3-minute NPR contest I entered earlier this Fall [did not win but enjoyed the experience]. My publisher thought I should write a novel about this admittedly near autobiographical first female Jewish U.S. President who is elected 2016. Do not fret – I promise miscreants and those evil doers will be including in this story-line  As for the REAL me – if asked I shall not run but my alter ego will definitely run and win – see you in the book stores my darlings!!!

November 1, 2012

Election 2012 – Why Little Billy & Susie REALLY Want You to Vote for Obama 2012!

by Teréza Eliasz-Solomon (HeiressMommy™)

Ok – here is the deal: Little Billy and Susie – 12 year old brother and ten year old sister – come home from school one afternoon to their sweet Cape Cod, single family, suburban white picket fence home to find middle of middle of middle American as apple pie Dad and Mom ready for a family chat. These cute kids think – hmmm … new dog, Disneyland this Xmas break, in-ground pool we have been wishing for??? Nope – none of these on the agenda – only an economics lesson. You see Dad and Mom have taken to heart the Tea Party current GOP/Romney and Ryan mantra of “it is the debt, stupid”. Like any good and decent folk would do, this suburbia couple decides to start at home with addressing the debt issue. After all, if a 1% job creator like Mitt thinks that is our great nation’s most compelling problem, then surely it must REALLY be the case. With the 2012 campaign barrage of commercials and Fox “news” as their tutorial, Dad and Mom have made some life changing decisions – now to tell the kiddies the REALLY good news.

Son, daughter – Mother and I have decided to change our family life style in ways that will definitely leave you dear children with zero debt when we die” says Dad smiling. “Debt?” both children ask in unison. Obviously Billy and Susie are confused – why are our parents discussing such grown up and boring stuff with us they are thinking. Mom, sensing her dear offspring’s disconnect, answered quickly, “Yes my darlings we – no make that all of us – will be sacrificing a bit in order for you two to be debt free when our time comes to pass from this earthly life”. Still having difficulty comprehending, both brother and sister just stare as their parents begin to detail the why and how life changes for their family will leave this country and them as individuals much better off in their adult years as proud U.S. citizen.

The list of family cut backs that this Dad and Mom explain are as follows: First they are going to sell home sweet home to eliminate that monthly mortgage payment, which despite the mortgage tax deduction, they think too costly considering what upkeep cost for homeowners are these days. After all, these G-d fearing parents who don’t buy that global warming stuff, explain that for some reason the L-rd has decided more bad weather ahead and that will mean home repairs as trees fall and floods occur – believing as conservatives do that there is nothing people can do to stop it, Dad and Mom fear those very expensive home damages they will have to pay for if they keep the family homestead. Before kids can speak, Mom and Dad tell them about the cute three bedrooms, one bath garden style apartment they all will be calling home soon. Grant it the schools in their new neighborhood are not quite as good but these parents are sure their children will make the best of their education anyway. Second, the new monthly paid for SUV has got to go – leaving family’s only vehicle the paid off 15 year old small sedan – public transportation will suffice when Dad and/or Mom need that vehicle for work … kids will learn to appreciate the wait at bus stops that affords them time to get acquainted with their new neighbors. Third must do austerity measure is about the college fund for Billy and Susie – Dad and Mom decided to use that to pay off credit cards in order to not have those monthly bills drain the family income – besides the kids are smart and can get scholarships or join the army and get college paid for that way when the time comes. Fourth is that parents will no longer pay monthly health care insurance fees because Romney assures us that no one in America goes unattended when ill – he explained that a call to  911 will take you by ambulance to a hospital emergency ward any time. Of course, no more expensive music lessons or sports activities unless grants are found [wait – no grants will be available under Romney plan – oh well] or somehow free and certainly no family camping trips – walks in the local park [if Romney does not privatize those because then entry fee not doable on this family new budget plan] will have to be ok for Billy, Susie, Dad and Mom. Oh yes – there is one last thing needed to get the family budget under control – little pooch Skippy has to go but not to worry because being so adorable surely he will be quickly adopted once placed in the local ASPCA. You see – just like the Republicans, this Dad and Mom realize quality of life does not REALLY matter as much as being debt free.

YES – this quite insane scenario is exactly what the Republicans are suggesting on a grand scale level for America. Under a Romney/Ryan administration there will be no federal funding for education, little for infrastructure, minimum if any for medical and health assistance or research, no national arts programs, no federal oversight departments like EPA, HUD or even Department of Education, all assistance programs will be eliminated, Social Security and Medicare will be privatized, national emergency services will also be privatized and more but dam it – we will be debt free – if it is the very last thing this nation does …. I mean REALLY last thing because U.S.A. will be only a shell/remnant of its great self if Romney/Ryan win and the Congress is majority Republican.  We all know that Mitt lies continually but he and his extremist cohorts have let it be known – their REAL truth is to CUT, CUT, CUT everything – everything that made this the great nation it is … this is the proverbial slippery slope my dear fellow Americans – vote straight Democrat November 2012 as if your life depended on it because it REALLY does!!!

P.S. I know what you dear readers are thinking – why no mention of evil doer miscreants in this blog post? … Well here it is: The legally disowned/disinherited younger Michigan “brother” of my hubby [I use quotes because my dear husband REALLY freaks out if anyone suggest he is related to this sloth creature or others in that Michigan, Chicago or Pennsylvania (what a REAL tech expert friend of ours recently titled as a) “den of vipers”] has Romney as a “like” on has Facebook page. Yep, this despite both his parents having been employed all their life as union members in the Detroit auto industry that Democrat Obama saved and Romney said could rot in bankruptcy. Indeed this is exactly the type whose family most needs government programs because his three goofy kids are surely getting grants and government subsidized loans of some sort + his Disney obsessed “scrape booking” chubby nurse wife probably did/doing the same. Trust me that these Michigan middle of middle families I so often reference are definitely NOT entrepreneurial types nor are in anyway creative investors and as such will most definitely only or mostly have social security as the full or majority source of their retirement income/need Medicare for sure … go figure this NEVER 1% moron voting for Mitt, lol. Now remember there will be more REAL details about those pest miscreant types in my memoir Heiress Mommy … A Modern Super Woman Life!.

Note: PLEASE – also vote for my dear gal pal – the amazing, lovely, brilliant and REALLY good person, Kristin Cabral for

Congress in Virginia 10th District (perhaps make a donation to her campaign). I will love you even more if you do this wise thing my darling Virginia readers and then when I doing a 2013 book signing in your area we can celebrate Congresswoman Cabral’s many successes on behalf of her constituency!

P.P.S. I just wanted to thank NJ Governor Christie for his decent testimonial to President Obama’s Emergency Management style and leadership. Good thing one candidate (Obama in case you did not know) wants to keep FEMA. Keep America REALLY Safe – President Obama DEFINITELY has your back U.S.A.!

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